Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is a very interesting Hypothesis from Sheikh Imran Hoessin and its look realistic too. We know that IRAN is in the Cross hairs of US/NATO/ISRAEL with the Arab and Turkey abetting them. It look like IRAN will be most probably attacked latest by Jun 2012.

IRAN will not sit still and take the blow like a coward not like Saddam or Ghadaffi, they will surely retaliate with all that they have, and we know they have quite a sophisticated arsenals with them. IRAN allies in Lebanon and Syria will also retaliate and start a general war in Mid East.

The most likely scenario is this, The satanic Axis will suceed in wiping IRAN off the map. Will that make the Wahabbi's happy? Will the Sunnis finally have full control of the Islamic world? Don't hope for that because most probably half of Arab population in Mid East will perish and we know that other than Egypt the rest have very low population and we know what the Egypt population undergoing now and that they will be easily controlled.

This will leave the Middle east wide open for manipulation and recolonisation by the Satanic Axis (USA/NATO/ISRAEL) and the Muslim will have to start over again.

The bottom line is the PNAC map look very realistic too.

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