Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Arab Regimes have Lost the Plot in Gaza?

There is something wrong with this scenario - Recep Tayyip Erdogan walkout in disgust from Davos Econmic forum concerning Israel brutal Occupation of Gaza (click here) and Teheran and Kuala Lumpur call for Israel to be tried for war crimes ( click here). The are no such call or statement from Egypt, Saudi or Jordan - the prominent arab countries surrounding Israel.

I mean the arab will never get along with the Turks and the Parsi. They never will. The irony is that it took a turk and the parsi to voice up their grievances. The arab leaders are no where to be heard. I mean even if they are afraid to anger their masters in Washington, they should at least show some semblance of protest but what we heard is just a distant thunder and thats it.

I mean we muslim, especially from around this region ( South East Asia) look to the arab with awe. So impressed are we that some of us sent our children to the the middle east to study and some cameback more arabic than the arab themselves!.

I think the muslim look to the arab for leadership and inspiration, and generally The Saudis are look upon as the most influential since they are the guardian of the two holy mosques. Unfortunately this sort of leadership are not forthcoming. They are perceived as under the thumb of the American and the American are the puppet of the zionis.

It amaze me that Israel, being a small country with just a few million people can bully and bulldozed the more resource rich arab into submission. They are so well organized that their intelligence appratus can be so powerful that they are able to organize or dictate event in their enemies teritory. Is it because of superiority of the Jews or Inferiority of the arab?

It is also true that with just a few million people, they can come up with technologies even the american and the russian has to catch up. I dont think it has something to do with religion because at one point in the world history, the world went to Baghdad to study science.

It is also very much amaze me that the Saudis perceived Iran as greater threat than Israel. They would rather have nuclear Israel than nuclear Iran!. I mean if Israel went into war with the Arabs, Mecca will be among the first to be nuked! Teheran will never do that.

One wonder why God sent so many prophet to that region and one also wonder as to whether they need another prophet to show them the way.

wallah hu 'aklam.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Another gloomy outlook for 2009

It seems that the economic tsunami pounding us in 2008 is not about to take rest. It seems that its going to gather strength to form the real giant wave that will eventually going to hit our shores.

What we are facing is global economic meltdown, unless you are holed up in a cave somewhere in Myanmar or Afghanistan where life is more or less the same whether the economy is up or down, than its going to affect you.

Present event formed future trend so said Greald Celente . He went further to predict that the the fear of 07 turned to the panic of 08 will turn to the collapse of 09. Meaning the whole thing has yet to peak and maybe 2009 we will hit the cresendo where things will unravel. What exactly are the full effect of this are not known.

Major bancruptcies of US retail businesses are expected by february 09. The side effect of this is the collapse of US commercial property sector which will be bigger than sub prime fiasco. The US and Japan auto maker are struggling to stay afloat. The economic giants is stumbling and failing. Even with its multi trilion stimulus package, there is no way they can afford to pay to stimulate themselves (click here).

So guys, on the homefront,we are looking into up to 10-15% unemployment. We have 60,000 young people entering the job marke every year and about 2 million unemployed immigrants with nowhere to go .When you have millions of people lying idle, who have nothing to do and nothing to lose , that is where the nightmare shall begin.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kematian Didalam Lokap perlu dihentikan.

Aku tidak menafikan kerja kepolisian merupakan satu kerja yang tidak pernah berkesudahan dan penuh dengan cabaran. Aku juga tidak menafikan polis merupakan satu cabang pentadbiran negara yang penting untuk memastikan kesejahteraan rakyat dan keamanan negara. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia aku bersimpati dengan tekanan dan kekangan yang di tanggung oleh pihak polis dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab mereka. Polis DiRaja Malaysia telah cukup berkorban untuk kepentingan negara.
Namun begitu, dalam menangani tugas kepolisan pihak polis perlu lebih berhemah dan tidak terjerat dengan tekanan kerja sehingga berlaku kecuaian dan kematian didalam lokap. Didalam zaman dimana banyak teknologi tersedia ada serta peralatan yang canggih, kaedah untuk mencungkil maklumat ( information extraction) dari suspek tanpa melibatkan kekerasan fizikal perlu diguna pakai.
Kita tidak menuduh kematian A. Kugan adalah disebabkan oleh anggota polis, itu tugas mahkamah untuk menentukan punca kematian, tetapi hakikat banyak kematian (terutama yang melibatkan etnik India) didalam lokap telah menjadi satu persoalan yang sukar diungkaikan tambahan dengan sikap tidak berterus terang atau dengan alasan yang lemah sebagai punca kematian telah menyebabkan pihak polis dipandang dengan sikap tidak mempercayai terutama oleh etnik India dan Cina. Hakikat bahawa PDRM dipenuhi secara majoriti oleh etnik Melayu telah menebalkan jurang perkauman. Jika kita melihat komen-komen di alam maya ini, kita dapati komen-komen ini lebih cenderung bersifat perkauman dan kebencian.
Kita percaya bahwa satu bentuk pembaharuan perlu dilaksanakan untuk mengelakkan pihak PDRM dari terus dituduh dengan tuduhan liar dan bersifat rasis. Kredibiliti PDRM yang selama ini ampuh ;-), perlu terus dipertahankan kerana sebagai penegak undang-undang tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama, rakyat Malaysia tidak punya banyak pilihan selain dari PDRM yang telus dan saksama.
Kematian adalah satu perkara tragis kepada mana-mana familipun didunia ini. Kita tidak hairan jika kematian A.Kugan akan dilihat dari perspektif kesedihan yang teramat oleh famili dan masyarakatnya. Sekalipun A.Kugan merupakan penjenayah, kematiannya harus dilihat dari perspektif yang wajar oleh kita semua.
Cuma yang bakal menjadi masalah adalah apabila ada pihak yang menangguk di air keruh. Menjadi pejuang dan hero kepada masyarakat tertindas kononnya.Dan inilah yang akan menjadi punca keresahan masyarakat dan beban kepada pemimpin negara. Jika sekiranya pihak polis dari awal bertindak dengan prihatin dan sikap belas ehsan, ini semua mungkin dapat dielakkan. Aneh sekali pihak polis yang bersungguh-sungguh mempertahankan kerajaan sedia ada, bakal menjadi punca kepada kekalahan di pilihanraya!.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Troubling prediction by Top Trend Spotter

As if we are not in enough trouble already, here is one spine chilling prediction from Gerald Celente.

Trend Alert: Israel War To Ignite World War III

Gerald Celente – Pak Alert Press January 16, 2009 Israel’s invasion of Gaza sets up the United States and any other nation supporting Israel as terror targets, predicts Gerald Celente. The Trends Research Institute Director also warns that should Israel continue the invasion, or take the war beyond Gaza, the world risks both a 1973-style oil shock and global conflict. “Regardless of whose side you take, what you believe in, who did what to whom and when this is just the latest chapter of ‘Crusades 2000′,” said Celente, who coined the term in 1993 and has written about it extensively. Yet, unlike preceding Crusades confined to the Holy Land, the trend seer says the current violence will spread globally. (See “Crusades 2000,” Trends Journal, Fall 1993; Trends 2000 Warner Books 1997; “Crusades 2000,” Trends Journal, Spring 2006.)

Armed and DangerousWorld news sources report a Middle East up-in-arms and seething at the lopsided Israeli massacre that has left over 1,000 Palestinians dead, thousands wounded, and Gaza in ruins. In comparison, three Israeli civilians and less than a dozen Jewish soldiers have been killed; scant damage has been inflicted on Israel. The incessant US media and government message focuses on Israel’s “right to defend itself” while minimizing or ignoring the long sequence of Israeli provocations leading up to its invasion while also failing to cite the real tally from the preceding mutual hostilities.
In the months prior to Israel’s December 27th attack, homemade Hamas projectiles fired into Israel killed no one. (Over the past several years prior to the invasion, 13 Israelis were killed by rocket fire. Between 2005 and 2007 alone, the Israeli Defense Force killed 1,290 Palestinians in Gaza, including 222 children.) Also largely absent from United States war coverage are the contributing factors Palestinians claim precipitated their primitive Qassam rocket launches into Israel. Chief among them, Israel’s 18-month starvation blockade of 1.5 million impoverished Palestinians squeezed into densely populated Gaza (described by the Vatican as “a big concentration camp”) and Israel’s pre- invasion assassination of six Palestinian officials.
According to the Geneva Conventions, the United Nations, the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch and other government and NGOs, Israel’s response has been both disproportionate and illegal. Among the condemnations, Israel’s military has been accused of firing white phosphorus artillery packed shells on civilians. The UN special envoy for human rights accused the Israeli army of ” committing a shocking series of atrocities by using modern weaponry against a defenseless population - attacking a population that has been enduring a severe blockade for many months.” For its part, since the onset of hostilities, the United States had prevented approval of a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease-fire. And when the United Nations Security Council voted for a “durable and fully respected” cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, “leading to the full withdrawal” of Israel’s forces from the Palestinian territory, the US abstained from voting. (The New York Times reported that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “placed a phone call to President Bush” and that “Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice had been forced to abstain” from the UN resolution.) “Major trends are brewing that if not quickly corrected or stanched, will lead to disaster,” Celente forecasts, citing fears among Israel’s neighbors that they could be the next victims.
“Throughout 2008, reports had been circulating that Israel was planning a military strike against Iran’s major nuclear complex at Natanz, and The New York Times all but confirmed it on January 11th,” Celente said. “While President Bush has made scores of disastrous foreign policy decisions during his reign, he should be congratulated for turning down Israel’s request for specialized bunker-busting bombs needed to take out the nuclear facility.” An attack on Iran by either Israel or the US will spark the onset of World War III, predicts Celente. “If oil producers sympathetic to the Palestinian cause cut the flow of oil, or if they cut supply in fear of being the next Israeli target, the world will go from a terrible recession immediately into the ‘Greatest Depression’,” Celente said. (OPEC used the oil weapon in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, embargoing the US and other countries who sided with Israel.) Beyond escalating economic dangers, Washington has placed itself in terror’s bulls-eye Celente said, pointing to last weeks US Senate and House passage offering “unwavering commitment” for Israel. “Today, we reaffirm that Israel, like any nation, has a right to self-defense when under attack,” said House speaker Nancy Pelosi. “The rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza, which were increasing in frequency and range, constituted an unacceptable security threat to which Israel had a responsibility to respond.” Should Washington continue its “unwavering commitment” to Israel while taking direct measures to destroy Palestinians, Americans should also be aware that those left standing will seek revenge, Celente said. “News reports of US supplied ships bringing munitions to Israel to be used against Palestinians, and Israel’s claims that the UN school they shelled killing some 50 civilians was the fault of a US-supplied weapon malfunction will not be forgotten by those seeking revenge,” said Celente.

Trendpost: Stay abreast of ongoing Middle East developments.Assess them by weighing the facts and gleaning the truth lurking behind the propaganda smokescreen. Should an oil embargo ensue, product scarcities will cause frenzy buying of food and fuel. Gold prices will spike, the dollar will crash and global panic will most likely break out.
Reporting from CAIRO: John Anthony West, Executive Editor, the Trends Journal.
Publisher’s Note: To make accurate trend forecasts, we do our utmost to seek facts that are generally accepted as truth. The more reliable the data, the more accurate the forecasts. The purpose of a trend forecast is to provide guidance on what to expect and how to plan for what may transpire. We do not pass judgment on what is right or wrong, good or bad, what we want or hope for it’s just “what is.”

Gerald Celente endorsements from some of the USA’s most eminent news organizations:If Nostradamus were alive today, he’d have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente. — New York Post When CNN wants to know about the Top Trends, we ask Gerald Celente. — CNN Headline News A network of 25 experts whose range of specialties would rival many university faculties. —The Economist Gerald Celente has a knack for getting the zeitgeist right.— USA Today There’s not a better trend forecaster than Gerald Celente. The man knows what he’s talking about. — CNBC Those who take their predictions seriously … consider the Trends Research Institute. — The Wall Street Journal © MMIX The Trends Research Institute ® Source:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Prediction of 2009

The New Year, dear readers, will not be a good year. We are living in the proverbial Chinese "interesting times" and 2009 promises to do its best to keep things "interesting." So on with the show.

There will be scattered protests and some will turn violent as the economy worsens. The government's plans to sustain industrial production, in the heavy industries, and to weaken the ruble and implement high tariffs will have the desired effects of keeping the nation from all out recession. Inflation will continue, though at a smaller pace, due to the overall global deflationary manner. Over all, the Russian economy will prove one of the strongest in the general world collapse.

The Russian military will continue to rebuild, as part of the government spending programs to keep heavy industry going. Weapon sales will also increase as wars and tensions spread due to the crisis.

The Anglo-Marxist drive to start a new Cold War will only increase and monies spent on "democratic" initiatives will increase. This will cause Other Russia to be emboldened enough to create more spectacles for Western financing and consumption. Eventually one or two will turn very violent and there will be deaths. The Russian government will label the National Bolshevik Workers' Party as a terrorist organization and arrest its leaders. The NBWP will turn to actual terror and there will be a small home grown terrorist threat throughout Russia. In general, the government will launch a major drive to clamp down on the skin heads. Gary Kasparov will flee to America where he will become rich making anti-Russian speeches and creating new anti-Russian hatred in the Anglo-Marxist sphere.

The demographic upswing will also suffer with fewer births, requiring more spending by the government to encourage people to continue having children. On the plus side, the inflow of the diasporas will increase, as conditions outside of Russia deteriorate and Russophobia spreads in the Anglo-Marxist sphere.


The new year is going to bring major suffering to the US economy and society. On the one hand, the Bank Panic of 2008, started in and by America, will continue to ravage the recessional economy. On the other hand, large swaths of the American demographic, who voted for Obama, are expecting miracles that the US government simply can not provide.

As industry after industry lines up for government handouts and large scale money printing to meet those demands escalates, the depressionary bought will, by mid year, turn into a raging inflationary bonfire. Savings will disappear over night. Add to this continued mass layoffs that will reach another 2 to 3 million people, and an unofficial unemployment rate of 15%+ (official US statistics are so doctored as to make them worthless), a series of wars that will continue to drain lives and treasure and the dashed hopes of tens of millions and the US is in for a very hot and horrid summer.

Demonstrations, riots and looting will break out in various sections of the country, hardest hit by the collapsing economy. The government, which in the US has a history of using draconian tactics once violence starts (or as in the case of Seattle in 1998 there was no need for violence for the police to unleash hell on peaceful demonstrators) will lead to casualties and an escalation of tensions. The US army's North America command will be called in to affect areas, forcing martial law and gun confiscations.

By late summer, early fall, the foundations of the Civilian Defense Corp will be laid down. Echos of the Waffen SS anyone?
On the international front, the US will continue its imperial hubris, though maybe with a little more of a kinder face, but do not bet on it. Europe's disappointment will come fast.


Mexico will face complete collapse as a nation. With the US economy in free fall, tourism drying up, masses of uneducated peasants returning or being returned from the US, a raging drug war throughout the north and a Marxist insurgency in the south, the Mexican government will face mass unrest, military coups and revolts and ultimately a full failed state status.
Violence will escalate to unprecedented levels and will spill over the northern borders into America. This may actually justify a US incursion, though the Americans will be hard pressed to find enough troops to do this.
South America

The major economies of south America will go through a lot of turmoil and suffering but should maintain relatively stable states. This is not their first time going down this road. Regimes will fall and change and by mid to late 2009, a low platue will be reached. The main nations to watch out for are Columbia and Venezuela. A simmering border war may flare up into a full scale conflict. However, since both now have military contracts and agreements with Russia, Russia should be able to keep the violence to a minimum.


The economic collapse in the UK will continue a foot with the US. Rights of the citizens will continue to be usurped by the state and all pretenses of civil rights will disappear after the Islamics in the city center start to agitate and push out through direct violence all remaining British nationals. England will start to look a lot like Sweden with the cities owned by the immigrant Islamics and the refugee locals forced to pay the Islamics' welfare.
Once the majority starts leaning to the hard right and violence starts to break out between the military Islamics and the ultra nationalists, the UK government will drop all pretenses of the citizens rights and clamp down with martial law. Welcome to the Police State. If the public does not rise up at this point, the UK is lost.

To keep the audience nice and fearful, look for the British powers to escalate a Cold War with Russia, at any cost.

Spain will have elections and a center right government will win.

France will have early elections and will take a hard left turn. However, the Islamic ghettos will be blocked off as violence escalates. Watch for more socialist ordnances forcing businesses to hire more workers, whether they need them or not.

Ethnic cleansing of the gypsies and Islamic Arabs will pick up pace. The vigilante outfits will be nationalized, rather than just ignored by the police. Whatever tolerance there is now, will evaporate as the economy of Italy continues to shrink and there is less money to share between unemployed Italians and welfare immigrants. Italy will take a hard right.

Germany will continue moving to the right in politics. It's conservative economic stance and banking, along with a robust manufacturing industry will set it as a stable center of the EU. Watch for Germany to take on prominence like never before in Europe.

As Germany's economic stability, or relative stability, holds the EU together, the EU's economic policy will start to reflect the German desires and the Euro will finally attain a single unified strategy, that of Germany, who will not broach a US competitor in the EU.
Two things will grow from this. One Germany's relationship with fellow manufacturer and oil/gas producer Russia will grow. From this and the German desire to lead Europe, friction between Merkel and an imperial Obama will also grow. US attempts to undermine EU (thus German) economic links to Russia, through the use of Poland and the Baltics, will be noted and despised by the Germans as a whole. Germany will work hard to side line and minimize a collapsing Poland.

As its economy collapses, Poland will become even more of a puppet for the US regime. It will work hard to undermine EU efforts to expand relations with Russia. However, Poland's moment is past and the Germans, along with help from that moronically named "Old Europe" France and Italy, will work hard to side line and minimize Poland as a whole in the EU. Though the Poles will not be kicked out, their economic freebies by the EU will be put under threat until they shut up and sit down.

At the same time, sky rocketing unemployment, already higher than 15% (the average standard in Poland) will undermine any government strength.

Look for total economic collapse from the Baltics, much more so than anything the IMF will be willing to fund. Estonia and Latvia will continue taking a hard turn to racism against their very large Russian minorities. This, by the middle of the year, will break out into serious violence. Russian tanks will be on their borders and the EU will move quickly to shut them down, even as the US will attempt to sacrifice the pawns to cause a heat up of it's new Cold War. In the end, Estonia and Latvia, in 2009, will more than likely collapse into absolute anarchy and possibly failed states.

Lithuania is more stable and will take a more neutral roll. It will work closer with both Germany and Russia and will thus maintain a more stable, though still struggling economy. It will be faced, though, with a major influx of economic refugees from its two failed neighbors.

For the Balkans as general, look for war in 2009. It will start with increased violence against the EU and NATO in Kosovo from the drug cartels who run the failed statelete. With NATO on the retreat in Afghanistan, split over Russia, Serbia will finally take the move to re annex Kosovo and drive the KLA and Albanian mafia out of the region. This will be sparked by KLA Islamics starting more terror in southern Serbia and the threat against the Serb minority there.
The domino effect will be fast and furious.

Once NATO steps aside and does nothing to loose yet more troops to the Serb army, the signal will be clear. The KLA will flee into Greece, Macedonia and Albania. In Albania, they will destabilize the already weak government and the state, by the end of the year will be in the process of collapsing. Macedonia will find itself once more mired in a civil war. This time, though, a weak US will not be able to stop Macedonia’s neighbors from arming the Orthodox Christian state against the Islamic-Narco insurgency.

Greece will also find itself with an active Albanian insurgency, on a much higher level than the few violent incidents scattered so far. In the end, Greece will eject its Albanian workers and may even be drawn actively into the collapsing Albania, if for no other reason than to protect the 25% Orthodox Albanian minority.

In Bosnia, Srpska Republic, using the Kosovo standard, will declare independence and ask to return to Serbia's borders. This will of course reignite the Bosnian three way civil war, for which all three sides are ready. NATO will attempt to stop the deterioration but after several violent incidents, member nations will withdraw their troops or remask them as UN observers.
Croatia and Serbia will meet once more on the battle field of Europe as Bosnia is equally flooded by a new wave of Arab and Pakistani Jihadists.

Turkey 's economy will continue to crash as with everyone else. It's exports will not be in demand and will lead to large scale lay offs. The ever more Islamized government will finally lead to at least one military putsch to replace them with secular powers. As conditions deteriorate, the Kurds will relaunch an active insurgency, which will also strain Turkey's resources since it will need to be further interjected into Iraq's Kurdish north.

Ukraine 's economy will continue to collapse and the Western puppet Oranges will continue to bicker and feed off of the suffering of the people as they maneuver for power against each other. The crisis point will come this spring, when no obvious economic turn around will be on the horizon. Ukraine will more than likely split in two. The east/south will become a close satellite of Russia, while the west will struggle on. Whether this is peaceful or violent will depend directly on how much the West stays out of this.

Unbelievably, Saakashvili will continue to cling to power through the first half of the year. Under Washington's prodding, in early spring, he will relaunch the war and than be removed in a coup by his former allies. Moscow's response will, more than likely, be to not stop until Tbilisi. What will follow next will depend on how strong Russia feels, how weak and slow the West's response is, but annexation is not out of the question.

Israel will face a protracted series of wars on its borders, primarily in Lebanon and Egypt's Sinai and Gaza. Syria will also attempt to start one in the Golan Heights but this will pitter out. Olmert will finally be put to pastor, in a nice jail cell as he stands corruption charges. Netanyahu will more than likely be president, and being a pragmatist, he will take a much closer position to Russia, as Washington's influence falls. Russia will be pressed further to stop sales to Arabs of weapons, in exchange for Israeli loyalty and investments.

With a continued economic down turn, Iran will be rocked by riots. Whether the mullahs stay in power will be yet to be seen. The nuclear power plant will start, no one will bomb them and no nuclear weapons will be developed. The US will continue to threaten with its military but these threats will be ignored by everyone, as hollow.

Iraq will continue to grind on, from crisis to crisis, not quite in a full civil war and not nearly in any kind of peace. One or two car bombs a day will continue to be the norm. The US will start 2009 by flexing troops to Afghanistan. The drop in numbers will not last long as fighting will quickly escalate and the units will have to be returned. In other words, the American quagmire is going nowhere as is Obama's promise to remove troops in 16 months.
Turkey will be forced to intervene more actively in Kurdistan, which will bring more instability to the region.

Afghanistan will become a NATO disaster, one big enough to possibly finally split the old Cold War club. The southern supply routes will be unreliable at best, downright a disaster at worst, running through Pakistan. Many NATO nations involved will be forced to sign contracts and agreements with Russia. The US' drive to get Georgia and Ukraine into NATO will be further blocked by nations such as Germany, who has the foresight to understand it needs Russia not only for economics but also for the survival of its troops in Afghanistan.

This of course will further alienate the US puppet NATO/EU "New Europe" states such as Poland and the Baltics.

As a whole, NATO control over the southern and central portions of the country will collapse. The northern warlords will also switch their loyalty to their traditional allies: Iran, Russia and India. Afghanistan's government will control little more than the main cities and even then it will be a state of constant terror and siege.

By the middle of the year, it will be obvious the war is lost and NATO member states will start a mad scramble to get their troops out. Only the US and British will remain.

Pakistan will fall into an all out civil war, loosing control of much of the country side. The question of the safety of its nuclear weapons will be a prominent headache for the world but nothing real will be done. At least one border war will be fought with India and will be declared a draw by the weak Pakistani authorities. The economy will continue its down ward spiral and the flight of talent will only accelerate.

Militants will begin to launch brazen attacks throughout the cities and the military will be mostly in a garrison, circle the wagons mentality. Some military strikes on militants will be carried out but will not solve the problems.

Khyber Pass will be ultimately cut off by insurgents on both ends, making Afghanistan an even bigger debacle.

India will continue to suffer from business flight, as demand continues to crash. It's geographical isolation from the main centers of commerce will further hamper the situation, as fewer maritime transports are plying the sea lanes. Continued tensions with Pakistan and continued Pakistani and Maoist terrorism and violence will further damage the business environment.
Over all, India will suffer like any primarily exporter nation, but she will come through relatively sound, with fewer internal divisions than many nations. Look for a broad border war to start by late spring, with Pakistan. After initial gains, India will bog down into a prolonged series of battles. Under massive external pressure and internal pressure and the cracking of Pakistan, both sides will make peace. India will claim all out victory, though most of its objectives will not be met and Pakistan will claim victory because it averted total defeat.

China is in for an era of major instability. The 100,000+ factories that closed in 2008 will be followed by as many in 2009. The Chinese domestic consumption market is just to small to suck up more than 20% of the production it presently has. China will be further weakened by the hyper inflating dollar. Friction will come between China and America in late summer, when it will become obvious to China that the US is hyper inflating its way out of the US debt that China holds, making its investments worthless. In response, China will nationalize all US factories on the main land.

This act will at once bankrupt dozens of US companies and further crash the already chronically ill American economy and it will force a trade war on the US that may force it to bring some production back in, once the equipment can be replaced.
Either way, look for US/Chinese relations to be down right hostile by the end of 2009. Internally, China will suffer much instability and rioting, as hundreds of millions of unneeded factory workers are forced back into their dirt poor farming villages. Luckily for the Chinese authorities and no so luckily for the citizens, extreme violence is always a top option for China's authorities ad will be used often and to effect.

While Japan's export base economy will suffer for the same reason the rest of the world is suffering, Japan still retains a strong, well educated and affluent society. Along with strict cultural cohesion and a high rate of savings, Japan will maintain much of its wealth. Protectionist measures have secured most of Japan's industry inside of Japan.
This, coupled with the weak US, will prompt Japan to recreate, albeit without war this time, a new Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, drawing into it's orbit various other local nations. Through 2009 there will be polite friction, as Japan pushes US influence out of central Pacific rim and south east Asia. As the dollar falls to hyper inflation, the Yen will be seen, by the second half of 2009, as the standard barer of Asian stability and success and will come to replace the dollar as the dominant power in that portion of the world.

Japan will see Russia as, at once, both a key energy supplier and trade partner and as a competitor to Asian domination, though a minor competitor. With China ripped by strife, Japan will have a free hand in Asia.

Stanislav Mishin

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Open letter to Barrack Hussein Obama

Hr Barrack Hussein Obama,
The President of The United States Of America.

Dear Mr President.

I dont vote for you, because I am a Malaysian, but along with thousand other citizen of the world, I did follow the Presidential election progress closely because, like many others, I am impressed by your promised of change. Change that everyone, not just in USA can believe. In fact you were in Germany to make the promised that the world is going to be a better place if you are elected. But Hardly a month after you were finally elected , we were wrong.
Come January the 20th you will take an oath of service before the People of The United States of America but we muslim all over the world also understand that you would also make an unwritten oath of allegiance to the State of Israel. You may deny this, but your silent on the atrocities of Gaza just proves it. But many of us already accepted that our blood does not value much. For the United States,It is okay to kill and maim millions of Muslim to avenge the death of 2900 American Citizen perished in the twin tower tragedy. Hey, its not even our doing!
But that is exactly the problem in this word. The one that champion justice and fairness, only fight for it if it profit them. They have selective justice and fairness system. One for themselves and the other one for those who are not with them. You simply can dictate what amount of fairness and justice applicable to those whom you favor.
The one who cage and put people in concentration camp is not on the wrong side because it is done for self defense. The one who are caged are not eligible to defend themselves. They should just keep their mouth shut and just accept their faith. That normaly are the attitude of human towards animal in a zoo !!!
Oppressed people do not have the luxury of choice. They either choose to continue living their miserable lives or choose to die with dignity. If you wonder why the suicide bomber don't value lives that they took, it is because their own life has no value even to them. To live an empty lives and to take it away have the same value. Zero. It is not Islamic teaching of course but in these circumstances people from all religion will resort to the same action. But would that silence us muslim? I think on the contrary it will enrage them more. May be that is what you want so that you have more reason the invade and plunder more muslim countries.
You have a muslim middle name sir, I wish you just throw it away jst replace it a jewish name , it will please the Israelis even more . You dream of your father? Sorry sir, it more like a nightmare to us muslim.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Curse of Gaza shall hunt Israel into its grave

After everything has been said and done. When the dust settled. One thing is certain, Israel , with its supposedly well trained and well armed defence force has failed. It has failed to win in Gaza. It has failed to eliminate Hamas. It has failed to put a stop to Hamas miniscule rocket fire into its teritory. It has failed to stop the tunnel smuggling and most of all, it has failed to crush the spirit of Gaza. The Palestinian shall rise from this destruction stronger and more determined.

But Israel has not lost everthing. They have managed to achieve a few things;

1. That they managed to show the world they are no different from the Nazis.
2. They manage to show the world that they are the real power behind American President
3. They are war criminals
4. They are maniacs. Blood thirsty beast .
5. They can get away with anything in this world. The world cannot do anything to them.
6. They managed to show American / western hypocrasy at its best.
7. They managed to show that its really te American gun and war machines that killed and
maimed women and children
8. That Obama is just another poodled ready to obey his master. Not dare to comment about
civilian life slaughtered mercilessly
9. That Israel is a pariah state, a parasite that one day shall sucked the evil empire dry. Good
for America!
The best thing about all this is that not a single cry of protest came from CNN/FOX/BBC and other American academia about the bombing of UN Schools, Universities, Mosque or UN food warehouses as though it just skipped their consciuos.
The irony is that Israel destroyed all this public places in the name of war against terrorism.
If their objective is to show Hamas is a terrorist organisation, the end result is that the world have proof that Israel is a terrorist state. Thus giving credence to Iran claim that it should not exist.

If their objective is to cowed the Palestinian, the end result is that its enrage the whole world with it animalistic tendency.
Moses will cry in shame.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

PRK Kuala Terengganu - Panggilan Terakhir kepada UMNO

Ia bukan satu anomali , tetapi akan menjadi satu trend masa kini. UMNO perlu membiasakan diri dengan kekalahan sebegini. Seperti posting aku terdahulu, mengundi pembangkang (jika silap haribulan PRU 13 nanti UMNO akan jadi pembangkang) telah menjadi sesuatu yang 'cool'. Pengundi melayu sudah tidak takut untuk membuat pertimbangan sendiri untuk memilih calon. UMNO tidak lagi boleh menggula-gulakan pengundi dengan retorik kosong tanpa ia sendiri mengamalkan apa yang dicanangkanya,

UMNO sudah tidak lagi dinilai dengan isu tempatan tetapi UMNO dinilai secara keseluruhannya. Jika ini bukan satu isyarat untuk menggerakkan satu reformasi dalaman UMNO, maka anggaplah ia satu isyarat panggilan kubur.

Kekalahan di 'Malay belt' ini memberi tamparan memalukan kepada UMNO. Ketokohannya dikalangan rakan-rakan BN akan dipersoalkan. Jangan terkejut jika MCA dan Gerakan serta MIC akan membuat laungan-laungan atau tindakan yang tidak disenangi UMNO. UMNO telah kehilangan air muka dihadapan rakan-rakannya. Umpama seorang pemimpin yang diludah di khalayak.

Apakah ini satu beban dari kepimpinan Abdullah? Apakah ini satu referendum kepimpinan Najib? atau apakah ini referendum kepada sama ada UMNO masih relevan? Bagi aku semua jawaban untuk soalan itu adalah YA.

Tapi mencari formula untuk membetulkan keadaan bukan sesuatu yang mudah. Bukan juga sesuatu yang sukar. Tetapi untuk mengimplemenkan satu perubahan kepada organisasi se usia UMNO adalah hampir mustahil.

Orang kecil seperti aku mungkin ada sekelumit idea...tapi biarlah orang besar seperti Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak mencari punca kekusutan....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Gaza Tragedy has a Muslim hand in it

The Gazan Massacre would not have happened if the Arab Regimes surrounding Israel acting in concerted effort to prevent such brutal action. But they did not. They just watched, uttered a few words of disgust, conduct an emergency meeting and than sit quietly like a fat cat. They know its not enough to stop the Israelis and they do nothing about it.

The Republic Of Egypt and The Saudis Kingdom and the Jordanian ( who supposed to be direct decendant of the Hashemi - the prophet lineage) , the one who should take a leadership roles did not do much to neutralise Israel. They could, but they viewed Hamas as greater threat than Israel and they let the Palestinian herded into the slaughter house.

There are a lot of things that could have been done overtly and covertly to help the Palestinian to withstand the Israelis. The Muslim countries are blessed with abundant natural resources and riches and yet the riches are channelled to filled their lust for empty glory of materialistic achievement.

They betray their religion and they betray their prophets. They going to answer to their brothers in the Mahsyar. Infact we all have to answer for this. How could we let this genocide to continue unabated. If Egypt put 100,000 armies at Rafah and The Jordanian and The Saudis put another 100,000 armies from Jordan and the Syrian and Lebanese marches in from the south it will stop the Israelis. Of course it would alarm the US but wtf!. These two stanic countries have been terrorising the earth with their satanic agenda.

Te US has been sending a large cache of arms supplies to the Israelis. The whole world knows the killing has been done with US consent and encouragement.

This is the great tragedy of the Arab Countries of today. There are no more Saladdin in their midst but mad sultans who are lost in their vast palace of gold. Things are so bad the CIA need to create a hero in the form of Osama Bin Laden to create a semblance of resistance from the muslim world.

I dont know about you guys, but I think they are not fit to be the guardian of the holy mosque.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tahun berdarah 2009 bermula di Gaza

Kepada sesiapa yang berharap kepada keamanan ditahun 2009, harapan tersebut mungkin akan jauh tersasar. Pada pendapat aku, seperti entri aku sebelum ini, tahun 2009 akan lebih berdarah dari tahun 2008 dan konflik berdarah ini mungkin akan berlarutan sehingga beberapa tahun akan datang.

Tahun -tahun mendatang ini bakal merupakan tahun-tahun yang berdarah untuk kita umat Islam. Ini adalah kerana situasi umat Islam yang berada didalam keadaan lemah dari segi strategik dan taktikal. walaupun kebanyakkan negara Islam kaya dengan sumber alam, dan menguasai sebahagian besar punca tenaga (minyak dan gas) dunia, tetapi dari segi politiknya kita adalah amat lemah dan tidak mempunyai satu gerakkan terseusun untuk mempertahankan diri. Negara-negara arab berada didalam genggaman AS, dan para pemimpinnya umpama kucing kenyang yang tak akan berbuat apa-apa untuk membantu umat mereka sendiri.

Umum tahu bahawa ekonomi Amerika berada didalam keadaan nazak dan menunggu masa untuk maut jika tiada langkah pro aktif yang dibuat oleh kerajaannya bagi menyelamatkan keadaan. Bukan menjadi rahasia bahawa peperangan adalah satu cara AS untuk menjana ekonominya. Dan AS amat suka kan peperangan. Kemanakah hendak dibuang peluru-peluru lama itu jika tidak dibuat melalui peperangan. Jika kita mengkaji banyak maklumat yang terdapat sekarang ini, kita tahu bahawa AS akan melancarkan satu peperangan bagi mengalihkan perhatian rakyatnya dari keadaan ekonomi yang semakin merudm dan mengaktifkan ekonomi yang dittunjangi oleh komplek industri militarinya.

Aku tidak terkejut jika konflik di Gaza ini merupakan satu perencanaan rejim zionis Israel untuk mengheret AS kedalam satu lagi kancah peperangan. Ia mungkin menjadi tapak untuk memulakan peperangan dengan Iran. Israel amat takut kepada Iran yang mempunyai senjata nuklear walaupun mereka sendiri memiliki senjata itu.
Sebenarnya Islam mempunyai senjata ampuh yang tidak akan dapat ditandingi oleh mana-mana kuasa militari di dunia ini. Tetapi propaganda musuh telah menjadikan ia satu perkataan kotor dan busuk. Dengan mengaitkan jihad dengan keganasan, umat Islam telah dapat dikawal oleh jentera propaganda AS.
Umat Islam sekarang ini adalah umat yang keliru. Didalam Islam itu sendiri ada berbagai-bagai ideologi. Kita berbunuh-bunuhan sesama sendiri dan yang paling menyedihkan kita semakin takut kepada kematian...

Sreamyx sucks big time!

Aku kurang pasti apa puncanya. Tetapi sambungan TM streamyx ke pejabat aku dah down lebih dari 5 hari bekerja. Sudah banyak panggilan dibuat ke service centernya tetapi tiada jawaban yang definitif dapat diberikan. Komplen kat keledai telekom pula dapat jawaban 'upgrading system'. Apa kejadah system upgrading sampai seminggu lebih. Dalam zaman serba canggih ni takkan 'system upgrading' sampai semingu. Tak ada 'back up' ke?

Internet sudah menjadi sebahagian dari keperluan operasi banyak syarikat di Malaysia ini. Perhubungan dengan pelanggan, pembekal, lihat tender, submission of tender dll. Kalau dah down sampai seminggu bayangkan berapa banyak kerugian yang dialami. TM net ada perkhidmatan untuk SMI guna sistem dia..kalau dah sistem sendiri pun tak boleh nak maintain tak cakap banyak laa.

Streamyx kat tumah aku pulak tak stabil langsung. Kejap ada, kejap tak ada, kena manual dial banyak kali sebab sering putus-putus. Ketika aku tengah buat entry ni pun, ada statement "could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying...itu maknanya aku kena disconnect dan manual dial lagi sekali. Kat Rumah aku boleh tahan la..tapi kat opis susahlah keje aku.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Melayu yang sudah hilang suara

Nampaknya orang-orang Melayu dalam negara ini sudah kehilangan suara atau sudah hampir tiada suara atau sudah tidak boleh bersuara. Keadaan ini agak unik di sebuah negara yang kononnya ber'tuan'kan Melayu.
Aku merujuk kepada artikel oleh Leslie Lau (The Malaysian Insider)(Klik disini)
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 4 – Mingguan Malaysia, the Sunday edition of the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia, appeared to play the race card today in an editorial which accused Perak mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin of being under the thumb of the DAP.
The newspaper, which has nationalist Malay leanings, published an editorial written under the pen name Awang Selamat that criticised Nizar, who is from Pas, for awarding permanent land titles to Chinese new villages.
“What is in question is why such privileges are given to residents of new villages which are generally populated by the Chinese? In fact Chinese independent schools have also been given wide tracts of land of all things to help raise funds. Why is the same status not given to the residents of traditional kampungs? Religious schools are also not given this special attention.”
Utusan Malaysia generally represents the more conservative groups within Umno who often champion the cause of the Malay language and Malay rights.
It has recently been embroiled in a row with the DAP, as the party’s senior parliamentarian and Selangor state executive councillor Teresa Kok was detained for a short while under the Internal Security Act (ISA) based largely on an article in the newspaper suggesting she was biased against Malays.
Kok is now suing the newspaper.
Today, the newspaper hit out at Nizar for his administration’s insistence on going ahead with plans to award land titles to villagers, which was an election promise, despite an attempt by the federal government to block the move.
Awang Selamat, which is the pseudonym frequently used by one of the senior editors at the newspaper, wrote that it was clear that Nizar was using the politics of land to garner support from the non-Malays.
Citing speculation, the newspaper accused Nizar of following the orders of the DAP.
It also asked why retired military and police personnel who used to receive land from previous Barisan Nasional (BN) administrations did not receive such privileges anymore.
“Is he (Nizar) not paying attention to them because he has not got instructions from the DAP?
Sudah terang lagi bersuluh. Utusan digambarkan sebagai 'UMNO owned, Nationalist Malay leaning' sudah tentu perlu dan akan terus menyuarakan hak dan kepentingan Orang Melayu. Soalan aku ialah mengapa Utusan tidak boleh berbuat demikian? mengapa bila The Star atau Sin Chew atau Guan Ming, Makkal Ossai melakukan perkara yang sama mereka tidak dituduh oleh Leslie sebagai 'playing the race card'?

Utusan atau Berita adalah suara orang Melayu sudah tentu ia perlu memberi suara kepada orang Melayu. Orang Melayu bertanya Kerajaan Negeri Perak mengapa hanya Kg baru Cina dan Sekolah Cina sahaja yang diberi layanan kelas khas? Apa yang salahnya dengan soalan itu?Kalau benar Kerajaan negeri Perak terbuka dan telus jawab sahajalah.

Untuk pengetahuan leslie ( beliau sebenarnya tahu..) sistem parti di Malaysia adalah berdasarkan garisan ras / ideologi. Iaitu parti-perti tertentu akan memperjuangkan dan kepentingan partinya/ ideologinya sahaja dan sebarang ancaman kepada garisan tersebut akan dipersoalkan. Ini perkara yang sudah menjadi resam di negara ini. Tiada soal 'playing racial card' sebab kita mengamalkan 'racial card'!. Ini bukan masalah orang Melayu, ini masalah semua bangsa di Malaysia ini. Orang Cina , Orang India , sama sahaja.
Tetapi bila orang Melayu menyuarakan hak dan kepentingan mereka, mereka sering dituduh perkauman dan prejudis. Ini tindakan tersusun untuk menanam idea dalam kepada secara bawah sedar bahawa bangsa melayu ini bangsa rasis. Sedangkan orang Cina dan India juga membuat amalan serupa. Malangya bila mereka membuat tindakan itu, ia dianggap memperjuangkan hak. Orang Melayu tiada Hak?.
Ini secara halus menyebabkan orang Melayu mempunyai dilemma dan rasa rendah diri kerana bangsa mereka sudah dilabel sebagai rasis. Sebenarnya pada pendapat aku, di negara ini ini,kita mungkin tidak akan dapat mencapai tahap 'Bangsa Malaysia' sebabnya Melayu ingin kekal sebagai Melayu, Cina ingin kekal sebagai Cina dan Tamil ingin kekal sebagai Tamil. Ini bukan salah orang Melayu semata , ini salah semua orang, tapi yang menjadi mangsa ialah orang Melayu.
Di negara mana yang yang bangsa majoriti harus berassimilasi dengan bangsa minoriti? bangsa minoritilah yang harus menukar kulit kepada bangsa majoriti. Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.