Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Coming of Economic Armageddon??

If Gerald Celente (Click here) , Congressman Ron Paul (click here) and Peter Schiff (click here) are to be believed , than we better start packing and find a cave somewhere to live!.

Seriously folk, these are credible people, these same people have been saying this for umpteen years already. It seems that what we are experiencing now is just the beginning of something big. Bigger than what we have seen in our lifetime so far. If its true that the US will experience 15 year long depression, than imagine whats the rest of the world will be like.

According to some expert the US has only two option to alleviate their messy problem . Either to default on its loan or to trigger another war (click here). Both option are not pretty. The rest of the world will be dragged down together because the global economy is so intermingled and inter connected.

What is intriguing, the US knows their bailout scheme will not works (When Asean were facing the economic crises in 1997, they explicitly warned Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand NOT TO PRINT MONEY, yet when they face the same problem, the same prudent action was kicked out of the door). The scale of the bailout is so mind blowing and yet they continue to proceed even though they know the end result will the same nevertheless. Street chaos. They are well prepared for this (click here). There is no escape (click here)

If the US lost its economic super power status, other world power will jostle for position until an equilibrium is found . That period will be full of bloody conflicts.

I really hope that all this talk is just talk. But the reality is these people have been proven right most of the time.

In the mean time, the world wait anxiously for another 9-11 to unfold as predicted by Cheney ( click here) and Biden (click here).


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