Monday, March 5, 2012

United States of Anti Islam

There is evidence that American soldiers who burned copies of Quran in Afghanistandidn’t do it by mistake. This suggests that hate toward Islam and Muslims is part of undeclared US policy.

Please note: anti-Islamism is not part of NATO’s policy, so you don’t see European soldiers burning Qurans. American soldiers do it because they are trained to hate Muslims. A US Colonel and Major shot in the head inside the heavily fortified Afghan interior ministry on Feb. 25 were killed after they repeatedly insulted the Quran in front of an Afghan intelligence officer as they watched riots on TV. The Afghan couldn’t take it and turned his weapon on his American trainers.

Why American soldiers burn Qurans and pee on dead bodies even after ten years of living with the Afghans? After all, you learn to show courtesy in a day or two, let alone a decade.

It is because anti-Islamism is part of America’s unstated policy where US government departments encourage hate toward Islam and Muslims. The idea is to create an enemy, unify America and justify a large war machine.

American government departments nurture this hate through the media and training academies for policemen and the military.

Departments like the Pentagon and CIA and some civilian hate groups believe that pitching the United Statesagainst Muslims serves strategic interests. This overlaps with the agendas of lobbies in Washingtonpromoting Indian and Israeli interests. Governments in these two countries actively encourage American journalists and government officials to adopt an anti-Islamist attitude.

All of this leads to a pattern: Breed anti-Muslim hate to continue the war on terrorand achieve several side goals.

If you were a Muslim, you would never throw a Bible into a garbage pit. Most Muslims are trained since childhood to respect the Bible and the Torah as holy books equivalent to the Quran. The only situation where a Muslim would commit the blasphemy of throwing a Bible in a garbage pit is if he or she were trained to hateChristians.

American soldiers and their commanders could have issued instructions to properly dispose of the copies of the Quran in their possession. But they didn’t. It was their deliberate choice to give the Muslim holy book a humiliating treatment.

The case of the US Army Colonel and Major killed with bullets in the head is an example of this.

Also, one can look at the reckless statements from US politicians, especially Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Both criticized Obama for his apology on Quran burning. Imagine the reaction of Afghans reading this the next morning before going out for more protests? Will they not kill another American just to spite Newt and Sarah?

Gingrich and Palin probably led to more American deaths in Afghanistan.

Recently, authorities in New York City added anti-Muslim films to the training course at New York police department. And Norway’s mass murderer, Anders Breivik, who killed nearly 80 innocent Norwegians last summer, has told investigators he was inspired by extremist American evangelists.

According to an American study, hate groups in America have multiplied since 2000. And one American think tank has accused people in US government of organizing and fomenting anti-Muslim hate.

A year ago, an American extremist almost assassinated a Jewish congresswoman. She barely survived but had to end her political career. And she’s Jewish, supposedly America’s most privileged minority.

So in many ways, the US is officially anti-Muslim.

Americans are good people. They should push for recognizing and containing hate in America as a first step to address the problem. Punishing US soldiers who burned the Quran can be a good step forward. That’s what the UN has suggested but American officials continue to stonewall.

American president Obama delivered a message of friendship to the Muslim World in Cairo in June 2009. The US soldiers buried it forever with one matchstick at Bagram base, Afghanistan.

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