Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Arab Regimes have Lost the Plot in Gaza?

There is something wrong with this scenario - Recep Tayyip Erdogan walkout in disgust from Davos Econmic forum concerning Israel brutal Occupation of Gaza (click here) and Teheran and Kuala Lumpur call for Israel to be tried for war crimes ( click here). The are no such call or statement from Egypt, Saudi or Jordan - the prominent arab countries surrounding Israel.

I mean the arab will never get along with the Turks and the Parsi. They never will. The irony is that it took a turk and the parsi to voice up their grievances. The arab leaders are no where to be heard. I mean even if they are afraid to anger their masters in Washington, they should at least show some semblance of protest but what we heard is just a distant thunder and thats it.

I mean we muslim, especially from around this region ( South East Asia) look to the arab with awe. So impressed are we that some of us sent our children to the the middle east to study and some cameback more arabic than the arab themselves!.

I think the muslim look to the arab for leadership and inspiration, and generally The Saudis are look upon as the most influential since they are the guardian of the two holy mosques. Unfortunately this sort of leadership are not forthcoming. They are perceived as under the thumb of the American and the American are the puppet of the zionis.

It amaze me that Israel, being a small country with just a few million people can bully and bulldozed the more resource rich arab into submission. They are so well organized that their intelligence appratus can be so powerful that they are able to organize or dictate event in their enemies teritory. Is it because of superiority of the Jews or Inferiority of the arab?

It is also true that with just a few million people, they can come up with technologies even the american and the russian has to catch up. I dont think it has something to do with religion because at one point in the world history, the world went to Baghdad to study science.

It is also very much amaze me that the Saudis perceived Iran as greater threat than Israel. They would rather have nuclear Israel than nuclear Iran!. I mean if Israel went into war with the Arabs, Mecca will be among the first to be nuked! Teheran will never do that.

One wonder why God sent so many prophet to that region and one also wonder as to whether they need another prophet to show them the way.

wallah hu 'aklam.

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