Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interesting Interview with Benjamin Fulford

If What this guy tells us is true, than its very scary indeed

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life On Mars?

Two astrobiologists charge NASA killed Martian life with its space missions

Scientist Gilbert Levin insists his biology experiment proved life is in the Martian soil. Dirk Schulze-Makuch, an astrobiologist at Washington State University and his German colleague, Joop Houtkooper of Justus Liebig University charge NASA killed it.

Their explosive allegation—raised at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, Washington—raises one more doubt about the US space agency.

Scooped up and killed

When the Viking mission tested for life it detected hydrogen peroxide from oxidation. The two scientists claim the oxidation process didn't come from the soil, but in the killing of Martian life scooped up and chemically destroyed by the robot space explorer.

The two have stirred up controversy—nothing new to NASA—with their report alleging the death of Martian life.

"It is interesting to note that the Viking experiments were conducted under too warm and wet conditions from the perspective of the hydrogen peroxide hypothesis for Martian life," they concluded in their in-depth report. "If the hypothesis is true, it would mean we killed the Martian microbes during our first extraterrestrial contact."

Expert Sir Gilbert V. Levin flatly states Mars has life

No doubt Gilbert Levin would agree with them. Levin continues to insist his biology experiment proved life was in the Martian soil sample.

"We obtained positive data corresponding with all the pre-mission criteria, which proved the existence of microbial life in the soil of Mars," Levin told National Geographic. ["I Found Life on Mars in 1976, Scientist Says"]

In essence, the two scientists argue, NASA unwittingly killed exactly what they were seeking: life.

NASA didn't do it on purpose, Schulze-Makuch and Houtkooper rush to explain. The agency was just an 8-year old boy that finds his dad's gun and accidentally kills his little sister.

Increasing doubts...increasing fire

In recent years NASA's come under fire and increasing investigation for its alleged cover-ups and public suspicions of gross incompetency.

The beleaguered space agency's fallen far since its glory days of Apollo. Initially led towards the heavens by its visionary genius, ex-Nazi rocket man Werner von Braun, NASA's gone from a rising star to a falling one. It's become politically correct and no longer has a focused mission or a manned space program.

Sir Charles Shults [website]

Evidence of Martian life scattered across planet

Sir Charles Shults has cataloged stacks of images revealing the evidence of Martian life. The scientist has gathered proof—proof that NASA studiously ignores. ["A Fossil Hunter's Guide to Mars"]

During the Mars rover missions, scores of armchair astronauts screamed in disbelief as NASA systematically steered their little juggernauts towards fossil evidence and then blithely pressed the little rovers ahead, mindlessly crushing the precious fossils under their grinding treads.

According to a growing number of scientists and researchers NASA is hiding evidence of ancient technology scattered across planets and moons in the solar system, manipulating photos of artifacts on the Moon, Mars, Phobos and Titan ["NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist"], ignoring evidence of fossils on Mars, dismissing proof of life on the Red Planet first discovered more than 30 years ago and massaging the data gleaned from satellites and computer modeling of climate change.

Caught in the act of changing the color of the Martian sky and surface with red filters, NASA looks worse and worse as its credibility crumbles.

Some question why NASA would hide, ignore and censor evidence. After all, it could only serve to ignite the public's interest in space exploration and missions back to the Moon and beyond to mysterious Mars.

Others say they have the answer: the United States of America has had a 'secret space program' since the 1960s. The US—they claim—has had bases on the Moon, and maybe Mars too, for almost 40 years. ["Claim: Secret American Base Discovered on Moon"]

NASA faces hard choices and hard days ahead as the world's other space agencies—in Europe, Russia, China, Japan and India—gear up with their own lunar missions and Mars probes.

What their cameras find there may spell the end of NASA.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Selepas Mat Indera Sebagai Pejuang-Bendera Baru Untuk Malaysia

Seperti yang aku jangka. Selepas isu Komunis sebagai pejuang Kemerdekaan kini Bendera Baru untuk Malaysia. Matlamat akhirnya Hapuskan Melayu sebagai tuan tanah. Bacul-bacul yang buncit-buncit dalam UMNO hanya senyap sunyi. Barua-barua yang ditarik hidung dalam PAS tak akan rugi apa-apa asal mereka dapat kuasa yang dikejar. Kalau agama pun mereka jual apalah sangat hal bendera.



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mari Belajar Sejarah Wahai Mat Sabu

Masa kat Sekolah Dulu Mak suruh belajar kau main-main. Sekarang kita dengar Pelajaran percuma.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Truth About Mat Sabu

Mohamad Bin Sabu Hanyalah Manusia Biasa. Mat sabu juga manusia bernafu serakah seperti manusia biasa lain. Jika beliau menggelar Anwar sebagai Al Juburi..apa agaknya gelaran yang akan diberinya jika manusia yang menibai isteri orang lain ini bukan dia?.Parti PAS hanyalah parti biasa sekumpulan Manusia. Tidak ada beza dengan UMNO. Jika UMNO sebuah parti yang tersungkur akibat kuasa dan nafsu ahlinya, PAS juga akan tersungkur di kawah kuasa dan nafsu - Bezanya adalah kedua-dua Mat Sabu dan PAS cukup pantas menghukum orang lain, jika mereka melakukan kesalahan. Cukup hebat mengkafirkan manusia lain yang tidak sealiran mereka.

Kini manusia yang bernama MAT SABU telah berada dipuncak kuasa. Parti PAS meletakkan orang seperti MAT SABU dipuncak kuasa, maka kita tengok sahajalah drama seterusnya.

Apakah yang lebih baik dan mulia? Mati sebagai polis British yang rela terkorban demi maruahnya sekalipun dia digelar anjing British oleh Mat sabu atau Mati sebagai seorang yang merembat isteri orang dan diajulang sebagai pejuang kebenaran walhal pada hakikatnya badan terpalit nanah noda.

Manusia-manusia seperti ini memberi tazkirah di masjid dan surau walaupun tak ada tauliah. Manusia PAS tak perlu tauliah kerana kehebatan ilmu agama mereka melampui sebarang tauliah manusia biasa.

Tetapi dan perakam hanyalah BESI....So Mat Sabu lain kali jangan hina Polis...depa pegang teluq hang...rakaman macam ni biasanya hanya SB yang kalau hendak jadi manusia suci..jadilah manusia suci sebenarnya. Ini dah terbukti hang munafik...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Truth About Gaddafi

Today, August 31, we are on the eve of the September 1 Al-Fateh Revolution which brought Muammar al-Qathafi to power in a bloodless coup which installed the world's first Jamahiriya, or government through People's Congresses. The tremendous support behind Colonel Gaddafi in the international community is a telling comment on where people stand.

Muammar al-Qathafi is, in one word, a genius. His Jamahiriya system of government is perhaps the purest form of governance and its sheer simplicity means it can be implemented in any society, anywhere on Earth. In essence, it is government based on people's congresses - government by the people for the people, in a world in which the resources belong to all, equally. It is the real village, implemented globally, understanding that the human being functions best when living and cooperating in small communities.

Now that paragraph will taste of poison for the clique of corporate elitists who gravitate around the centres of power, using the media and NATO to manipulate public opinion and where possible, implant their regimes and that paragraph also explains the Libya story in a nutshell.

And we also see in this crisis exactly where our world stands. International law exists but is not implemented. NATO has broken all the rules in the book in Libya and has rendered itself and its representatives liable for prosecution - something which is at present in the pipeline. On one side of the divide, the Satanic and dark forces of NATO and on the other side, those who see themselves as the guardians of what is right and good and just. It is good versus evil, it is God versus Satan, it is about implementing international law.

For those who justify NATO's act of aggression by calling "Gaddafi" a "dictator", some home truths. Muammar al-Qathafi was to receive a humanitarian prize in March for his record, he was the one to speak out against the more conservative practices in Islam, who spoke out against the killing of homosexuals or the stoning of women. The Jamahiriya system is the antithesis of a dictatorship. What dictator educates his people and pays for them to study abroad?

Libya's literacy rate improved from ten per cent to ninety per cent under "Gaddafi" and under his guidance the country rose from the poorest in the world to the richest in Africa. Those who understand anything about geopolitical events know that this is an amazing achievement, in itself, within four decades.

Colonel Gaddafi also leaves his legacy, which is the Green Book, which explains his philosophy and his political system - one which should at least be fundamental reading in all schools and one whose Legacy will be eternalised by the Internationalisation of the Jamahiriya, something which is already taking place and which has tens of thousands of followers around the world. Tomorrow, there will be millions.

Colonel Gaddafi can also sit back and look at his enemies today and laugh. True, he has been fighting, and continues to fight, against the most powerful military organization in the world for six months and any progress his enemy made, was done by breaching the rules of engagement, each and every one of them. So that is hardly "winning". But he is the dream-maker behind the African Union, he stands for African Unity and against imperialism, he stands for a united Africa, Africa for Africans, African problems solved by Africans for Africans, and African resources for African people. More than this, his pan-African projects saw Africans freed from the yolk of imperialist tyranny, having their own funding for their own programmes without having to depend on western sources which provided goods, yet with enormous tails of interest payments attached.

What his enemies want we saw very clearly - an international "conference" was called last week in which lines were yet again drawn on maps and in which the colonial powers literally divided among them Libya's spoils, even before the conflict is over. As for the "rebels" themselves, what are they and what do they want?

Western sources took delight in the freeing of prisoners without bothering to research what they had done or why they were there. Serial rapists, murderers and common criminals now parade as "rebels", a movement which included a bunch of political opportunists carefully groomed by the French, British and Italians, a few liberals, Islamic fundamentalists (as we shall soon see more clearly), a lot of mercenaries from abroad and in essence, a load of day-trippers who raced into a conflict with machine gun blazing in the morning before driving home to have dinner at night.

Looters, rapists, murderers. Terrorists, yes - civilians, no. Militarily capacitated by a savage and murderous NATO bombing campaign, these people may or may not eventually dismantle the Jamahiriya in Libya but they will not destroy it as a system. The Legacy is well protected and Muammar al-Qathafi knows this.

That is why Muammar al-Qathafi can look back with satisfaction over what he has achieved and why Messrs. Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy will spend the rest of their pathetic, wasteful and vapid lives looking over their shoulders or wondering who it might be every time there is a ring at the doorbell, leaving no legacy at all except a failed attempt to govern their own countries, while they stood behind the most blatant and flagrant violation of the law in recent history. And, worse, they and their NATO machine have the blood of Libyan children on their hands. If they had an iota of decency they would hear these screams ringing in their ears all night every night and the more they tried to block them out, the louder they would become.

That is why so many people in the international community support Muammar al-Qathafi. Those of us who have actually been to Libya and who have knowledge of the country understand very well where the hearts and minds of these people are - with what is right and just and good.

As for the hearts and minds of NATO and those who support them, well, there are always those who will sell their souls to the Devil. However, there is something higher than us, and to whom we will inevitably present ourselves for judgement when the day comes. Muammar al-Qathafi knows where he is going, and I suspect Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy, deep down, know where they are going too.

For those with any doubts after a bombardment of lies from the western media, research Green Book, Jamahiriya and Gaddafi projects in Africa.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey