Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wajarkah kita melabel Mufti sebagai Pelacur

Nampaknya senario politik dan tahap budi bahasa Melayu/Islam di Malaysia sudah mencapai satu tahap baru, apabila ada sekumpulan manusia dengan angkuhnya melabel seorang ulamak yang tidak sepakat dengan mereka dalam hal-hal tertentu sebagai pelacur.

Sesudah kita mempersoalkan tahap keIslaman seseorang, mempersoalkan sembahyang seseorang, memanggil orang dengan nama anjing, iblis, syaitan maka tahap berikutnya adalah mencerca golongan ulamak yang tidak sefahaman dengan kita sebagai pelacur. Tahap kebencian yang menggelegak yang membuat kita hilang akal budi. Kita terlupa air ludah yang ludah kelangit akan jatuh ke muka kita sendiri.

Aku sebenarnya menghargai hak untuk bersuara, tetapi hak yang tidak ada batasan akan mendatangkan bahaya kepada masyarakat. Jika hari ini kita menggelar ulamak yang tidak bersetuju dengan kita sebagai pelacur murahan. Esok kumpulan lain yang tidak sehaluan kita juga akan menggelar ulamak yang sehaluan dengan kita sebagai pelacur murahan juga. Apa akan jadi jika semua ulamak adalah pelacur. Jika dia tidak pelacur pro dia pelacur kontra bukan? Maknanya semua ulamak adalah pelacur?

Berpolitiklah dengan bijaksana tanpa mendatang perpecahan yang parah. Kita sebagai manusia Islam banyak bersangka-sangka dengan ilmu yang tidak cukup. Kita bukan Tuhan untuk menjatuhkan hukum sipolan-sipolan sebagai begitu atau begini. Yang hak bagi Tuhan biarlah dia yang menetukannya. Jangan besok yang jadi pelacur ada dineraka yang menuduh sebagai pelacurpun ada ditempat yang sama, sebab 2x5!.

Selepas itu kita akan jadi Pakistan atau Afghanistan. Berbunuh-bunuhan kerana menyangka Islam kita lebih betul dan darah selain kelompok kita halal.

Aku cuma hendak melihat ulamak yang bukan pelacur menjalankan pemerintahan mereka, kerana dengarnya dinegeri yang diperintah kinipun penuh dengan rumah urut....

Salam untuk ulamak yang digelar pelacur,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marwa El Sharbini - The Icon of Europe Fear and Hypocrysy

Marwa was killed because of who she was (click here). She was brutally murdered because she was a Muslim. She was hated so much because she covered herself as Muslim women should be.
Ironicaly, head scarves were seen as symbol of women opression in the west. Yet she was brutally murdered by a member of a society who supposed to liberate people like her. The poor women was 3 months pregnant. She was stabbed 18 times by the very terrorist who harrased her months before. To compound the tragedy it was her husband that was shot by the court bailif because they thought the husband was the attacker and the bloody white male was actually trying to save her. Isn't that ethnic profiling already?. All men with beard must be Al Qeda or something. Should we call the man a christian extremist? white terorrist, yes?. No, our supposed liberators dont like that.
Marwa is a symbol of Europe's fear. They fear her because she did not want to be liberated. She want to be 'opressed' under the bloody hijab and head scarves. A nation that proud of their tolerance and freedom of expression suddenly finds no words of comfort to offer for this incident.
The silence is deafening. It makes me pening!
Alfatihah buat Marwa.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Islam yang kita pilih

Islam yang tiada ehsan . Kalau kita tiada belas ehsan, apa yang kita hendak ajarkan kepada anak-anak ini. Selanjutnya klik disini.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Europe Muslim Factor

This article was copied from Jewish It is interesting to note that Jewish thinkers are mindful of potential problems created by Increasing Muslim population in Europe and sought necessary solution to overcome this problem.

Yet, the Muslim thinkers are ignorant of what this positive development can do to impact the policy direction of European governments. That is the probloem when you are too fractured.

Why not the muslim nations with over population problem flood europe with muslims?

Europe’s Muslim Factor

Population’s increasingly significantrole in continent’s politics could impact Mideast policy.
By Dinah Spritzer

Protest in London Jan. 3 against Israel's operation in Gaza that was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative and others. Photo: Claudia Vieira / Creative Commons

Vivian Teitelbaum was a new member of Brussels’ regional legislature when she sponsored a bill in 2005 to renew the region’s scientific and industrial research agreement with Israel.

Legislators had frozen the cooperation pact three years earlier to protest what they said was the Jewish state’s inhumane response to the Second Palestinian Intifada. However, when Teitelbaum’s proposal came up for discussion at a committee meeting, she said Socialist Party opponents shouted her down.

“The only lawmakers who showed up to the meeting were Muslim,” recalled Teitelbaum, a Jewish member of the Liberal Party. “They screamed insults at me, saying, ‘Israel is a fascist country. You will never get this passed.’”

Later, at the actual vote, Teitelbaum again was shouted down. Her proposal was defeated.

Ten minutes later, she said, “we voted for an agreement between Libya and the Brussels region, and everyone supported it. It was very painful for me.”

Although rarely discussed in Europe, the political impact and influence of the continent’s growing Muslim population is playing an increasingly significant role in European politics. In some cases, politicians are catering to Muslim interests and concerns, with an eye toward winning votes. In others, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant political parties are capitalizing on a backlash against Muslims to expand their power base.

With Muslims now roughly 5 percent of Europe’s population and demographers predicting their proportion to double over the next 20 years due to birthrate disparities, their rising political awareness and ever-growing constituent base is likely to make them a factor in Europe’s political constellation for decades to come.

Eventually, that may translate into a tougher stance toward Israel, said Robin Shepherd, a senior research fellow at Chatham House, a London-based think tank.

“As Muslims become more electorally significant, the obvious casualty is Israel,” he said.

Many European politicians, particularly those from socialist parties, long have been strong critics of Israel’s dealings with the Palestinians without any prodding from European Muslims.

When the streets of Europe exploded in January during Israel’s 22-day operation against Hamas in Gaza, top European political figures were among those who participated in protests against the Israeli operation.

In Stockholm, the head of Sweden’s Socialist Party and the country’s former foreign minister joined 8,000 protesters Jan. 10 in a mostly Muslim demonstration full of anti-Israel slogans. In Spain, representatives of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero attended a rally in which some participants called for jihad, praised Hezbollah and cursed Israel. After the protest, which drew 100,000 people, the vast majority of them non-Muslims, the Israeli Embassy in Madrid took the rare step of openly chastising the prime minister for fueling anti-Israel anger.

Some analysts believe Europe’s Muslims will exert further pressure on political leaders when it comes to Mideast policy.

“Muslim-related issues will be a growing focus and shaper of the European political scene,” the U.S. National Intelligence Council noted in its forward-looking 2025 global trends report. “Ongoing societal and political tension over integration of Muslims is likely to make European policymakers increasingly sensitive to the potential domestic repercussions of any foreign policies for the Middle East, including aligning with the U.S. on policies seen as pro-Israeli.”

Yet despite their rapid growth rate, Muslims will not be able to dictate foreign or domestic policy in Europe anytime soon, the report said. For one thing, in some European countries up to 50 percent of Muslims do not have citizenship or national voting rights, according to some estimates.

Among Muslims in Europe generally, there is no hard data on what percentage are citizens with national voting rights, since European countries do not collect citizenship or immigration data by religion. Experts interviewed estimated that only about half of Europe’s Muslims are citizens; those who are not include recent immigrants, those whose home countries prohibit dual citizenship and immigrants unable to meet stringent citizenship requirements.

The proportions of Muslims who are citizens are higher in France and Britain, countries with long histories of Muslim immigration, and lower in Germany, where until 2000 the children of immigrants born in the country were not automatically granted citizenship.

The vast majority of Muslim immigrants to the continent hold legal residency permits, akin to green cards, which give them the right to vote in local elections but not national elections. In recent years, as concerns over the cultural integration of Europe’s Muslim population have risen, some countries have made their citizenship tests much harder. In the Netherlands, applicants must demonstrate a certain level of financial independence and approval of Dutch values, such as affirmation of gender equality and tolerance of homosexuality.

Another factor limiting Muslim influence on European foreign policy is that the primary concerns of Muslims in Europe, who tend to be poorer than average, are economic, not religious issues, according to a 2006 Pew Research Center survey.

Rather than forming political parties of their own, Muslim voters have helped strengthen socialist and other left-leaning parties that cater to disadvantaged populations.

Nowhere is Muslim political influence in Europe more evident than in Belgium, where fully one-third of the residents of the capital city of Brussels are Muslim. This is more than in any other major European city except for Marseilles, France, which has roughly the same proportion of Muslims. In some of Brussels’ local municipalities, Muslims account for 80 percent of the population.

Following the last election of the Brussels regional legislature in 2004, half the 26 legislators from the Socialist Party were of Muslim background, a record high for that legislature. Some Belgians attribute the strong showing by the socialists in that election to the party’s outreach to Muslim immigrants and the record number of candidates with Muslim names on the ticket.

Ermeline Gosselin, a spokeswoman for the Socialist Party in Belgium, insists that no one in her party looks at religion or ethnicity when selecting candidates.

“We are proud to represent Belgians of all backgrounds,” she said.

The mere discussion of Muslim political influence is taboo in some corners of Europe. Several European academics interviewed refused to consider the issue, arguing that it is misguided and possibly racist because it addresses the religious rather than economic or cultural concerns of Muslim immigrants.

Susanne Nies, head of the French Institute of International Relations in Brussels, said religion plays no role in Europe’s secular politics.

“If you want to talk about being critical of Israel, that is a feeling among many Europeans, so how can you characterize that as Muslim?” she said. “There is no such thing as a Muslim issue in Europe or growing Muslim influence on politicians.”

To be sure, many European politicians have their biases against Israel. On Jan. 23, Bert Anciaux, minister of culture, youth and sport in the Flemish government in Belgium, compared a deadly attack that day by a deranged gunman on a nursery school near Brussels to Israel’s recent operation in Gaza. The Belgian Foreign Ministry later distanced itself from the remark.

Shepherd said the 2008 mayoral campaign in London is a revealing example of Muslim influence in European politics.

In 2005, London Mayor Ken Livingstone accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and called then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a war criminal. His criticism of Israel helped win him the support of Azzam Tamimi, director of the London-based Institute of Islamic Political Thought and a public supporter of Hamas and Palestinian suicide bombers.

Tamimi mobilized British Muslims to support the mayor in his re-election bid last May, forming a group called Muslims 4 Ken that lambasted Livingstone’s opponent for supporting Israel. Ultimately, however, Livingstone failed to win a third term, losing to Boris Johnson.

“Livingstone definitely sought Muslim support by slamming Israel,” Shepherd said.

European governments increasingly are afraid of offending Muslims, Shepherd said, leading them to refrain from criticizing Islamic attitudes toward women or even toward terrorism.

“This is a potentially volatile constituency, as we saw with the Danish cartoon controversy,” Shepherd said, referring to the widespread Muslim rioting in 2005 that followed publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons featuring the prophet Muhammad. Government leaders made sure to criticize publication of the cartoons, even as they defended free speech, Shepherd noted.

Jana Hybaskova, head of the Israel committee in the European Parliament, said that despite the hostility of many European Muslim organizations toward the Jewish state, they rarely petition lawmakers on Israel-related issues. Presuming that Muslims share all the same political goals is a mistake, she added.

“To see Muslim as common denominator is like seeing Christians as all the same,” Hybaskova said. “I don’t see any common denominator on policy.”

One major obstacle to Muslim political power is the absence of any significant pan-European Muslim political organization. Muslims even have trouble organizing politically within their own countries in Europe. In France, the French Council of the Muslim Faith, a Muslim umbrella organization created in 2002 at the behest of then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, has been virtually paralyzed by a rivalry between its Algerian and Moroccan factions.

The level of political activism among Muslims varies from country to country. In Britain, Muslims vote in higher proportions than non-Muslims, whereas in Belgium, the Muslim vote is below average.

Another major obstacle, according to Riva Kastoryano, director of research at Sciences Politique in Paris and an author of several books on Islam in Europe, is the relative poverty of Muslims. Muslims are not “in an economic position in Europe to make a big impact in politics,” she said.

Muslim organizations often are completely in the dark about how to lobby government officials for their most pressing needs, Kastoryano observed. In some cases, Muslim groups have even sought the help of Jewish groups.

“In Germany a few years back, when there was a wave of anti-Muslim violence, Muslim clerics turned to Jewish leaders to ask how to get government support,” she said.

In France and several other countries, Muslims have turned to Jewish organizations for help in acquiring government permission to continue to use halal meat — kosher for Muslims — when the method of Muslim slaughter risked violating local ordinances.

As for the few politicians in Europe of Muslim backgrounds, they tend to care more about loyalty to party, not Islamic ideology. On the national level, they’re also all secular.

“I am a socialist first, then Dutch, then someone with a Turkish-Kurdish background,” said Sadet Karabulut, a Dutch member of Parliament, whose parents are from eastern Turkey.

Asked whether her religion affects her political choices, Karabulut said, “My parents are Muslims, and it is my background, but I am not. It’s not important for me.”

Last October, Rotterdam became the first major city in Europe to elect a Muslim mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb. Aboutaleb, who holds dual Dutch and Moroccan citizenship, has a reputation as a bridge builder between minority and majority groups. In 2004, after the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by an Islamic extremist, Aboutaleb told an audience at an Amsterdam mosque that Muslims who do not like Dutch values should leave the country.

That is little comfort to politicians like Teitelbaum, who points out that socialist politicians who used to condemn Turkey’s denial of the Armenian genocide now stay silent for fear of offending Belgium’s large Turkish community.

Teitelbaum sees it as further evidence of pandering to an increasingly influential political constituency.

When, in 2005, Teitelbaum sponsored a bill condemning a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Belgium, the bill could not pass until she generalized the bill, adding condemnation of “racism and xenophobia.” She was even urged by some colleagues to remove the word “anti-Semitism” from the bill.

She refused.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 Malaysia Versi 1 lagi

Lantak kau lah Labu. Semua kau sapu.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 Malaysia

A Picture that tell 1,000,000 stories.....
Angguk angguk geleng geleng
Tunduk tunduk ikut telunjuk
Iya Iya saya saya
Kiri Kanan Ikut saja(Ulang semula)
Kita tunduk pabila diketuk
Bila terantuk tak usah dipujuk
Biarpun dipatukIngat pesan atuk…sabar sabar sabar sabar…
Tak apa tak kisah
Tak rugi tak mati
Tak ambil peduli
Berserah dan pasrah
Biar ada dah dijampi
Ada pasang, surut-naik
Dikerah dijajah
Terus nista dipenjara
Jadi hamba jadi kuli
Jadi batu diam diri
Kita tunggu kita lihat
Kita nanti kita perhati
Jgn merungut biar berjanggut
Diam akur
Kita mesti patuh
Acuh tak acuh endah tak endah
Buat lawak bodoh terlampau
Biar kita melopong
Biar kita mengangaBiar mereka buat apa mereka suka
Biar sajaJangan melawan
Jangan membantah
Janganlah degil kena ikut perintah
Kena banyak diam
Biar apa orang kataKita tawa dalam duka
Kecut takutKalut kolot
Terkunci mulut
Bergaduh bertutur
Kalah sabung menang sorak
Tiba masa kita gerak
(Ulang korus 2x)Dik mari dikYa kakNama adik siapa?Liya…Adik tahu nyanyi tak?Tahu…Mari ikut kakak nyanyi sama-sama…
Angguk angguk geleng gelengTunduk tunduk ikut telunjukAngguk angguk geleng gelengTunduk tunduk ikut telunjukIya Iya saya sayaKiri Kanan
Ikut sajaIya Iya saya saya
Kiri Kanan Ikut saja
Tolak TambahKali ganda
Hitung kira segala nista
Maju mendungTinggi rendah
Berapa nilaiNilai bangsaKak…
Sekupang ke?Dua kupang ke? Tiga kupang?
Sawah sebendangLadang sebidang
Tanah sekangkangPohon sebatang
Kerana uang semua hilang hanya tinggal shelai sepinggang
Yang jenin yang lebai yang pandir yang luncaiYang angannya tinggi yang dibuai mimpi yang sawah terjual
Maruah tergadaiKamu mahu lagi?
Ahli fikir…sabar, sabar, sabar, sabar, sabar, sabar

Jika UMNO tidak mampu, apakah PAS berupaya?

Entri ini adalah lanjutan dari entri semalam dimana aku memetik satu kenyataan Ustaz Harun Taib mengenai kepimpinan BN yang tidak menghayati ajaran Islam sebenar .

"Beliau berkata, ini dapat dilihat pelbagai masalah yang dihadapi kerajaan sekarang seperti keselamatan, jenayah, rasuah, penyalahgunaan kuasa, rompakan dan sebagainya."

Perdebatan untuk menegakkan negara Islam di Malaysia yang mengikuti ajaran Islam sebenar sudah berlangsung berpuluh-puluh tahun dahulu. Zaman aku di Universiti dimana Saifudin Nasution adalah YDP PMI kami, perdebatan dan perbincangan sebegini akan sentiasa panas dan penuh emosi. Sesudah meninggalkan U sejak 30 tahun dahulu, perdebatan ini tidak pernah reda dan selama itulah UMNO dituduh sebagai tidak berada dilandasan yang betul...kata-kata yang sedikit berlapik, bahasa sebenar yang hendak dihujahkan adalah UMNO tidak Islamik atau tidak cukup Islam, itu sebab ustaz Harun Taib berani mempersoalkan sembahyang orang UMNO.

Cuma disepanjang polemik ini UMNO kurang memberi tumpuan untuk menyerang balas PAS atas tuduhan dan hujahan ini. Mungkin UMNO tidak mahu membuang masa untuk berpolemik dengan PAS , sebaliknya mahu terus menumpukan perhatian kepada pemerintahan negara. Mungkin juga UMNO tidak mempunyai ulamak yang bersedia untuk menumpahkan darah untuk mempertahankan UMNO atau memang tiada ulamak dalam UMNO, aku kurang pasti.

Kelihatannya bila bercakap tentang Islam, PAS seolah olah memiliki HAK berdaftar. Mereka bebas mencaci dan memaki UMNO tanpa reaksi berpatutan sehingga ditegur oleh cendikiawan yang tidak berpolitik. Kini aku perhatikan perdebatan ini sudah menghampiri tiada titik kembali. Seolah-olah UMNO lebih hina dari anjing dan babi, najis yang layak dijauhi. 3 juta ahli umno yang mewakili hampir separuh orang Melayu yang layak mengundi kini dipersoalkan ke Islaman mereka. Jika kita lihat di alam maya pula pendokong-pendokong yang dahulunya neutral sudah mula memilih pihak yang hendak disokong. Pendokong-pendokong UMNO sudah mula bersuara.

Persoalan yang hendak aku lontarkan dari pemerhatian aku bertahun-tahun ini adalah jika UMNO tidak mampu memerintah negara mengikut ajaran Islam sebenar apakah PAS berupaya?

Setahun sesudah PRU 12 dengan 3 negeri tambahan dibawah kelingking Pakatan Rakyat, apakah Kepimpinan PR mengikuti ajaran Islam sebenar? (Ustaz Harun mendakwa Kepimpinan BN tidak mengikuti ajara Islam sebenar), Mengapa PAS dengan rela bertangguh-tangguh untuk menegakkan "AJARAN ISLAM SEBENAR"?. Di Selangor arak masih dijual berleluasa, Kerajaan Negeri masih menjadi pelanggan bank riba, Jenayah masih meningkat dan kini sudah ada tuduhan dari kaum mereka sendiri yang pembesar mereka berselingkuh dengan gangster.

Mengapa PAS dengan rela menangguhkan matlamat utama mereka sehingga rakan-rakan Pakatan mereka bersedia (Kenyataan Hj Hadi di awal kemenangan PR). DAP sudah dengan jelas mengistiharkan mereka tidak akan menerima kerajaan Islam PAS, jadi soalan aku bila agaknya rakan-rakan PAS dalam Pakatan akan bersedia?. Ataukah ia hanya helah PAS untuk menyorokkan ke tidak upaayan mereka?. Bukankah UMNO juga boleh menggunkan alasan yang sama. Kami tidak dapat menghayati Islam sebenar kerana rakan-rakan kami dalam BN tidak bersedia.

Soalah lain adalah adakah dengan menegakkan negara Islam tiada jenayah, perjudian, arak , rasuah dan sebagainya? Hello tuan-tuan ARE YOU FROM PLANET EARTH?. Hakikatnya apa pun jenis dan model kerajaan yang negara ini anuti kita tetap akan menghadapi jenayah, rasuah, hak asasi, pelacuran, judi dan berbagai lagi. Setakat ini PAS tidak menawarkan apa-apa pilihan yang fisibel kepada rakyat Malaysia, selain dari hujahan-hujahan retorik. Kita tidak ditawarkan model pemerintahan mengikut acuan PAS, model ekonomi negera Islam PAS atau doktrin pertahanan untuk melindungi negara Islam PAS dari MOSSAD dan CIA. Yang ada hanya cerita cerita UTOPIA yang indah-indah yang tidak bersandar kepada realiti politk semasa.

Jauh disudut hati aku, aku rasa PAS amat mengerti realiti sebuah negara yang dinamakan Malaysia ini dengan jumlah penduduk Islamnya hany 50% dan ekonomi dikuasai oleh kaum Cina yang memegang lebih 80% hasil mahsul negara ia akan menghadapi masalah untuk mewujudkan negara Islam tanpa sokongan Melayu UMNO yang diragui keIslamannya.

Salam untuk Melayu PAS dan Melayu UMNO

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


SHAH ALAM – Ketua Dewan Ulama Pas Pusat, Datuk Harun Taib mendakwa pemerintahan Barisan Nasional (BN) selama 50 tahun tidak mengamalkan prinsip asas keislaman kerana banyak banyak mencabar ayat-ayat suci al-Quran dan Sunnah.

Beliau berkata, ini dapat dilihat pelbagai masalah yang dihadapi kerajaan sekarang seperti keselamatan, jenayah, rasuah, penyalahgunaan kuasa, rompakan dan sebagainya.

“Masalah ini terjadi kerana kepimpinan BN tidak menghayati kandungan Islam yang sebenar. Jika pemimpin UMNO masih mengaku mempertuhankan Allah dan menabikan Muhammad SAW, landasan sebenar perlu dituruti.

“Kenapa UMNO boleh sembahyang mengikut ajaran Islam, mengapa tidak boleh mengikut Islam dalam memerintah negara? Adakah UMNO mengambil konsep beriman separuh kitab dan menolak separuh yang lain?” katanya, semalam.

Sekiranya dibandingkan dengan kepimpinan Pas, beliau berkata, Pas memperjuangkan Islam agar menjadi akidah kepada negara dari segenap segi sama ada dari sudut pentadbiran, kehakiman atau sebagainya.

“Pendek kata, apa sahaja yang terkandung dalam dua kalimah syahadah iaitu ‘tiada tuhan disembah melainkan Allah, Nabi Muhammad itu pesuruh Allah’ akan diaplikasikan oleh Pas bukan sahaja dalam kehidupan individu, masyarakat dan negara,” katanya.

Menurutnya, situasi sebeginilah yang membezakan antara UMNO dan Pas memandangkan dasar serta matlamat perjuangan yang dibawa jauh berbeza.

“Kita dapat lihat kepimpinan negara, terang-terangan menolak hukum Allah,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, UMNO membenarkan ‘Riddah’ atau murtad: berleluasa di samping mengamalkan budaya “Hendonisme” budaya “akhlak bobrok” melalui agensi-agensi penyiarannya.

Harun berkata, sekiranya hanya menghebohkan soal pembinaan masjid, semua dunia membina rumah Allah itu, namun pentadbiran mereka sama juga tidak mengikuti ajaran Islam.

“Status kedudukan pemimpin di negara barat dan timur yang sekular, sama dengan kedudukan pemimpin UMNO di Malaysia ini,” katanya.

Menurutnya, sekiranya masih wujud benih keimanan dalam hati pemimpin UMNO, beliau merayu mereka kembali bertaubat ke jalan Allah SWT.


Aku andaikan dengan dakwah dan nasihat serta saranan sedemikian , jika dituruti oleh UMNO maka Negara Malaysia akan A ok. Maknanya Negara Malaysian kita akan aman dan damai, indeks jenayah akan menurun, indek TI akan meningkat, indeks hak asasi Malaysia meningkat, Ekonomi akan mencatatkan pertumbuhan 8% keatas selama mana kita mengikut saranan Ustaz, dan kita akan berada didalam suasana UTOPIA.

Demikianlah sebabnya mengapa ALLAH swt mentakdirkan 3 negeri diperintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Kerananya jika kepimpinan BN tidak menghayati kandungan Islam sebenar, maka kepimpinan PAKATAN RAKYAT akan menghayati Kandungan Islam SEBENAR. Aku amat mensyukuri nikmat illahi ini.

Maka dengan ini ARAK tidak akan dijual berleluasa di premis AWAM di Selangor, Kedah dan Pulau Pinang (Kelantan ok doh) . Malah Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat akan menghapuskan kilang-kilang arak yang ada dialam negeri dibawah tadbiran mereka. Hukum-hukum Islam termasuk perbankan dan hukum -hakam Islam yang dipatuhi dan dilaksanakan di semua Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat kerana kepimpinan mereka menghayati Kandungan Islam yang sebenar. Maknanya tiada akaun bank selain bank Islam akan dibuka di 3 negeri terbabit. Setakat ini aku masih menerima cek bank konvensional dari Kerajaan Negeri Selangor!

Pembahagian kekayaan juga akan dilakukan secara adil di semua negeri Pakatan Rakyat. Tiada Pemimpin terbabit dengan kumpulan-kumpulan underworld. Tiada pemimpin rasuah dan tiada pemimpin yang tidak bermoral yang boleh menjawat jawatan awam.

Tiada pemimpin yang akan mendera isteri mereka, tiada pemimpin yang mempunyai skandal seks. Tiada Pemimpin yang punya kroni kroni atau yang diam-diam merampas tanah-tanah kerajaan.

Kontrak-kontrak akan dibahagi kepada semua usahawan yang layak dan bukan mengikut formula-formula tertentu mengikut parti-parti yang memerintah. Kontrak-kontrak tidak dianugerahkan melalui wahyu SUK atau surat-surat sokongan pemimpin.

Benarlah Kerajaan Negeri yang tidak ditadbir oleh Pakatan Rakyat akan dilaknat oleh Allah swt kerana tidak menghayati ajaran Islam sebenar melainkan 4 negeri yang ditadbir oleh PAKATAN RAKYAT.

Sementara itu marilah kita hayati perkembangan mutakhir yang syahdu dan damai di Negeri-Negeri yang tadbir oleh PAKATAN RAKYAT yang menghayati Kandungan Islam SEBENAR.

Ini semua salah BN semate. Maslahat ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan PAKATAN RAKYAT! Tidak ada anak -anak orang PAKATAN RAKYAT terlibat dalam kerja haram jadah ni. Di Negeri PAKATAN RAKYAT tidak ada kelakuan sebegini. Diulangi tidak ada kelakuan sebegini!We are Clean!.

Sementara itu mari kita melihat sedikit lembaran Sejarah sejarah yang menimpa umat Islam yang bercakaran sesama sendiri. Yang merasa diri mereka lebih batul dari yang satu lagi

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kisah Bomoh Temberang dan Ahli Politik Temberang

Nikmatilah hasil Karya P.Ramlee yang mendahului zaman ini. Di zaman ini banyak bomoh temberang, ahli politik temberang dan ulamak temberang. Apa yang relevan 43 tahun dahulu masih relevan hari ini. Manusia menjual harapan untuk sedkit keuntungan.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

PAS sudah menjiwai konsep 1 Malaysia

Mungkin Najib sudah dapat melihat konsep 1 Malaysia beliau boleh diterima oleh semua. Hari ini beliau terbukti mempunyai pandangan yang jauh. PAS sudah memulakan langkah dengan menerima konsep ini dan keterbukaan ini merupakan anjakan paradigma yang besar untuk mereka. Mungkin selepas ini mereka akan menyalakan lampu sempena deepavali.

Salam 1 Malaysia untuk semua

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ujian Pertama 1 Malaysia

Beberapa minggu akan datang, konsep 1 Malaysia Rakyat didahulukan Pencapaian diutamakan akan diuji. Bagaimana Kerajaan Najib mengendalikan isu kematian Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) akan menentukan sejauh mana kejujuran konsep ini dalam menangani kepelbagaian kita.

Jika dilihat dari pandangan sepintas lalu, semua pihak mahukan jawaban yang telus dan jujur tentang bagaimana TBH ditimpa nasib semalang ini. Perlu kita ingat dizaman di mana internet adalah jantung informasi masyarakat, propaganda dan 'news spinning' sahaja tidak akan dapat mengabui persepsi masyarakat dengan mudah. Masyarakat hari ini terdidik dan mempunyai cukup sumber maklumat bagi membuat rumusan mereka sendiri. Jika Kerajaan Najib tidak berhati-hati menangani isu ini maka kita semua faktor 'feel good' Najib selama 100 hari ini akan berkubur dengan nisan TBH.

Beranikah Najib menubuhkan Suruhanjaya atau inkues untuk menyiasat punca kematian TBH ini atau kita kembali kepada mod lama dengan bersandar kepada laporan dan kertas siasatan yang tidak diumumkan dan dirahsiakan dari masyarakat.

Jujurkah Najib dalam deklarasinya bahawa rakyat diutamakan tanpa mengira latar belakang dan pegangan politik? atau ia hanya satu lagi retorik kosong yang dicanang umpama tin susu yang kosong?

Kerajaan Najib perlu menangani isu ini dengan berhati-hati. Jika ia dilihat sebagai tidak simpatetik kepada nasib TBH atau hanya ingin melepaskan diri , maka aku berkeyakinan PRU 13 nanti, hampir semua undi Cina pergi ke PR. Gelombang kemarahan dan kesedihan mereka akan menjadi penawar paling mujarab untuk PR yang sedang bergelut dengan perpecahan dalaman.

Kadang-kadang UMNO dan BN sebenarnya menjadi mangsa kepada kelemahan agensi-agensi kerajaan. Walaupun tidak terlibat secara langsung dengan operasi agensi kerajaan, sebarang kepincangan akan tetap disalahkan kepada kerajaan.

Aku mencadangkan supaya inkues atau suruhanjaya ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat punca dan faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan TBH ditimpa nasib yang malang ini. Kerajaan tidak akan rugi apa-apa kerana ia dilihat ikhlas untuk mencari jawaban kepada soalan misteri ini. Jika tidak kerajaan dilihat sebagai cuba melarikan diri dan ini akan menambahkan lagi persepsi negatif rakyat terutama kepada UMNO.

Bola kini di kaki Najib dan kita lihat samada beliau mampu keluar dari kemelut ini sebagai seorang PM yang berwibawa.

Salam 1 Malaysia untuk semua

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kematian yang sangat Tragik

Kematian Teoh Beng Hock merupakan satu tragedi. Tragedi kerana ia berlaku ketika beliau sedang disiasat oleh MACC. Kita tidak ingin membuat spekulasi punca kematian beliau, sama ada berunsur bunuh diri atau dibunuh. Itu kerja pihak polis dan pihak berkuasa yang lain.

Sebagai rakyat marhaen negara ini, aku ingin melahirkan rasa takziah dan dukacita aku, sekalipun aku dan Beng Hock tidak kenal antara satu sama lain, tetapi kematian beliau aku ratapi kerana ia adalah kematian yang tidak perlu. Kematian beliau akan menambahkan lagi jarak kebencian yang memang sudah semakin mendalam dan akan dijadikan lambang oleh orang-orang yang merasa diri mereka tertindas, sekalipun ia tidak benar.

Banyak persoalan yang boleh dilontarkan terhadap punca kematian beliau. MACC seharusnya mengambil tanggungjawab untuk membersihkan dirinya kerana lapuran penderaan oleh MACC telah di buat oleh media beberapa kali sebelum ini. Kematian ini akan memburukkan reputasi MACC. Kalau tak silap aku 2-3 hari lalu media melapurkan dakwaan seorang pekerja pejabat di Johor yang mendakwa didera oleh MACC berikutan siasatan Rasuah yang dilakukan oleh MACC. Menjadi persoalan kerana orang yang didera bukan pelaku rasuah sebaliknya hanya saksi sahaja, sama seperti Teoh Beng Hock.

Aku percaya penjawat awam di Malaysia ini tidak dilatih untuk membunuh atau menyiksa sesiapa kecuali Polis dan Tentera . Itu pun dikawal dengan undang-undang dan peraturan yang jelas. Kita semua bertanggungjawab terhadap satu nyawa yang tidak berdosa ini.

Salam Takziah untuh keluarga Teoh Beng Hock.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apabila kuali mengata punggung periuk hitam legam

Mungkin ini adalah ironi paling menyedihkan dalam kehidupan kita. Apabila satu pihak dengan angkuh mengatakan satu pihak kotor dan hitam akibat terlalu banyak bergelumang dosa. Dengan tuduhan yang tiada bukti, dengan kecaman yang tidak bersandar kepada realiti dan dengan sangkaan sangkaan yang mendekatkan kepada diri tohmahan.

Rupa-rupanya pihak yang menuduh dan bersangka-sangkapun mempunyai punggung yang sama hitam dan bergelumang tahi. Menuduh pihak lain rasuah, tetapi diri sendiri mengamalkannya dalam bentuk yang lain. Menuduh pihak lain bersekongkol dengan syaitan tetapi diri sendiri memeluk iblis.

Senang membuat tuduhan dan tohmahan tanpa sebarang tanggungjawab. Tetapi apabila tanggungjawab sudah dibahu, sesudah mendapat perspektif yang betul..tindakannya sama seperti pihak yang dituduh. Kalau dahulu tiada satupun yang baik, tetapi sesudah memikul barulah diketahui langit tinggi dan rendah.

Menjanjikan langit dan bintang memang mudah...menunaikan janjilah yang sukar. Ibarat seorang lelaki yang menjanjikan emas permata buat bakal isteri. Bila sudah menjadi isteri, janji tinggal janji. Sudah akad nikah apa lagi isteri boleh buat...

Mencetak azam dan manifsto memang mudah...menunaikannya ada sedikit masalah. Jika dahulu pihak periuk bontot hitam dituduh begitu dan begini, bila kuali berkuasa tiada apa-apa perubahan kearah kebaikan. Sama sahaja...tiada apa-apa yang berubah.

Rupa-rupanya kuali dan periuk sama hitam bontotnya...

Salam untuk periuk dan kuali yang berkuasa.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I picked this up from Matthias Chang website. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry....
To find out click here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Second Wave of Economic Storm

The Coming Economic Apocalypse

By: Roy F GriederJun 28, 2009

Astonishing to me is the fact that no one seems to understand the ultimate result of the current policies and practices of Washington D.C. and the Federal Reserve Bank, the Fed. I have studied our economic situation for about 3 hours per day for the last 8 months and conclude we are bankrupt. Think about the facts.

Certainly most of the automobile industry, the airlines, 37 out of 50 states, are bankrupt. The lending industry, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac are bankrupt. Insurance giant AIG, bankrupt. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, or PBGC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, Social Security including Medicare and Medicaid are rapidly approaching insolvency.
In 1929 personal and corporate debt had risen to 365% of Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, before the Crash. We are now at 375% of GDP. So all of this excessive credit got us into this mess in the first place, right?. And the government and Fed solution to this mess is to print up an extra trillion dollars or so, give it to the lending industry and yell “Lend!, Lend!”. That should work, right?.

Remember TARP?, the money given to the banks and others to remove their “Toxic Assets” (sorry too harsh, let’s rename them “Troubled Assets.) Well, the toxins still remain. They exist in the form of Financial Derivatives, Credit Default Swaps, or CDS, and Collateralized Debt Obligations, or CDO. These financial instruments sound complicated, and they are. They are the inventions of Wall Street wunderkinds, the ones that get paid a couple of millions per year for their “brilliance“. The worldwide market (if you could call it that) or value of CDS is in the neighborhood of 600 trillion dollars, or 10 times the entire Worlds yearly economic output. How the banks and insurance giants are to clear their balance sheets of these toxins is no mystery . They cannot. Was it wise to take TARP money, 20 billion dollars, give it to General Motors when their market cap (the value of their common stock) was 985 million?. Will they pay us back?. No. They are bankrupt. The TARP was a fraud from the start, but it has bought the powers that be some time. Time, time for what?

There is a fever pitch rush to consolidate control over us by the government and the Fed. Look what they are doing to the banks, insurance, lending institutions, auto industry, airlines. Let’s now add health care. By the way, let’s appoint czars and give them power not granted by the Constitution. Why?, what’s the rush? To gain control before we go “out of control”?.

And now 37 out of 50 bankrupt states need to raise fees and taxes, and so does our federal government to pay for “free” healthcare. Raise taxes during a deep recession?, worked great in the early 1930’s, right?. Are these people idiots? Yes they are. Why not have a 2 trillion dollar deficit this year, and run up the national debt to 20 trillion dollars in a few years. Interest on the debt would only be 1 trillion a year at 5 per cent. Chump change. Government borrowing on such a massive scale will compete for the money in the open market and will make overall interest rates rise . Rates already rose a few weeks ago during a large treasury auction. Watch this carefully, mortgage rates will respond by going up. Think what this will do to the already very ill housing market.

Some “experts” as of late say they see “green shoots”, signs of economic recovery. What they “see” may be self-serving or it could be these people are delusional. The Fed Chief, Treasury Secretary, Congress and the President are lying to us. We are bankrupt and they know it. You can put a bandage on a gangrenous appendage and it looks fine, but if the appendage is not amputated the body will die. A bandage is all that is being applied to this gangrenous economy. Toxic.

So, where are we headed?. I suppose the Fed and the Treasury could just continue to print more money. Right up to the point it becomes worthless. The Weimar Republic of 1930’s Germany tried this. In the end the “money” was used to start a fire in a stove or was used as toilet paper. D.C. is too smart for this, right? Is there another way out of this mess?.
During my research I floated the following question to 10 people of various economic means. “If you were told you had no more debt but got to keep what you had, but also you had nothing in your bank or 401K or stocks or IRA, just start anew” 9 out of 10 replied “That works for me”. Astounding, but very telling. How these people responded, along with my research, and what is unfolding (actually unraveling) leads me to the following.

We are going to wake up one morning and Matt Lauer will inform us of the following. “I’ve got good news and bad news for you, America. The good news, for most of you, is that there is no more debt. No government debt, personal debt or corporate debt. You get to keep what you have, your house, your cars, your flat screen TVs. You owe nothing. The bad news, for some of you, is that there are no assets. Your bank accounts are empty, all stock is worthless, and there is nothing in your 401K or IRA.”

None of our “leaders” in D.C. will want to take the blame for this, and will need an excuse for this. Most people will understand and even forgive how this happened when Matt goes on to say:
“What I have told you is the direct result of a computer virus that has infected the worldwide financial complex that completely melted the balance sheets so that no one knows who owes what to whom anymore. This is why we have to start over. Just think of it as hitting the reset button. Details on the new government monetary system will come out shortly.” Problem solved, all absolved.

When the firestorm arrives, you will be glad you live in New Hampshire. At least here we may have a chance. During the dark days of the 1930’s peoples faith and morality held society together. Not so today sadly. Talk with your family, friends and neighbors. Come up with a plan.Things are about to become ugly. Very Ugly.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Berhati-hatilah dengan orang-orang yang menjual ayat-ayat tuhan untuk sedikit keuntungan dunia

Lama dahulu ada sekumpulan manusia yang diatas kefahaman mereka menubuhkan satu jemaah yang beriltizam untuk hidup mengikut syariat Nabi Muhammad. Mereka berpandangan manusia didunia ini telah jauh terpesong dari jalan yang. Jemaah ini menyebarkan satu aliran pemikiran yang sederhana kehidupannya, sunnah Rasulallah sebagai panduan dan pegangan. Mereka menggunakan ayat-ayat Allah dan hadis-hadis Rasulallah sebagai bukti yang mereka berada dijalan yang betul. Diringkaskan cerita, aliran pemikiran mereka mendapat sambutan yang hebat dan mereka berkembang sebagai suatu jemaah yang boleh dikatakan berkuasa dan mempunyai aset yang banyak. Pemimpinnya menjadi kaya raya dan mula mencabar kuasa politik semasa. Jemaah ini kini telah di hancurkan kerana dikatakan mengamalkan ajaran yang bertentangan dengan Islam. Mereka diharamkan dengan menggunakan ayat-ayat Allah juga!

Namun gerakan ini berevolusi dengan cara mereka sendiri, Pemimpin mereka kini dilihat sebagai seorang yang mempunyai karamah. Pemimpin yang mampu memberi syafaat diakhirat.

Malah gambar-gambar Pemimpin Agung ini kini diletakkan didalam dompet bagi mendapat berkat orang yang membawa gambarnya. Gambar pemimpin ini diletak didalam teksi dan kereta untuk mengelakkan kemalangan, di telefon bimbit. malah dikatakan pengikutnya akan mendapat berkat hanya melihat gambarnya sahaja.

Disuatu tempat yang lain lahir satu kumpulan yang juga menggunakan ayat-ayat tuhan untuk menunjukkan gerakan dan aliran pemikiran mereka tidak bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam. Pemimpi gerakan ini menjadi terkenal kerana kebolehan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit dan memakbulkan doa. Pemimpin ini juga juga dkatakan mempunyai hikmah dan karamah. Para pengikut yang datang dari berbagai latar belakang dan agama datang dari segenap pelusuk untuk melihat wajahnya, kononnya untuk mendapat berkat dan memakbulkan hajat. Ada yang datang untuk mencium kaki beliau. Sudah tentulah gerakan ini juga dpat mengumpulkan banyak wang dan aset hasil dari sokongan pengikut-pengikut yang setia.

Menggunakan ayat-ayat Allah untuk mengumpul pengikut bukan satu perkara baru. Menggunakan kuasa agama untuk membina satu tapak kuasa adalah biasa berlaku dimana-mana pelusuk dunia ini. Semua pihak ini mendakawa mendapat restu dari Allah. Lantas pemimpin mereka dipanggil dengan berbagai-bagai gelaran yang elok-elok untuk menunjukkan kepada yang lain betapa pemimpin mereka adalah golongan terpilih.

Benarkah dengan menggantung gambar pemimpin pilihan ini manusia akan terpelihara dari gangguan? Benarkah dengan melihat wajah pemimpin ini kita akan mendapat berkat ? Benarkah dengan hanya berada berdekatan dengan beliau kita akan masuk syurga?.

Dakwaan gambar pemimpin boleh mendatangkan berkat ini malangnya adalah satu budaya biasa dalam masyarakat dunia. Orang-sorang Siam memberi penghormatan kepada Raja mereka dengan menyembah gambar Raja-Raja mereka. Orang -orang Sikh menyimpan gambar guru Narnak didalam dompet dan telefon bimbit. Begitu juga dengan orang-orang Buddha.

Itulah sebab Nabi Muhammad menegah dilukis gambar atau arca mana nabi didunia ini kerana beliau takut di'idolised' oleh ummatnya. Tetapi mengapa fenomena ini menjadi ikutan umat Islam yang konon berpegang kepada ajaran yang satu. Jalan yang lurus?. Mengapa pemimpin terbabit yang tahu perkara ini bertentangan dengan Islam tidak menegah atau menambil tindakan untuk mengelakkan perkara tersebut dari tejadi?

Fenomena menjual ayat-ayat Allah untuk sedikit keuntungan dunia ini sudah menjadi terlalu lazim di Malaysia ini. Kini kita ada Ustazah yang meng'endorse' shampu lengkap dengan hadis. Kita ada ustaz yang menjual ubat gigi, kismis ajaib, air jampi dan berbagai-bagai lagi untuk sedikit keuntungan. Kita tidak ada lagi tuan guru yang berdakwah secara percuma. Tidak ada lagi mubaligh yang sanggup pergi ke penempatan orang asli untuk menyebarkan ajaran Allah. Malah kini kita ditawarkan dengan hadiah keduniaa seperti ganjaran wang tunai jika kita mengahwini orang asli dan janda. Islam kini diukur dari sudut wang ringgit oleh orang yang mengaku berjuang atas jalan Allah. Kita kini terlalu banyak yang menjerit halal haram dari kerusi empuk yang berhawa dingin.

Kita kini tidak berdakwah lagi, kita hanya ingin berwacana untuk menentukan engkau betul ?atau aku betul? Kita kini hanya perlu melihat wajah Pemimpin Agung untuk masuk syurga, jadi mengapa perlu untuk berdakwah lagi?

Kini kita telah terlalu pandai sehingga kita mengambil HAK TUHAN. Kita kini boleh menentukan siapa yang sesat lagi menyesatkan, siapa yang masuk syurga, siapa yang masuk neraka sebelum mereka ini dihisab di Mahsyar.

Salam untuk saudagar ayat dan saudagar jannah....

Saturday, July 4, 2009


“The sooner the extremists are isolated and unwelcome in Muslim communities, the sooner we will all be safer”. U.S. President Barack Obama, Cairo, June 04, 2009. According to U.S. leaders and their Zionist handlers, the term “extremist” is any nation or movement resisting U.S.-Israel domination and murderous ideology is defamed and deemed extremist. Whether in Afghanistan, in Iraq or in Pakistan, the extremists are part of the U.S. strategy to justify war of aggression.

Let’s be very clear. The Muslim world is not at war with the West, it is the West that is at war with Muslim nations. Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq attacked the U.S. and its allies. And despite the widespread of the virus of Islamophobia, particularly in Europe and America, Muslims are avoiding violence. Today, it is easier to invade Muslim nations, murder their women and children, and destroy them beyond belief.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair (the main culprits) were re-elected while their armies were committing horrendous war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. When will Westerners start protesting against the daily massacre of Muslim children by U.S.-NATO forces? In 2001, Afghanistan was invaded and occupied because the U.S. accused the former Afghani government (known in the West as the “Taliban”) of harbouring “al-Qaeda” extremists even when al-Qaeda never took responsibility for the 9/11 attack on the U.S. When the Afghani government offered to apprehend those extremists on behalf of the U.S. if the Bush regime provided the evidence against them, the U.S. refused the offer and embarked on a murderous and illegal war of aggression.

It should be acknowledge that, “al-Qaeda” was a U.S. proxy used against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan Indeed, in the 1990s the U.S. supported Osama bin Laden, while at the same time placed him on its so-called “most wanted list of terrorists”. Today, al-Qaeda is a card played when it serves Western imperialist interests. The entire country is decimated and thousands of innocent Afghan civilians, mostly women and children have been killed since the 2001 invasion. Recently, the United Nations reveals that in 2007 there were over 1,500 civilian deaths in Afghanistan. In 2008, the number has increase 40 per cent.

Although Western media often credit the U.S.-installed Ahmed Karzai “Afghan Army” of conducting military operations, the majority of civilians were killed by U.S./NATO indiscriminate bombings. The motive is the geostrategic importance of Afghanistan relative to the energy-producing region in Central Asia.

According to Ken Fireman of, Secretary of Defence Robert Gates told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 27, 2009: "U.S. goals in Afghanistan must be 'modest, realistic,' and 'above all, there must be an Afghan face on this war,' Gates said: ‘The Afghan people must believe this is their war and we are there to help them.

If they think we are there for our own purposes, then we will go the way of every other foreign army that has been in Afghanistan.'" Just replace Afghanistan with Iraq or Pakistan and you get a clearer picture of the real motives behind the U.S. pursuit of war and violence against Muslim nations. Furthermore, the war on Afghanistan is a test for a new NATO strategy as a global military intervention force and the future of NATO wars depend on this strategy being successful. Dominated by the U.S, NATO is an imperialist expeditionary force always on the look for a fight.

Perpetual violence is its most essential tool to impose its worldwide imperialist ideology. Hence, the U.S. war on Afghanistan has been labelled in the media as the “good war”. The war on Iraq is described as a “bad war” or a “strategic blunder”, not war crime. Iraq was invaded and occupied because the U.S. regime accused the Iraqi government of the late president Saddam Hussein of possessing ‘Weapons of Mass Destructions’ (WMD) and having links with extremists. Of course, the pretexts were a pack of lies.

The real motives behind U.S. violent aggression were: 1) to conquer Iraq’s oil resources; and 2) to enhance Israel’s Zionfascist expansion and dispossession of the Palestinian people. In order to expand the war further, Pakistan is accused of harbouring “extremists”. The CIA alleges – without a shred of evidence that Osama bin Laden, who according to reliable sources died in 2002, is “hiding” in Pakistan.

Western Zionist media, led by the anti-Muslims propaganda organs like the BBC, CNN and their variants, have obviously abandoned the truth and instead continue the warmongering agenda, inventing news and adopting the role of cheerleader. Pakistan is crucified and depicted as the “front of terrorism”. Of course, there is no hard evidence and the aim is to manipulate public opinion and prepare the world for another war.

The truth is that the Pakistani people are against U.S. murderous war on Afghanistan. Opportunists and apologists for U.S. war crimes are on the move again spreading pro-U.S. propaganda, without taking into consideration the consequences of their actions. In his latest fatigue in the Independent, Patrick Cockburn writes: “Pakistan is the root of the problem”. And “Pakistan was always the real base for al-Qaeda”. Of course, Cockburn has no evidence to support his usual recycled rubbish. To support his rubbish against Pakistan, Cockburn writes that the anti-Occupation Iraqi Resistance had many friends in Iran and Syria and so the Afghan Resistance has in Pakistan.

Only a deranged cynic can make such a statement. The murderous U.S. Occupation of Iraq made only possible with Iran’s with the U.S. Meanwhile, Ahmed Rashid, a native Pakistani informer who is well-known for his pro-Western propaganda, wrote recently: “Pakistan is about to collapse and only unconditional aid from the U.S. can stop this”. Rashid provided no evidence and his so-called analysis is just Western propaganda sponsored by the U.S. Zionist media. Rashid regurgitated Israel’s Zionist propaganda word by word. "[A] nuclear-armed military and an intelligence service that have sponsored Islamic extremism as an intrinsic part of their foreign policy for nearly four decades have found it extremely difficult to give up their self-destructive and double-dealing policies". His is consistent with the anti-Pakistan propaganda spread out by pro-Israel right-wing Americans. “Pakistan has 173 million people and 100 nuclear weapons, an army which is bigger than the American army, and the headquarters of al-Qaeda sitting in two-thirds of the country which the Government does not control”, said David Kilcullen, a right-wing former Australian army officer who made a career advising the Bush administration during the murderous surge in Iraq and now a consultant to the Obama Administration.

The myth of Pakistan nuclear defence will fall in the hands of few U.S. proxies is a distortion of reality planted by Israeli propagandists and U.S. Zionists. The Pakistani armed forces are not loosing Pakistan to few U.S. proxies. Like in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. is sowing the seeds of violence in Pakistan by pitting one Pakistani community against the other. The arming and financing of militias like Tahrik-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Jundullah or “Soldier of God” by the U.S. is designed to destabilise Pakistan and the eventual break up of the nation in a Yugoslavia-like destruction.

The recent surge in attacks targeting mosques and religious congregations is a case in point. “It seems to me a calculated conspiracy to trigger sectarian violence in the country in line with Iraq so that the public attention could be diverted from real issues,” said Abdul Khalique Ali, a Karachi-based senior political analyst. It is important to remember that, the TTP has nothing to do with the anti-occupation Resistance movement in Afghanistan, known in the West as the “Taliban”. The TTP is a Pakistani religious fundamentalist militia based in the Swat Valley. It is armed by the U.S. and India through Afghanistan. The TTP despises the Resistance in Afghanistan. Jundullah is another anti-Iran/anti-Pakistan terrorist militia financed by the U.S. and Israel. It is used not only in Pakistan but it is also responsible for cross-border terrorist attacks in Iran which have killed a number of innocent Iranians citizens.

The problem in Pakistan is that the army has become a U.S. proxy army waging a war against its own people. It is used by the U.S. as a condom whenever the U.S. engaged in war. The Pakistan ruling clique is a Western-oriented band of corrupt landlords and businessmen serving U.S. imperialist interests at the expense of the majority of the Pakistani population. The Government’s reliance on U.S. funding allows the U.S. to hold the nation hostage to U.S. conditions, including the freezing of Pakistan’s nuclear and missiles program.

The people of Pakistan consider the Pakistani Government corrupt and subordinate to U.S. demands. Hence, the Pakistani people support any group fighting the U.S.-NATO occupation that is the greatest threat to the in the region. Under U.S. pressure the Pakistani army is attacking communities and towns in the north-western provinces and Waziristan. The province is home to the anti-occupation Pashtun tribes and fields more than thirty anti-occupation resistance groups.

There is no marked border and the people share one common goal; the liberation of their land from foreign invaders. Before the Pakistani army attacks, the province was under constant cross-border attacks by U.S.-NATO forces using CIA-operated drones, helicopter gunships and F-16s bombers in violation of Pakistani sovereignty. The attacks are now extended to include Baluchistan. Thousands of innocent Afghan and Pakistani civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed in indiscriminate bombardments. In addition, the attacks have caused a humanitarian crisis of two to three million internal refugees.

The situations looks more like the 1971 Britain-India sponsored partition of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh in Eastern Pakistan that precipitated mass migrations and massacres among Muslims. The refugees are left on its own, relaying on private charities and local NGOs to survive. The so-called “U.S. aid” to Pakistan to “rebuild” its shattered economy is an empty rhetoric. In fact the U.S. aid is fuelling the war and destroying the nation.

The U.S. is not in the business of “rebuilding”. History shows that every time the U.S. and its allies invaded and occupied a defenceless nation, they installed a colonial dictatorship and leave the country in ruins, drowning in poverty, suffering, diseases and deaths. Before he left to Saudi Arabia, President Obama told the New York Times (NYT 03 June 2009) that the pro-U.S. Arab leaders are not publicly expressing their concern about Iran developing nuclear weapons. “There are a lot of Arab countries more concerned about Iran developing a nuclear weapon than the [real] threat from Israel, but won’t admit it”, Obama told the Times.

It is a U.S.-orchestrated propaganda war against Iran designed to deflect attention away from the serious threat to world peace posed by Israel’s unchecked nuclear arsenal. We all know that Iran – with a legitimate right to nuclear technology, including uranium enrichment – doesn’t posses any nuclear arm or nearer to developing one. It is worth remembering that the same misleading falsehood propagated prior to the U.S. illegal invasion and murderous Occupation of Iraq. It was Dick Cheney, the U.S. most known (unindicted) war criminal, who went to see pro-U.S. Arab leaders. At the time, no one bought into U.S.-Israel propaganda. Most countries neighbouring Iraq have acknowledged that Iraq was not a threat.

Indeed, Iraq posed no threat to any nation. The U.S. and its few allies are guilty of illegal war of aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq. For decades, Iran has been demonised in the West and subjected to ongoing anti-Muslims racist propaganda campaign (Iranophobia) on behalf of Israel’s Zionfascist regime. The U.S. and Britain continue meddling in Iran internal affairs, including fomenting unrest and inciting violence in order to sabotage Iran’s stability. At time of writing, Iran is being persecuted and condemned. Western media – packed by some Western governments – are questioning the legitimacy of Iran’s recent free and fair elections in order to discredit Iran’s legitimate government and destabilise the nation (See Esam Al-Amin, Counterpunch, 22 June 2009).

Democracy is not the reason behind Western meddling. Western ruling elites despise democracy. When did the British people have their chance to elect Gordon Brown? In 1953, the U.S. and Britain undermined and overthrew the democratically-elected Iranian government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and replaced it with one of the most vicious dictators. (See Ghali Hassan, Global Research, 26 June 2005).

Now, imagine anyone questioning the legitimacy of the U.S.-staged fraudulent and violent elections in Iraq and Afghanistan? In his interview with the Times, Obama revealed that: “We have a joke around the White House. … We’re just going to keep on telling the truth until it stops working — and nowhere is truth-telling more important than the Middle East”. In American parlance, the term “truth” means fabricated lie. What the President really meant is telling the lie, not “the truth”, until people start believing it.

That is what George W. Bush said, after all. Meanwhile, Obama’s speech in Cairo (04 June 2009) – loaded with deceit, obfuscation, contradiction, hypocrisy, double-standards and empty of substance – was designed to manipulate public opinion, isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran and absolve Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. Instead of ranting from a country ruled by the U.S.-financed longest-serving tyrant in the Middle East, Obama should have travelled to Gaza (the largest Concentration Camp ever existed) to witness firsthand the countless Israeli war crimes, including mass graves of Palestinian children.

Sadly, Obama failed to acknowledge and condemned Israel’s violence and Israel’s role in Palestinians suffering and dispossession from their land. Obama remains silent on the recent massacre of Palestinian children and the U.S.-Israel sponsored murderous military siege of the Gaza. And who told Obama that Iraqis are better off under U.S. murderous Occupation than under a sovereign indigenous government? Since 2003, nearly 1.5 million innocent Iraqi civilians – mostly women and children – have been killed and more than 5 million Iraqis are refugees and displaced Iraqis. In addition to the destruction of Iraq’s health services and the education system, the U.S. brought into Iraq a culture of corruption and violence unheard of in Iraq’s history. Before 2003 U.S. invasion Iraq was an envy of the region.

Today’s Iraq is an example of a society that has been deliberately terrorised and reduced to state of abject destitution, its progressive Constitution was replaced by a U.S.-drafted sectarian and backwards constitution. So far, Obama has proved to be the creation of the U.S. wealthy ruling class. The President is “a global celebrity modelled easily into a brand” to all people, writes author Chris Hedges. But, what the new brand stands for remains a mystery to most ordinary people inside and outside the U.S. Obama seems comfortable following in the footsteps of his predecessors. It is unfortunate that many of the so-called “progressive” and “leftist” commentators and pundits are deliberately ignoring the power of the U.S. ruling class and instead focusing on Obama, the President.

The President is used to deflect public attention away from those who exert real power in the U.S. It is not difficult to see that Obama is surrounded by a band of anti-Muslims/anti-Arabs Judeo-Christian white ruling class. It is a collection of wealthy Zionists who exert total control on U.S. foreign policy, U.S. finance, the mainstream-corporate media and the U.S. education system. The U.S. Congress is their territory and devoted entirely to the defence of Israel and its Zionfascist policies in Palestine. Indeed, the Obama Administration is the most Zionist administration in America’s history. It is naïve to suggest that Obama has “inherited difficult challenges”. These are U.S. policies and Obama is in no position to change them. In fact, Obama is continuing and extending Bush’s policies. Just after he took office, Obama said that: “It will be a seamless transition”. In other words, “change” without change. As usual, the U.S. Senate has just approved $106 billion dollar war funding bill to fund the U.S. war on Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan. With the U.S. war on Islamic nations has no end in sight, democratically elected nations are defamed and labelled “extremist”, while brutal dictatorship and religious fundamentalist regimes are welcomed with open arms and labelled “moderate”.

Both terms have nothing to do with the character of the groups. In his Cairo’s speech President Barack Obama told the Muslim world: “You are either with us or against us”. Picking and choosing America’s war on Muslim nations is not the right way to improve relations with the Muslim world. Peace is. G Hass

Friday, July 3, 2009

Apabila Tuan Guru Hj Hadi keliru...

Apabila yang berhormat Tn Guru Hj Hadi mengeluarkan kenyataan menentang penghapusan kuota 30% Bumiputera dalam syarikat senaraian awam kerana beranggapan ia akan menjejaskan bumiputera , seperti yang diumumkan oleh PM ke 6, ada sesuatu yang pelik telah berlaku.
Tugas mempertahankan hak keistimewaan bumiputera ini kerja UMNO. UMNO yang berpaksikan ketuanan Melayu telah mengumumkan pembatalan tersebut diatas beberapa pertimbangan terutama akibat terhakisnya pengaruh UMNO. Ini akibat permainan PAS juga.
PAS tidak pernah berjuang diatas landasan kelangsungan bumiputera dalam politik atau ekonomi di Malaysia. PAS memperjuangkan ISLAM. Perjuangan PAS tidak ada kena mengena dengan politik ketuanan. Politik ketuanan ini sama dengan ajaran Ayah Pin dan Kominis kata Tn Guru Nik Aziz. Malah Ketua Pemuda PAS, Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi percaya perjuangan mempertahankan ketuanan dan Bangsa bertentangan dengan Islam. Sebab itu beliau mahu berwacana dengan Pemuda UMNO diatas tajuk tersebut.
Apabila YB Presiden PAS mengeluarkan kenyataan bantahan kepada penghapusan kuota tersebut, kita ingin bertanya dia mengeluarkan kenyataan tersebut sebagai Presiden PAS atau Presiden UMNO?
Bukan Tuan Guru aje keliru..aku pun dah keliru ni...
Salam untuk semua yang sedang keliru...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apabila Pemuda PAS berfikiran Seperti Yahudi....

Apabila aku membaca akhbar Utusan Malaysia tentang pelawaan pemuda PAS untuk berwacana dengan Pemuda UMNO, aku tidak dapat menghindarkan diri dari tersengeh-sengeh di kedai mamak pagi-pagi buta ni.

Tersengeh kerana tajuk wacana yan hendak dibincangkan adalah "Adakah Pejuangan UMNO tidak bertentangan dengan Islam" (klik disini). Aku harus angkat topi kepada Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi kerana bijak dalam permainan politik. Strategi perang beliau sama dengan strategi perang yang Israel gunakan untuk meranapkan musuh-musuhnya. Israel mahu berperang dengan musuhnya tetapi tak mahu musuhnya memiliki sebarang senjata. Dalam ertikata lain Israel hanya mahu berperang bila mereka pasti mereka boleh menang!

Awal-awal lagi Pemuda PAS sudah meletakkan Pemuda UMNO dalam keadaan defensif. Jika Pemuda UMNO masuk gelanggang mereka perlu mempertahankan diri dan PAS hanya perlu menembak sahaja. PAS tak akan terjejas dengan sebarang keputusan wacana. Kalau tak boleh MENANG, keputusannya SERI. BLOODY DAMN GOOD!.

Tetapi jika kita lihat dengan lebih dalam, Pemuda PAS tidak akan mendapat apa-apa, sebaliknya terus memecah belahkan umat Islam di negara ini. Aku tak tahu samada ini strategi utama mereka, tetapi yang menang jadi arang dan yang kalah jadi abu.

Apakah rumusan wacana itu?
1. UMNO tidak bertentangan dengan Islam.
2. UMNO bertentangan dengan Islam.

Adakah PAS akan menerima keputusan no 1?. Kalau mereka terima, sejak awal lagi tak payahlah berwacana. PAS hanya akan menerima keputusan no 2 bukan?. Jika begitu adakah 3 juta umat Islam yang menanggotai UMNO terkeluar dari landasan Islam? adakah 3 juta umat itu tidak Islam ? murtad? kafir? jika mereka terkeluar dari Islam apakah hukum nikah kahwin ahli PAS dan UMNO? adakah apabila TGNA menyamakan UMNO dengan ajaran ayah Pin, ini adalah agenda tersusun PAS? maka kita akan kembali ke zaman dimana fatwa mengkafirkan UMNO..Kita tidak menentang UMNO kerana UMNO itu UMNO...kita menentang UMNO kerana......(letakkan sebab mengikut citarasa anda..).

Jika Islam UMNO bertentangan dengan Islam, apa jadi dengan Islam DAP yang tidak menerima negara Islam? Apa jadi Islam PKR yang lebih kurang sama dengan Islam UMNO? apajadi dengan Islam gerakan?MIC?

Bagaimana dengan Islam NU dan Muhammadiyah Indonesia dan ini tidak akan berakhir...?

Apa yang aku nampak dari kelakuan sebegini adalah kesempitan fikiran yang kronik. Islam label melabel ni dah berlaku beratus-ratus tahun lamanya. Kini kita ada Islam Ahli Sunnah , muktazilah, jabariah, wahbbiah, sufi, syiah dan berbagai lagi label. Menambah satu lagi label Islam UMNO tidak akan mengubah apa-apa, malah akan membawa umat Islam lebih jauh dari raeliti dunia global.

Jika kepimpinan ulamak hanya mampu haram mengharam, kafir mengkafir maka kesudahan negara ini tidaklah baik. Aneh sekali apa bila mereka hendak mengharamkan SISTERS IN ISLAM mereka lari dan menyuruh Majlis Fatwa Negara melakukanya. Kenapa tidak berani menjatuhkan hukum sedangkan Nasrudin adalah Ulamak yang meningkat naik? Kalau dah UMNO bertentangan, SIS lagi terukkan?

Aku cadangkan Pemuda PAS berwacana dengan Pemuda UMNO tentang gelombang kejatuhan ekonomi ke dua yang bakal melanda dunia atau bagaimana membangunkan sistem perbankan Islam yang sepatutnya mengambil alih sistem kewangan dunia memandangkan ekonomi telah jatuh merudum.

ataupun perkara-perkara tersebut tidak ada dalam kitab Nasrudin? Aku mungkin orang yang tidak layak memberi nasihat kepada ulamak mulia seperti Nasrudin tetapi dalam usia aku ini, aku sudah melihat bagaimana perpecahan sesama Islam merosakkan masyarakat. Berdakwahlah dengan berhikmah

Salam untuk saudaraku yang diragui Islamnya....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inside Iran's Kingdom of Heaven

Di sebuah negara yang diasaskan berdasarkan prinsip Islam, Dimana pemimpin Agungnya dianggap wakil TUHAN - golongan Ayatollah. Tewas juga kepada godaan dunia....

Iran’s Many Wars

June 25, 2009
by Behzad Yaghmaian
Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hasemi Rafsanjani (AP)

Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hasemi Rafsanjani (AP)

A specter is haunting Iran, the specter of a bloody civil war. Underneath the heroic movement for democracy by millions of Iranians, we are witnessing the final acts of a protracted war for the control of the Iranian economy, and the possibility of violent confrontations within the conservative block that ruled the country in the past thirty years.

June 12th was a coup d’état by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) against Hashemi Rafsanjani and his family oligarchy. The Iranian economy has been the private turf of a handful of economic and political mafias since the revolution. Hashemi Rafsanjani and his extended family were among the first groups benefiting from Iran’s crony capitalism.

Using his political influence as President of Iran, and Speaker of the Parliament, Rafsanjani created a vast family dynasty. Initiating the liberalization of the economy after the war with Iraq, Rafsanjani ushered an ambitious privatization program, allowing members of his family, and other insiders, to take possession of state property at far bellow market prices. The family made a fortune when Rafsanjani opened the oil industry to private Iranian contractors. By the end of the 1990s, the economic power of the family was unparalleled in Iran’s private sector. In recent years, however, the family dynasty has been facing fierce competition, particularly from IRGC.

Since the 1990s, IRGC slowly transformed itself from a sheer military force, to a complex military, political, and economic oligarchy in control of main arteries of the Iranian economy. It is now a large holding company with multi-billion dollar, legal and illegal, contracts in oil, water, electricity, transport, foreign trade, and other economic sectors.

In 1999, Mehdi Karrubi, then the Speaker of the Parliament, made public IRGC’s smuggling activities through sixty illegal docs. In May 2004, hours after the grand opening of Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, armed members of IRGC stormed the compound, closing it down for alleged security reasons. It was later revealed that, using the airport, IRGC had been smuggling goods to the country.

The 2005 presidential victory of Mahmood Ahmadinejad, a former Revolutionary Guard, provided IRGC with a new advantage in its economic war with competitors. Rafsanjani ran unsuccessfully against Ahmadinejad, losing the race due to widespread vote rigging. The election was a turning point in the relationship between ITGC and Rafsanjani. The economic war intensified.

Ahmadinejad vowed to fight and eliminate the “oil mafia.” Appointing veteran guardsmen to cabinet positions, he gave IRGC the control of nine ministries, including Defense, Energy, and the lucrative Ministry of Petroleum, a stronghold of Rafsanjani family, the “oil mafia.”Access to the oil industry proved instrumental for IRGC. The economic war entered a new stage. IRGC aggressively penetrated areas once dominated by the Rafsanjani family.

Since the election of Ahmadinejad in 2005, the National Oil Company of Iran awarded IRGC a no-bid contract to develop the 15th and 16th phases of South Pars Gas, and another contract to build a 600-mile “peace pipeline” from Iran to Pakistan and India. IRGC also received a large contract to build a 900-kilometer pipeline from the Persian Gulf in the south to Sistan and Baluchestan in Iran’s southeast.

Aided by the increase in oil prices, Ahmadinajad pursued populist economic policies, gaining the support of a noticeable section of the electorate. High oil revenue, for a short period, reduced tension between different oligarchies. The decline in oil prices, however, ended the period of peaceful coexistence. A showdown was inevitable. It came during the recent Presidential Elections.

Mahmood Ahamadinejad’s attack on Rafsanjani and his family during his televised debate with Mir Hossein Mousavi was a calculated move, a political maneuver paving the ground for an all out war in later weeks and months. Rafsanjani requested permission to defend himself on Iran’s state-owned television network. His request was rejected. He formally complained to Ayatollah Khamenei. He was ignored, and silenced in the days that followed. Declaring victory in the elections, Ahmadinejad promised to prosecute and bring to justice those he assaulted during his campaign.

The days following June 12th were full of unanticipated developments. Millions of the Iranians poured into the streets, protesting on daily basis. Supporters of Ahmadinejad also waged two separate rallies in Qom, and in front of the Ministry of Justice in Tehran, with slogans against Rafsanjani. Addressing his supporters during Friday prayers at Tehran University on June 19th, Ayatollah Khamenei suggested dealing with Rafsanjani’s family’s economic misconducts through legal channels, while giving full support to Mahmood Ahmadinejad, and ordering a crackdown of all protests. The IRGC coup d’état seemed to have achieved its goal.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s orders to shoot, however, failed to stop people’s fury. The day after, millions poured to the streets of Tehran in an open defiance of the Supreme Leader. Many died, more injured. Violence, however, failed to stop the popular cry for democracy. Unanticipated by IRGC and the Supreme Leader, the continuing street protests opened a new front, influencing the future of the economic war, its winners, and its loses. The powerful democracy movement became the wild card in the battle for the control of Iran, and a possible savior of Rafsanjani in his final battle for survival.

Failing to negotiate a deal, Rafsanjani traveled to Qom, lobbying high-ranking clerics, and using his influence as the head of the Assembly of Experts to create The Council of Leaders to replace Ayatollah Khamenei. Empowered by the constitution to appoint and dismiss the Supreme Leader, the Assembly of Experts is Rafsanjani’s last legal resort in his long battle with IRG and Ayatollah Khamenei.

The removal of the Supreme Leader, if approved by the Assembly of Experts, may, however, prove costly and dangerous, risking a confrontation between various military factions within the ruling elite. Anticipating such an outcome, the Supreme Leader has ordered a reshuffling of top IRGC commanders, removing those suspected of loyalty to Rafsanjani.

Not a monolithic organization, in its leadership, and among the ordinary guards, IRGC may also face possible internal rifts, fracturing in the days and weeks to come. More than one-third of IRGC’s rank and file voted for Mohammad Khatami and his reformist platform in 1997. Dissertation and refusal to shoot at demonstrators remains a possibility. The continuation of the protests may also result in rifts within the Security forces, and the army.

The fight for political reform is intertwined with an entrenched factional struggle within the regime. Unlike 1979 when Iranians fought against a single, and undivided, political and military regime, Iran’s current political elite is divided. Different armed groups back various conservative factions. The rift within the Islamic Republic may be a blessing for the democracy movement, a breathing space for regrouping, and moving forward. It may also be a recipe for an uncontrolled factional violence. The democracy movement may become collateral damage in a larger war. The future remains unclear.

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Behzad Yaghmaian
Behzad Yaghmaian is the author of "Social Change in Iran: An Eyewitness Account of Dissent, Defiance, and New Movements for Rights". He is a professor of political economy at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Yaghmaian can be reached at

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