Monday, January 19, 2009

The Curse of Gaza shall hunt Israel into its grave

After everything has been said and done. When the dust settled. One thing is certain, Israel , with its supposedly well trained and well armed defence force has failed. It has failed to win in Gaza. It has failed to eliminate Hamas. It has failed to put a stop to Hamas miniscule rocket fire into its teritory. It has failed to stop the tunnel smuggling and most of all, it has failed to crush the spirit of Gaza. The Palestinian shall rise from this destruction stronger and more determined.

But Israel has not lost everthing. They have managed to achieve a few things;

1. That they managed to show the world they are no different from the Nazis.
2. They manage to show the world that they are the real power behind American President
3. They are war criminals
4. They are maniacs. Blood thirsty beast .
5. They can get away with anything in this world. The world cannot do anything to them.
6. They managed to show American / western hypocrasy at its best.
7. They managed to show that its really te American gun and war machines that killed and
maimed women and children
8. That Obama is just another poodled ready to obey his master. Not dare to comment about
civilian life slaughtered mercilessly
9. That Israel is a pariah state, a parasite that one day shall sucked the evil empire dry. Good
for America!
The best thing about all this is that not a single cry of protest came from CNN/FOX/BBC and other American academia about the bombing of UN Schools, Universities, Mosque or UN food warehouses as though it just skipped their consciuos.
The irony is that Israel destroyed all this public places in the name of war against terrorism.
If their objective is to show Hamas is a terrorist organisation, the end result is that the world have proof that Israel is a terrorist state. Thus giving credence to Iran claim that it should not exist.

If their objective is to cowed the Palestinian, the end result is that its enrage the whole world with it animalistic tendency.
Moses will cry in shame.

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