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Puasa Isnin dan Khamis terbukti boleh mengelakkan pereputan Otak dan Kawalan Gula Dalam Badan

Study says fasting may help protect brain

Study says fasting may help protect brain. 46672.jpeg

Fasting a day or two a week may protect the brain against degenerative diseases like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, according to a study by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) in Baltimore, USA.

Meeting of the AAAS:

"Reducing calorie consumption could help the brain, but simply reducing food intake may not be the best way to enable this protection. It's probably better to alternate periods of fasting, in which you eat almost nothing, with periods in which you eat all you want," said Mark Mattson, head of the neuroscience lab of the Institute during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver.

The National Institute of Ageing based its conclusions on a study with laboratory mice, in which some animals received the minimum number of calories every other day. These mice lived twice as long as the animals that were fed normally.


Mattson said that mice that ate every other day were more sensitive to insulin - the hormone that controls blood sugar levels - and needed to produce a smaller quantity of the substance.

High levels of insulin are typically associated with a decrease in brain function and an increased risk of diabetes. Moreover, according to the scientist, fasting would have made the animals to furthermore develop new brain cells and show themselves more resistant to stress, besides equally protecting the mice from diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

According to Mattson, the theory would also be proven by studies in humans who practice fasting, including showing benefits against asthma." The dietary restriction increases energy and lifespan, and protects the brain and the cardiovascular system against age-related diseases," said Mattson.

The team now intends to study the impact of fasting on the brain using magnetic resonance imaging and other techniques.



Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Pelukis Kartun Nabi Muhammad Maut Terbakar?

In an investigative report, an Arabic newspaper, published from Saudi Arabia, has claimed that Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist, has died in a fire incident.

The Danish authorities are trying their best to hide his death, who have found no clue about how the fire broke out and why only the room in which blasphemer Kurtwas staying had been damaged.

The initial investigation shows that the cartoonist, who committed blasphemy bydrawing objectionable caricatures of Prophet (Peace be Upon Him), was provided complete security,

as he had received many threats from across the globe after the Muslims had been enraged due to the repeated publication of the caricatures in the European press.

Kurt Westergaard created a controversial cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb in his turbanIn February 2008, three Arab nationals were arrested for their alleged involvement in plotting the death of Kurt.

A Somali man had also tried to stab him to death but the policemen deputed at his house saved him miraculously.

It is worth recalling that the blasphemous cartoons first appeared in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The investigative report says the incident took place some days back in which Westergaard was burnt seriously and died on the spot, but the international media is completely silent about it.

The report further claims that some eyewitnesses are also available to testify the happenings. The Danish authorities have so far been unable to find any hint about the cause of fire,

as they had started investigations while keeping in mind some external conspiracy to kill the blasphemer.

According to the BBC, a total of twelve persons were involved in the blasphemous act, but all of them, except Kurt, had opted to go underground to escape the public wrath after the Muslims around the world had participated in protest rallies which were attended by millions of people.

People in Pakistan had also joined their brethren like those in Indonesia, Bangladesh, India and many Arab countries to register protest against the conspiracy to malign Muslims and their religion.

In Lahore and Peshawar, the demonstrators had turned violent and around six persons were killed during the course, while property worth million of rupees was reduced to ashes.

But instead of expressing any remorse, Westergaard went public on many occasions saying he had no regret for committing such a shameful act.

The Saudi newspaper says the death of Kurt shows how powerful Allah Almighty is, as despite the foolproof security arrangements, none was able to save him from his tragic end.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bible 1500 Tahun Yang Meramalkan Kedatangan Muhammad Ditemui di Turki

Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkeydah

Secret £14million Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' unearthed in Turkey

  • Vatican 'wants to see' 1,500-year-old ancient script
  • Has been hidden by Turkish state for 12 years
  • Handwritten in gold-lettered Aramaic

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:14 PM on 24th February 2012


A secret Bible in which Jesus is believed to predict the coming of the Prophet Muhammad to Earth has sparked serious interest from the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI is claimed to want to see the 1,500-year-old book, which many say is the Gospel of Barnabas, that has been hidden by the Turkish state for the last 12 years.

The £14million handwritten gold lettered tome, penned in Jesus' native Aramaic language, is said to contain his early teachings and a prediction of the Prophet's coming.

Secret Bible: The 1,500-year-old tome was is said to contain Jesus' early teachings and a prediction of the Prophet's coming

Secret Bible: The 1,500-year-old tome was is said to contain Jesus' early teachings and his prediction of the Prophet's coming

Ancient: The leather-bound text, written on animal hide, was discovered by Turkish police during an anti-smuggling operation in 2000

Ancient: The leather-bound text, written on animal hide, was discovered by Turkish police during an anti-smuggling operation in 2000

The leather-bound text, written on animal hide, was discovered by Turkish police during an anti-smuggling operation in 2000.

It was closely guarded until 2010, when it was finally handed over to the Ankara Ethnography Museum, and will soon be put back on public display following a minor restoration.

A photocopy of a single page from the handwritten ancient manuscript is thought to be worth £1.5million.

Turkish culture and tourism minister Ertugrul Gunay said the book could be an authentic version of the Gospel, which was suppressed by the Christian Church for its strong parallels with the Islamic view of Jesus.

He also said the Vatican had made an official request to see the scripture - a controversial text which Muslims claim is an addition to the original gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.

In line with Islamic belief, the Gospel treats Jesus as a human being and not a God.

Serious interest: The Vatican, under Pope Benedict XVI, is said to want to see the recently re-discovered Bible

Serious interest: The Vatican, under Pope Benedict XVI, is said to want to see the recently re-discovered Bible

Historic: The £14million handwritten gold lettered tome is penned in Jesus' native Aramaic language

Historic: The £14million handwritten gold lettered tome is penned in Jesus' native Aramaic language

It rejects the ideas of the Holy Trinity and the Crucifixion and reveals that Jesus predicted the coming of the Prophet Muhammad.

In one version of the gospel, he is said to have told a priest: 'How shall the Messiah be called? Muhammad is his blessed name'.


Born in Cyprus as Joseph, Barnabas was an Early Christian later named an apostle.

His story appears in the Acts of the Apostles, and Paul mentions him in some of his epistles.

The date, place, and circumstances of his death are historically unverifiable.

But Christian tradition states that he was martyred at Salamis, Cyprus.

He is traditionally identified as the founder of the Cypriot Church, with his feast day on June 11.

And in another Jesus denied being the Messiah, claiming that he or she would be Ishmaelite, the term used for an Arab.

Despite the interest in the newly re-discovered book, some believe it is a fake and only dates back to the 16th century.

The oldest copies of the book date back to that time, and are written in Spanish and Italian.

Protestant pastor İhsan Özbek said it was unlikely to be authentic.

This is because St Barnabas lived in the first century and was one of the Apostles of Jesus, in contrast to this version which is said to come from the fifth or sixth century.

He told the Today Zaman newspaper: 'The copy in Ankara might have been written by one of the followers of St Barnabas.

'Since there is around 500 years in between St Barnabas and the writing of the Bible copy, Muslims may be disappointed to see that this copy does not include things they would like to see.

'It might have no relation with the content of the Gospel of Barnabas.'

Theology professor Ömer Faruk Harman said a scientific scan of the bible may be the only way to reveal how old it really is.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Asistan Imam Mahdi tertangkap?

Membuat dosa itu lumrah manusia, memang manusia di sertakan dengan berlapis-lapis nafsu yang sukar dikawal. Tetapi apabila manusia yang memakai pakaian Islam, yang lantang mempersoalkan moraliti orang lain, kononya mereka lebih suci dan lebih layak dan kemudian melakukan dosa-dosa yang sama dengan orang yang mereka tuduhi, mereka adalah MUNAFIK dan FASIK yang lebih besar.

Kalau Kita menuduh seseorang itu jahat kerana makan rasuah kita jangan ambil rasuah. Kalau kita menuduh seseorang itu jahat kerana berzina maka jangan sekali kali kita berzina. Kalau kita menuduh seseorang menjadi bapak setan kita jangan jadi pengikut setan.

Kalau kita sendiri kurang upaya untuk melawan godaan, berlapang dada bila ada orang tewas dengan godaan, jangan kita menjatuh hukum mendahului TUHAN, sebab kita tidak tahu bila giliran kita diuji dengan nikmat dunia yang kita tidak mampu menolaknya...

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Mengkafirkan Saudara SeIslam dan Menjunjung Si Kafir...Takbir

Inilah uniknya Parti PAS, Sikafir memberitahu si Islam dia tidak beriman, Takbirlah tuan-tuan, takbirlah bila sikafir melaungkannya...

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Luahan Malam

Apa nak dihairankan wahai kawan ku
Tentang bangkangan-bangkangan itu
Bukan kau tak tahu- dia sudah beritahu
langkah mayatnya dulu

Apa yang hendak dibentak lagi
Sebab telah banyak tolak ansur kau beri
bukan setakat seinci
Seluruh tubuh sudah dilacuri

Kau biasa memberi tahu kami
Kau Pembawa Bendera Islami
Tidak ada perjuangan yang lebih suci
Jalan Kesyurga yang di gerenti

Ku sangka Kau sebijak Nabi
Hudaibiyah punya strategi
Mengalah dahulu sebelum memenangi
Tapi alih-alih engkau pulak yang menukar janji

Dahulu engkau mengutuk pesaing mu
kerana ambil suku buang suku
kini kau jadi tiga suku
akibat terlalu dungu

Banyak sungguh pusingan U
sehingga pegangan tidak jitu
Demi kuasa semua disetuju

Aku masih ingat kamu
Yang menghantar surat terbuka kepada sahabat lama mu
Mengingat beliau tentang amanah dibahu
Tetapi bila onar dibuat rakan sekutu
Kau jadi Syaitan bisu

Itulah masalahnya bila berkawan dengan syaitan
Takkan ada kebaikan
Tetaplah engkau akan dikerjakan
Sekalipun kepala tebal berserban

Aku menulis bukan kerana nama
Aku hanya insan biasa
yang melihat lakonan manusia
yang berjualan demi kuasa

Aku dahulu sangat berharap
Engkau akan jadi dahan yang tegap
Bagi umat bergantung harap
tapi kini dah jatuh berderap
Keangkuhan yang membuat kau tertiarap

Aku berdoa
Engkau akan kembali dari lena
Biarlah tidak punya kuasa
tetapi tetap diatas landasanNya
Jika egkau tidak mampu menegakkan benderanya
tak usahlah menjual NamaNya

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bila Haji Hadi Berfatwa....

Apabila Presiden PAS Haji Datuk Seri Hj Abdul Hadi Awang mengistiharkan bahawa haram menyokong kewujudan negara Israel, aku amat berharap perkara ini sudah dirujuk kepada DS Anwar Ibahim dan Karpal Singh.

Bukan apa, aku bimbang rakan rakan Anwar di Amerika akan mempersoalkan mengapa Anwar bergabung dengan kumpulan yang mengistiharkan haram negara yahudi itu sedang kita tahu geng-geng Anwar disana adalah Zionis kental.

Setahu aku DAP tidak ada masalah dengan kwujudan Israel malah abang mereka diselatan banyak bergantung kepada MOSSAD untuk khidmat nasihat terutama bagaimana nak ambil alih Malaysia setelah PR berkuasa nanti. Tentu sekali DAP sendiri tidak mahu dicap sebagai anti Israel di mata dunia.

Aku tak mahulah DS Hadi Awang terpaksa menarik balik fatwanya nanti bila dicucuk oleh geng-geng Anwar dalam PAS. Nanti tak eloklah reputasinya asyik main tarik balik fatwa aje

Akhir kalam aku pelik la pulak, bila dia jumpa ayat haram negara Israel ada disebut dalam alquran, tapi tak jumpa ayat tentang negara Islam dalam alquran...

Hayati kata-kata Ustaz Kazim Elias

Untuk rakan-rakan yang tak sama bendera...

Friday, February 10, 2012

NFC- UMNO Menunggu Masa Di Kuburkan di Kandang Lembu....

Ada satu masalah besar dengan UMNO. Ia dipenuhi oleh parasit-parasit yang menyamar sebgai pejuang Melayu yang kebanyakkannya bertutur bahasa Inggeris. Kerana terlalu ramai parasit didalamnya ia tidak mengerti untuk membezakan yang mana intan yang mana kaca. Sudah hampir tidak ada pejuang dalam UMNO...yang ada hanya mereka-mereka yang sanggup berhabisan untuk menempatkan diri mereka untuk kepentingan sendiri.

Masalah kedua adalah kebanyakkan bangsawan UMNO kini adalah generasi kedua pimpinan lama. Hampir kesemuanya mempunyai ayah, ibu, bapak saudara atau saudara-daudara mara yang dahulu memimpin UMNO jadi ia sangat membataskan kumpulan baru untuk menempatkan diri kerana sikap bolot dan tamak haloba kumpulan lama yang terlebih awal mengumpul kekayaan dan kini mahu memastikan generasi mereka mempunyai tempat. Falsafah pejuangan sebenar kini hanya falsampah. Sebab itu kebanyakkan mereka tak mempunyai keupayaan untuk berdebat tentang dasar ekonomi baru atau apa dasar yang UMNO perjuangkan selama ini kerana generasi ini dimanjakan dan terpisah dari realiti masyarakat melayu.

UMNO kini hilang sensitiviti kepada realiti bawahan semasa. Kini UMNO bergerak diatas kelemahan saingnya dan bukan diatas kekuatan dan keupayaan diri. Malah apabila tersepit mereka lebih rela mengalihkan isu dari menangani isu secara berdepan. Itulah sebab mengapa isu NFC di biarkan berlarutan kerana UMNO tiada mekanisma kawalan perosak sebab UMNO sudah rosak dari dalam.

Pimpinanya sudah tidak tahu perkataan 'accountability' sekalipun mereka sangat fasih berbahsa Inggeris. Bila ada isu mereka lebih rela melibas kiri kanan dari mengambil tanggung jawab terhadap keputusan atau tindakan yang mereka buat.

Isu NFC merupakan satu isu besar yang akan mengorbankan UMNO hanya kerana yang terlibat tidak mahu mengorbankan diri demi UMNO. NFC bukan salah UMNO tetapi keputusan untuk menyerahkan 250 juta kepada kumpulan tertentu yang barkaitan dengan pimpinan UMNO dibuat oleh pemuka UMNO. Kedua-duanya tidak mahu bertanggungjawab dan membiarkan isu ini membakar UMNO.

Rakyat semakin muak...yang dahulu totok UMNO pun sudah mula bertanya. Askar-askar bawahan hanya menggeleng kepala kerana mereka yang akan bertemu pengundi beberapa bulan lagi dan tidak tahu apa yang harus dijawab.

Yang meloyakan tekak adalah panglima NFC sudah mengeluarkan kenyataan bahwa duit kami suka hati kami nak buat apa...Jika UMNO tumbang kali ini, panglima ini akan dibawa ke Suruhan Jaya DiRaja, agak-agaknya dia berani ke?

Kini orang-orang Melayu benar-benar tiada pilihan..UMNO kini hanya dilihat sebagai mengisi tembolok sendiri sementara yang satu lagi hanyalah keldai tunggangan yang sanggup menjual maruah demi kuasa.

Kadang-kadang aku rasa elok juga pimpinan negara ini diserahkan kepada pihak yang satu lagi, sebab kalau UMNO pun penyakit sama juga yang akan berulang. Merompak harta kerajaan tanpa rasa berdosa sedikit pun. Tak habis -habis dengan penyelewengan demi penyelewengan.

Kalau kita menonton Filem Ali Baba - Kita akan dapati ada Tiga Penyamun iaitu P.Ramlee sebagai ketua Penyamun, Aziz Satar sebagai Ali Baba menyamun harta P.ramlee ( cukup2 untuk dirinya ) dan Kassim Baba yang Tamak yang mahu menyamun semua harta termasuk mentol lampu terakhir...Jadi kumpulan politik yang ada di Malaysia ni semua penyamun belaka. Sebab itu PAS tak berani nak tegak Negara Islam, nanti habis pemimpin PR dan BN kena potong tangan!. Tapi video ini lebih sesuai kot...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Akhirnya semua boleh...

Sewaktu aku ditahun akhir di UPM pada tahun 1988, seorang kawan sekolej yang berpangkat YDP PMI, makan bersama aku sambil bercerita tentang masa hadapan selepas bergelar graduan. Kebetulan tahun tersebut keadaan ekonomi sangat teruk . Beliau dalam jurusan ekonomi, jadi aku membangkitkan kemungkinan beliau bekerja dengan bank (waktu tu belum ada bank Islam), beliau menepuk meja sambil menegaskan beliau sanggup jual air tebu tepi jalan dari bekerja dengan sistem yang tidak Islamik!.

Beberapa waktu kemudian aku mendengar beliau telah menyertai Arab Malaysia Insurance dan sangat berjaya pula tu. Dan aku mendengar kawan-kawan beliau yang datang bertemunya bertanya tentang tindakan beliau menyertai syarikat yanbg tidak Islamik , beliau telah mengeluarkan hadis-hadis yang mengharuskan tindakan beliau. Anjak beberapa belas tahun kemudian, aku terjumpa beliau yang kini, menyertai MAA Islamic Insurance dan sekali lagi aku terkejut sebab kali ini beliau mengeluarkan hadis-hadis yang mengharamkan mengambil insuran konvensional.

Apa yang aku ingin katakan adalah sikap golongan yang sentiasa ada hujah untuk mengharuskan tindakan mereka. Tabiat ini lama dah tertanam dalam diri mereka dan jangan terkejut dengan perubahan mereka sekarang. Jika dahulu Kafir UMNO kerana bersekongkol dengan orang bukan Islam memerintah negara tapi kini semua OK jika mereka yang melakukannya, jika dahulu haram syarie bagi mengundi UMNO sebab UMNO tak mahu menubuhkan negara Islam, kini kita diberitahu negara Islam tidak ada dalam Al Quran, kini terbaru boleh meraikan hari Valentine sekalipun kenyataan tersebut disertakan dengan 'escape clause', akhlak Islami. Masuk ke pasar BABI pun ok sebab mereka yang buat.

Agaknya apa lagi yang boleh dijustifikasikan?

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This is a very interesting Hypothesis from Sheikh Imran Hoessin and its look realistic too. We know that IRAN is in the Cross hairs of US/NATO/ISRAEL with the Arab and Turkey abetting them. It look like IRAN will be most probably attacked latest by Jun 2012.

IRAN will not sit still and take the blow like a coward not like Saddam or Ghadaffi, they will surely retaliate with all that they have, and we know they have quite a sophisticated arsenals with them. IRAN allies in Lebanon and Syria will also retaliate and start a general war in Mid East.

The most likely scenario is this, The satanic Axis will suceed in wiping IRAN off the map. Will that make the Wahabbi's happy? Will the Sunnis finally have full control of the Islamic world? Don't hope for that because most probably half of Arab population in Mid East will perish and we know that other than Egypt the rest have very low population and we know what the Egypt population undergoing now and that they will be easily controlled.

This will leave the Middle east wide open for manipulation and recolonisation by the Satanic Axis (USA/NATO/ISRAEL) and the Muslim will have to start over again.

The bottom line is the PNAC map look very realistic too.

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