Monday, March 19, 2012

Gaza - Active Ingredient for War in The Mid East

This coming war wont be a walk in Park for The FUCKUSi ( France, UK, Us and i stand for Israel). In fact its going to be the FUKUSHIMA of the world.

Iran and Syria is not Iraq or Libya. They are not that stupid to allow the FUCKUSi bully them into submission. Yes the FUCKUSi axis has nuclear armament with them, but nuclear capability alone cannot win them the war. The Nato with all the hardware they possesed were made to shit in Afghanistan by a rag tag Taliban Fighter and yet this Blood Thirsty Women and Children Killers have apetite for more wars.

The Iranian has a few tricks up their sleeves. The most potent being Gaza. Should Hamas provoke Israel into attacking them in Gaza, the Islamic resistance world wide will be triggered and with all the Al Qaeda fighter and foreign fighter already mobilised in Syria to fight the Assad regime can easily be converted to fight a better target for their martyrdom. Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas is Gaza will ensure the Israelis run for cover.

All signed so far point to the likelihood of war in the middle east for what ever reason. The real reason is not Nuclear Iran because Israel already have more nuclear warhead than Iran can manufacture in five to ten years time and Iran will not be so stupid to attack other nuclear capable country and that is assuming Iran has the capability to go nuclear.

But should the FUCKUSi be stupid enough to attack Iran the way it play with Iraq, we can expect the greatest human turmoil in human history because it will bring down the current docile Sunni regime all over Arab including Afghanistan and Pakistan and give birth to radical Islam not friendly to the FUCKUSi.

Lets hope the FUCKUSi does not have the ball to make the stupid move. It will be better for everybody.

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