Friday, March 30, 2012

Bayan Mutiara...Tauke Cina Gergaji Dua Mata

Akhirnya terbuka satu rahsia bahawa Bayan Mutiara yang menjadi konroversi itu merupakan kaedah pemilikan jalan belakang Tan bersaudara .(baca sini dan sini)

Ivory Property Group yang dijaja sebagai pemenang bidaan tender secara rundingan itu rupanya hanyalah sekadar proksi untuk kedua -dua saudara berkenaan.

Tauke Cina berkenaan diketahui mempunyai jaringan lembu lembunya didalam UMNO demi mendapatkan projek ,lesen dan AP, kini mereka membela babi-babi dari DAP pula. Sudah tentu mereka juga akan menyalurkan dana bagi DAP memerangi UMNO. (diketahui DAP amat memusuhi UMNO dan akan menghapuskan UMNO sebaik menguasai Putrajaya..ini dilafazkan sendiri oleh Jeff Ooi). Jadi dua bersaudara ini akan membiayai kedua belah pihak dalam perebutan ini dan akan menikmati hasilnya jika mana-mana pihak menang.

Tauke bersaudara ini dahulu adalah majikan NALLAKUPERAN teman tenis pemuka PKR yang di ANUgerah TUHAN kepada rakyat Malaysia. Jadi mereka ini sapu semua.

Hakikat akhirnya adalah dana-dana ini akhirnya akan sampai kedalam poket PAS untuk perbelanjaan pilihanraya dalam perjalanan mereka untuk membina negara berkebajikan.

Pi mai pi mai PAS pun makan duit syubhah (tak pe kut sebab ada seorang ustaz kat tempat aku minta duit derma nak bina tahfiz siap cakap KAMI terima duit SYUBHAH).

Yang akhirnya tergadai kampung MAT JENIN JUGA...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Iran War : The Worst Mistake in American History- Fidel Castro

The Road to Disaster

by Fidel Castro Ruz

Fidel Castro ‘s latest reflections hints to the danger of a looming US Iran war. Fidel Castro warns that a war with Iran war would be the worst mistake in US history.

This Reflection could be written today, tomorrow or any other day without the risk of being mistaken. Our species faces new problems. When 20 years ago I stated at the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro that a species was in danger of extinction, I had fewer reasons than today for warning about a danger that I was seeing perhaps 100 years away. At that time, a handful of leaders of the most powerful countries were in charge of the world. They applauded my words as a matter of mere courtesy and placidly continued to dig for the burial of our species.

It seemed that on our planet, common sense and order reigned. For a while, economic development, backed by technology and science appeared to be the Alpha and Omega of human society.

Today, everything is much clearer. Profound truths have been surfacing. Almost 200 States, supposedly independent, constitute the political organization which in theory has the job of governing the destiny of the world.

25, 000 nuclear weapons needed to defend the changing order ?
Approximately 25,000 nuclear weapons in the hands of allied or enemy forces ready to defend the changing World order, by interest or necessity, virtually reduce to zero the rights of billions of people.

I shall not commit the naïveté of assigning the blame to Russia or China for the development of that kind of weaponry, after the monstrous massacre at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ordered by Truman in August 1945 after Roosevelt’s death [April 1945].

Nor shall I fall prey to the error of denying the Holocaust that signified the deaths of millions of children and adults, men or women, mainly Jews, gypsies, Russians or other nationalities, who were victims of Nazism. For that reason the odious policy of those who deny the Palestinian people their right to exist is repugnant.

Does anyone by chance think that the United States will be capable of acting with the independence that will keep it from the inevitable disaster awaiting it?

In a few weeks, the 40 million dollars President Obama promised to collect for his electoral campaign will only serve to show that the currency of his country has lost its value, and that the US, with its unusual growing public debt drawing close to 20 quadrillion, is living on the money it prints up and not on the money it produces. The rest of the world pays for what they waste.

Nor does anyone believe that the Democratic candidate would be any better or worse than his Republican foes: whether they are called Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum. Light years separate these three characters from Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King.

It is really unheard-of to observe such a technologically powerful nation and a government so bereft of both ideas and moral values.

Iran has no nuclear weapons. It is being accused of producing enriched uranium that serves as fuel energy or components for medical uses. Whatever one can say, its possession or production is not equivalent to the production of nuclear weapons. Dozens of countries use enriched uranium as an energy source, but this cannot be used in the manufacture of a nuclear weapon without a prior complicated purification process.

However, Israel, with the aid and cooperation of the United States, has manufactured nuclear weaponry without informing or accounting for their actions to anybody. Not admitting their possession of these weapons, they have hundreds of them. To prevent the development of research in neighbouring Arab countries, they attacked and destroyed reactors in Iraq and Syria. They have also declared their objective of attacking and destroying the production centres for nuclear fuel in Iran.

International politics have been revolving around that crucial topic in that complex and dangerous part of the world, where most of the fuel that moves the world economy is produced and supplied.

The selective elimination of Iran’s most eminent scientists by Israel and their NATO allies has become a practice that motivates hatred and feelings of revenge.

The Israeli government has openly stated its objective to attack the plant manufacturing Iran’s enriched uranium, and the government of the United States has invested billions of dollars to manufacture a bomb for that purpose.
I ask the reader to excuse me for this complicated military jargon.

As one can see, such calculations arise from the hypothesis that the Iranian combatants, numbering millions of men and women well-known for their religious zeal and their fighting traditions, surrender without firing a shot.

In recent days, the Iranians have seen how US soldiers occupying Afghanistan, in just three weeks, urinated on the corpses of killed Afghans, burned copies of the Koran and murdered more than 15 defenceless citizens.

Let us imagine US forces launching monstrous bombs on industrial institutions, capable of penetrating through 60 metres of concrete. Never has such an undertaking ever been conceived [and carried out].

Not one word more is needed to understand the gravity of such a policy. In that way, our species will be inexorably led towards disaster.

If we do not learn how to understand, we shall never learn how to survive.

As for me, I harbour not the slightest doubt that the United States is about to commit and lead the world towards the greatest mistake in its history.

Fidel Castro Ruz

March 21, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Semua Orang Islam Patut Masuk PAS...

Supaya kita boleh hentikan kerja-kerja bodoh PAS yang kini terlalu sangap...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Gaza - Active Ingredient for War in The Mid East

This coming war wont be a walk in Park for The FUCKUSi ( France, UK, Us and i stand for Israel). In fact its going to be the FUKUSHIMA of the world.

Iran and Syria is not Iraq or Libya. They are not that stupid to allow the FUCKUSi bully them into submission. Yes the FUCKUSi axis has nuclear armament with them, but nuclear capability alone cannot win them the war. The Nato with all the hardware they possesed were made to shit in Afghanistan by a rag tag Taliban Fighter and yet this Blood Thirsty Women and Children Killers have apetite for more wars.

The Iranian has a few tricks up their sleeves. The most potent being Gaza. Should Hamas provoke Israel into attacking them in Gaza, the Islamic resistance world wide will be triggered and with all the Al Qaeda fighter and foreign fighter already mobilised in Syria to fight the Assad regime can easily be converted to fight a better target for their martyrdom. Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas is Gaza will ensure the Israelis run for cover.

All signed so far point to the likelihood of war in the middle east for what ever reason. The real reason is not Nuclear Iran because Israel already have more nuclear warhead than Iran can manufacture in five to ten years time and Iran will not be so stupid to attack other nuclear capable country and that is assuming Iran has the capability to go nuclear.

But should the FUCKUSi be stupid enough to attack Iran the way it play with Iraq, we can expect the greatest human turmoil in human history because it will bring down the current docile Sunni regime all over Arab including Afghanistan and Pakistan and give birth to radical Islam not friendly to the FUCKUSi.

Lets hope the FUCKUSi does not have the ball to make the stupid move. It will be better for everybody.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

United States of Anti Islam

There is evidence that American soldiers who burned copies of Quran in Afghanistandidn’t do it by mistake. This suggests that hate toward Islam and Muslims is part of undeclared US policy.

Please note: anti-Islamism is not part of NATO’s policy, so you don’t see European soldiers burning Qurans. American soldiers do it because they are trained to hate Muslims. A US Colonel and Major shot in the head inside the heavily fortified Afghan interior ministry on Feb. 25 were killed after they repeatedly insulted the Quran in front of an Afghan intelligence officer as they watched riots on TV. The Afghan couldn’t take it and turned his weapon on his American trainers.

Why American soldiers burn Qurans and pee on dead bodies even after ten years of living with the Afghans? After all, you learn to show courtesy in a day or two, let alone a decade.

It is because anti-Islamism is part of America’s unstated policy where US government departments encourage hate toward Islam and Muslims. The idea is to create an enemy, unify America and justify a large war machine.

American government departments nurture this hate through the media and training academies for policemen and the military.

Departments like the Pentagon and CIA and some civilian hate groups believe that pitching the United Statesagainst Muslims serves strategic interests. This overlaps with the agendas of lobbies in Washingtonpromoting Indian and Israeli interests. Governments in these two countries actively encourage American journalists and government officials to adopt an anti-Islamist attitude.

All of this leads to a pattern: Breed anti-Muslim hate to continue the war on terrorand achieve several side goals.

If you were a Muslim, you would never throw a Bible into a garbage pit. Most Muslims are trained since childhood to respect the Bible and the Torah as holy books equivalent to the Quran. The only situation where a Muslim would commit the blasphemy of throwing a Bible in a garbage pit is if he or she were trained to hateChristians.

American soldiers and their commanders could have issued instructions to properly dispose of the copies of the Quran in their possession. But they didn’t. It was their deliberate choice to give the Muslim holy book a humiliating treatment.

The case of the US Army Colonel and Major killed with bullets in the head is an example of this.

Also, one can look at the reckless statements from US politicians, especially Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Both criticized Obama for his apology on Quran burning. Imagine the reaction of Afghans reading this the next morning before going out for more protests? Will they not kill another American just to spite Newt and Sarah?

Gingrich and Palin probably led to more American deaths in Afghanistan.

Recently, authorities in New York City added anti-Muslim films to the training course at New York police department. And Norway’s mass murderer, Anders Breivik, who killed nearly 80 innocent Norwegians last summer, has told investigators he was inspired by extremist American evangelists.

According to an American study, hate groups in America have multiplied since 2000. And one American think tank has accused people in US government of organizing and fomenting anti-Muslim hate.

A year ago, an American extremist almost assassinated a Jewish congresswoman. She barely survived but had to end her political career. And she’s Jewish, supposedly America’s most privileged minority.

So in many ways, the US is officially anti-Muslim.

Americans are good people. They should push for recognizing and containing hate in America as a first step to address the problem. Punishing US soldiers who burned the Quran can be a good step forward. That’s what the UN has suggested but American officials continue to stonewall.

American president Obama delivered a message of friendship to the Muslim World in Cairo in June 2009. The US soldiers buried it forever with one matchstick at Bagram base, Afghanistan.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Perangi Iran- Amerika Menempah Maut?

A senior Turkish politician has warned that any US war against Iran will bring an end to the United States, Press TVreports.

The leader of Turkey’s Democrat Party, Namik Kemal Zeybek, told Press TV in aninterview on Saturday that those who threaten to launch a war against Iranshould remember Islamic Republic’s eight-year defense against Iraq from 1980 to 1988.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, even at its earliest days after the Islamic Revolution, when it did not have an organized military, managed to defend its territory against a fully equipped and well-trained army of Iraq that was supported by the US and the West,” Zeybek stated.

“Any attack on Iran will bring an end to the United States. It will lead to the disintegration of the US because its states are not that much united as it may seem. Some of its southern states are annoyed by such [warmongering] policies and want to get separated from the US, and one day this will happen,” he concluded.

On Friday, March 2, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said Ankara is opposed to any form of military intervention aimed at putting an end to Iran’s nuclear energy program.

“The problem over Iran’s nuclear [energy] program has to be resolved through diplomacy…. Any method other than diplomacy would have grave consequences for the region and even for the world,” he said during the Aspen Bosporus Dialogue Conference in Istanbul.

Emphasizing on the necessity of negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 – the US, the UK, France, China, Russia and Germany – the Turkish deputy premier advised the world powers to “really focus on a diplomatic settlement and sincerely work to that end.”

The US and Israel have frequently threatened Iran with the possibility of a military strike against the country’snuclear facilities claiming that Tehran seeks to produce nuclear weapons.

Iran has denied Western allegations about its nuclear energy program and has promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country. Tehran has also warned that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East.