Monday, October 27, 2008

Tales of two death...

I happens to watch the BBC news today in which they broadcasts the funeral of a British woman killed by the Taleban. I can feel the anger and disgust in the voice of the journalist when he said "Two gunmen open fire and killed a young and innocent woman...". Actually I dont have a problem with that. My symphaty to the family of this young and innocent girl.
Then on the same news the broadcaster announced in a different tone-casual and emotionless about an attacked by a US helicopter that killed 9 construction workers and wounding 18 others in Syria in a town called Abu Kamal near Iraqi border as though this is nothing new and not to bethered about.
It is not my intent to bring about the "Us Vs Them" kind of commentary. Its about the value of life in the eyes of those who are not directly connected to the event. Certain loss of life creates outpuring of emotion and other instances means nothing.
To me the Taleban and the US are of the same type in different forms. They both are the agressor and maniac. The only different are the US side is the occupier and the other is so called freedom fighter. Both side dont value life and cant be bothered about the life that have they taken.
Why the world just let the US having a freetime killing and maiming the ' young and innocent' men, women and children is beyond me. They are free from prosecution for persecution they did to people of the land they occupied. And yet they are afraid of the terrorist? who are the terrorist? Both the Taleban and the US are!
If you bother to calculate the US has killed and maim many more civillians in the world than all the terrorist in the world combined!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tanda-Tanda Kiamat -Matahari Terbit Dari Barat Boleh Dibuktikan Secara Saintifik?

Aku bukan nak menakut-nakutkan sesiapa. Tetapi percayakah anda salah satu tanda-tanda kiamat yang disabdakan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w iaitu matahari akan terbit dari barat dan terbenam di timur telah juga diramalkan oleh teks purba Cina dan dibuktikan boleh berlaku oleh saintis?
Sila lihat link ini. Oleh kerana pengkaji ini semuanya kristian mereka meminggirkan banyak ilmu tentang kiamat ini didalam AlQuran dan Alhadis. Memandangkan mereka tidak mengkaji alquran maka penemuan ini sangat menakjubkan. Salah satu kenyataan dalam kajian ini ialah apabila berlakunya 'polarshift' , gunung ganang akan tercabut dari paksinya. Tidakkah anda terkejut? Ini semua telah dinyatakan didalam alquran. 'Polarshift' ini telah diulas oleh History Channel tidak lama dahulu.
Tahukah anda peradaban Mayan di Amerika Selatan melalui sistem kalendarnya yang sangat canggih telah meramalkan bahawa bumi akan memasuki permulaan pertukaran zaman dimana banyak kemusnahan berlaku termasuk 'polar shift' pada tahun 21.12.2012?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Citizens of the world - fasten your seat belt. Its going to be a rough rides.

Yes sir, The United Sates of America is running amok. If this news and this one are to be taken at face value then we are in for a rough rides. With the economy is expected to be on the downside for the next 3-5 years, international crisis - artifcially generated somemore, is the last thing we need. Or may be it is the first thing that the USA needs in order to remain relevant as the world superpower and to save the dying empire.
Now since the words are out, let see what are the possible scenarios;
1. US will impose martial law on their own country because of free falling economy and that they are technically insolvent and will not able to pay their debt. Their foreign debt runs into trillions and might have to default on their debts. See this analysis.
2. Nuclear war with Iran. This has been long anticipated and has been the agenda of the neo cons in the white house. Both the Presidential Candidates knew that who ever is the President of the US shall have to make this choice. Iran as we know is not Iraq. They have backing from Russia and Syria. Anyway, we all know what the out come of US Shock and awe tactic. The problem for the US will start the moment their personnel steps in Iran's territories. Most probably the war will spread all over Middle East. If the US win we shall see a new map of middle east. If the US win. This strategy is well published. Just look further in the net.
3. War with Russia. This is geo political and geo economic power struggle. The Red Bear knew whats Uncle Sam is up to. They have been watching nervously since the US started their Missiles Defence Shield program. The US has been surrounding the Russian Federation with Missile launcher and sophisticated radar in Poland and the Republic Chezch. Then come South Ossetia's conflict in which Russia smoothly overran Georgia's army which has been trained by the Israelis and US contractor. Russia has taken a pro active steps by sending their nuclear attack ship to the US backyard.
4. War with Pakistan. It is known that the US despise any Muslim nation having nuclear arm. It is also well known that the US cannot win in Afghan as long as the taleban can hide in mountaineous region inside Pakistan. The Fact is that Pakistan is in the abyss. It is technically insolvent and need to be rescued by IMF. We all know IMF is a parasitic organization. It wont help any nation that does not succumb to its wants and needs.
5.War with China?..Nahh...Even the tough talking American knew not to disturb the sleeping Dragon with 1 Billion people at her disposal!!!
There you are folks, all the possible scenarios that might be generated by the US to remind the world there are still THE power to beat.

Malaysiaku 3

The 'suing' story
Like Rocky Bru said in his posting YB Theresa Kok is out to create a record of sort by suing parties that she deemed defamed her. She worth her reputation to be hundreds of million of Ringgit( Does Politician of both side valued that much?). And this came from the same people who champion freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
When the tables are turned they behave just like the people they are condemning. My God, I just can't imagine when this sort of people are in power. They'll be just like UMNO. Paku Dulang Paku Serpih.
Come on YB-Kalau takut bermain ombak usah berumah di tepi pantai. Since DAP are now ardent critiques of Malay Sastera I reckon they understand the meaning of that peribahasa.
The 'ISA' story
And this is from my MCA's delegate who call for ISA to be used against Khairy for statement on 'Biasiswa' and their leaders response who said the grassroot has the right to voice their opinion. I am in full agreement with that statement. The problem is why then when UMNO's grassroot dish out their grassroot views they are then viewed as non appropriate for national unity?
And the so called the 'Muhibbah' Party
Ever heard of Parti Gerakan's aim to project a more multi racial face to the nation. What happen then?. And more interesting thing is their leaders response " that the party chose the more talented, more experience and the selection is based on meritocracy"?
He he he... i heard that one before. When I was with a chinese dominated MNC before, they selected a lowly qualified Chinese candidate over a better qualified Bumi's for promotion and they gave the same excuse for their justification.
The Chinese always demand justice and fairness but their action speaks otherwise. Yet it is the Bumis who are rascist. This sense of superiority complex is embededd in their genes.
Salam hormat.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Malaysiaku 2

I. The Police story

This news has to be one of the most funniest or saddest depending on how you look at it.

Dato' Sri Syed Hamid Albar is a smart guy, after all, lawyers (Syed Hamid is a lawyer by profession) are supposed to be smart. But may be he spent too much time in politic his mind somewhat got numbed by the intricacies of Malaysian politics.

If the police are scared of criminal then we Malaysian are doomed. Or is it because the police have a hard time telling which one are their personnel and which one are the real criminal? either way we are doomed big time!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Malaysia ku

I. The economy

I'm scared really. The worst 'deep and long' recesssion is staring at the world biggest economy but our so called leaders said we don't need an alternative plan as we are fundamentally strong and will not get suck into the turbulence.

If I'm not mistaken when Mexico and Argentina was hit by the speculator's in 1995, economist sounded the alarm bell saying Asean could be next but we steadfastly said our fundamentals are strong. 1997 came and the rest of the story as they say is history.

Singapore and New Zealand are technically in recession and yet we said we are not going to be affected by that. How reassuring is that? The US and Singapore are among our largest trading partner, when they go into recession they surely are not buying as much product than before, surely this has an impact on our economy. The alternative plan that we asked for is a plan to mitigate this problem should it happen? PM Abdullah already gave a hint that certain projects shall be shelved if the economy slows down. Is it not a plan?

Well my Professor once told me, no system is still a system. Can we say no plan is still a plan?
We surely did not plan to fail...just simply fail to plan.

II. The short story

Now what is this brouhaha about a cerpen. An assasination of a politician? Is the writer shall i say plain dumb ass or we as Malay are already lost our intelligence and are so desparate to hold on to our ketuanan?.

Assassination of political figure is not the norm in this country and let keep it that way. To insinuate even in cerpen is not right at all. If its true that YB J is so Anti Melayu like so many Chinese Chauvinist out there, there are ways and means that we Malay could retaliate but killing them is not one of it, believe me.

And what about the over reaction on part of our Chinese Friends?. When Nam Wee insult the National Anthem and the Malays, you said it he just being creative. Now why can't u accept that the writer is just being creative. Why is the double standard?

III. The Hindraf story

Dear YB Syed Hamid, do u seriously believe by banning Hindraf things might get better? on the contrary, banning Hindraf might push them underground to become subversives and strengthen the racial sentiment that they already posses.

Our Indian brothers have long been the victim of their own community leaders and the caste system that they practiced and to make it worst the bumiputra policy that side line them even if many of them in dire need of support. They lack self support system that the chinese and to certain extent the Muslim have. The Malays have a Baitulmal to which Muslims pays zakat to. The Baitulmal in turn assist the unfortunate in soceity.This is in addition of government assistance. The Chinese have a wide array of association ready to play their part in their community.

We should be honest with ourself, MIC and IPP and even PPP all have failed to uplift the Indian Communtiy. I think we better take a new approach in our effort to help them. For a start why not expand the facility of TEKUN and AIM to assist them opening up small business, Quota for small contract perhaps?

The Indian Issues are mainly the Tamil issues as many other Malaysian Indian of other etnic origin are doing quite well in Malaysia but are not doing enough for their community


Monday, October 6, 2008

Wajah Dunia Akan Berubah

Salam Hormat,
Eidul Fitri ini aku tak kemana-mana selain dari berhariraya di rumah ibu dan mentua. Jiwa aku tak berapa tenteram dan bimbang dengan perkembangan politik negara yang tidak menentu dan perkembangan ekonomi dunia yang amat suram. Sebagai seorang yang bekerja sendiri aku rasa ini amat membimbangkan.

Melalui pengamatan aku, aku rasa wajah geo politik dan geo ekonomi dunia akan berubah secara radikal dalam tempoh 2-3 tahun kan datang. Dunia belum pernah mengalami kejutan sebegini.

1. Skim 'bail out' USD 700 bil Amerika Syarikat belum tentu akan berjalan seperti dicanang. Jika
analisa ini menjadi kenyataan apakah yang akan berlaku seterusnya?
2. Lebih banyak bank Amerika akan gagal pada tahun 2009 seperti dilapor oleh Yahoo news
3. Lebih banyak bank-bank Eropah akan gagal dan perlu diselamatkan seperti laporan ini
4. Ekonomi dunia akan runtuh? lihat ini dan ini dan ini

Ini ditambah lagi dengan pengumuman Brazil dan Argentina akan berhenti menggunakan USD sebagai 'Reserve Currency' dalam urusan perniagaan antara mereka. Rancangan Russia menggunakan 'Gold Backed Russian Rouble' akan mengancam dominasi USD sebagai 'World Reserve Currency'. Sebagai Negara yang sudah Bankrap apakah pilihan Amerika Syarikat selain dari berperang? Benarkah rancangan illuminati untuk menggabungkan Amerika/Kanada/ Mexico yang dikenali sebagai North American Union dengan Amero sebagai matawang akan menjadi kenyataan? Jika ini menjadi apakah One World Government seperti yang dimimpikan oleh Zionis akan menjadi agenda seterusnya?

Dunia akan terbakar dengan konflik-konflik yang berterusan dengan Amerika (ini, ini dan ini )akan menjadi fokus utama.kemungkinan ini perlu untuk mereka terus mengugut dunia untuk tunduk kepada telunjuk mereka. Tanpa peperangan Amerika sebagai kuasa dunia akan tumbang. Cuma ia mungkin tak semudah itu kerana Russia dan Cina tentu sekali tidak akan membiarkan Amerika menguasai dunia dengan mudah. Tindabalas Russia ke atas Republik Georgia serta tindakan menempatkan kapal perang di Pelabuhan di Syria serta Venezuela sudah cukup memberi isyarat bahawa perang mungkin tidak dapat dielakkan .
Sebagai manusia yang hidup pada zaman ini, aku rasa kita akan menyaksikan titik perubahan yang ketara dalam sejarah dunia dalam tempoh 10-12 tahun ini. Bagaimanakah pemimpin kita akan menangani semua ini? Pemimpin kita masih lagi bercakaran dan berebut kuasa yang semakin pupus. Kalau mereka tidak peka dalam tempoh 3-5 tahun lagi tiada apa lagi yang hendak direbut...tambahan dengan muka-muka yang ada sekarang ini? Itulah pasal aku amat bimbang...

Salam Eidul Fitri