Monday, May 23, 2011

Proxy War Between USA and Pakistan Has Started

Its not a good sign. After the Bin Laden's Fiasco, Nato's Helicopter attacked a small Pakistani outpost killing scores of Pakistani soldiers. Next Nato's supply tanker was attacked by unknown militants and right after that Pakistan's Naval Base was under siege by unknown elements.

We all know that CIA and Xe's operating within Pakistan with impunity. One of their operative was even cought and tried in Pakistan's court despite vehement opposition from the US government. From this we know that CIA has the capacity to mobilise terror cell inside Pakistan without much problem.

Pakistan immidiate act after the Bin Laden embarassment was to run to China for protection which China duly comply by providing them with state of the art fighter jet at no cost (of course this has to be repaid in some other form later).

We also know that the real jewel the USA is looking for is to destroy or at least to take control of Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal. Pakistan is fully aware of the game plan played between USA and India and has take action to rapidly produce its nuclear arsenal (click here)

The USA is formenting a civil war in Pakistan and that will make it easy for them to come into Pakistan once the situation is ripe for them to do so.

It seem the USA is upping the ante and soon all hells will break loose..

Listen to this lecture. Remember, this lecture was done in 2009.

This video summarised the world situation right now nicely.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Operation Geronimo is fake?

Have a look at this video

The translation can be found here

No wonder the USSA claimed That Osama's body was thrown into the ocean. They don't have the body with them!

Now watch Hillary Clinton's facial expression here

Friday, May 6, 2011

Zaman BN - Kontraktor ALI BABA : Zaman PR - Kontraktor ALI BABI

Pada zaman BN kontraktor Melayu kelas F tanpa mengira pegangan politik diberi banyak peluang untuk mendapat kerja-kerja Kerajaan dibawah RM 200,000.00. Kenapa aku kata tanpa mengira pegangan politik? sebab sewaktu kerja undi dijalankan bawa sahaja sijil PKK dan CIDB anda dan daftar. Tiada siapa tanya anda parti mana. malah pegawai yang mendaftarkan undian dan menjalankan undian mungkin sahaja penyokong PR. Kerana Kerajaan tidak memilih (supaya dapat berlaku adil) ada kontraktor yang tidak mampu atau tidak mahu bersusah payah menyerahkan kerja tersebut kepada kontraktor Cina untuk cara mudah mendapat komisen. Kontraktor ini kontraktor ALI BABA. Memang sial tetapi sekurangnya mereka tidak menjadi pengemis Cina.

Pada zaman PR kerja-kerja kecil memeang sudah dikhaskan kepada CINA!. Tetapi bagi mengelakkan atau tidak menampakkan sikap Rasis mereka, mereka mengguna pakai sistem Kerajaan dengan menggunakan kontraktor Bumiputera sebagai topeng untuk merompak duit kerajaan. Kontraktor Melayu jenis ini adalah ALI BABI!. Sial dan tidak bermaruah.

Apa jawab Ean Yong di RCI? Mereka pun bukan kontraktor! begitulah rendahnya pandangan Cina BABI ini kepada orang Melayu. Bagi beliau MELAYU PEMALAS!

Sebenarnya inilah ketakutan orang Melayu. Dizaman UMNO sekurang-kurangnya pembahagian ada walaupun tidak samarata. TETAPI dizaman PR langsung tidak ada pembahagian!. Mana pergi kontrakyot kelas F Melayu yang menyokong PR!

Tahukah anda kebanyakkan penyokong PR ini masih melekat di JKR dan Jabatan Kerajaan lain milik BN?. Kalau kita tanya, jawab mereka memang menjadi tugas Kerajaan untuk bantu mereka tetapi mereka tidak nampak bagaimana Kerajaan PR membolot harta dengan cara yang UMNO sendiri pun tidak buat!.

DAP dengan tak malunya mendiamkan dirinya tentang isu ini.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Osama Fight for..

While we acknowledge Osama Bin Laden IS a TERORRIST..there still many million terrorist out there wearing American and NATO military uniform. Many coward terorrist who shoot un arm bandit and dump their body in the ocean for the shark.

Yet takeaway all the hoopla, the gist of Osama struggle was fighting the injustice and oppression pepetrated by people who claim they are the torch bearer of freedom and democracy.

The opinion by the learned gentlemen below summarised it all...

Nuke Hellstorm in US-The Coming False Flag Operation

People, as our ‘protectors’ in the CIA know, will believe just about anything.

Osama Bin Laden was introduced to us all as a central player in the narrative that brought us ‘The War On Terror’. It is important to understand that history is carefully scripted in advance by the agencies of international finance capital. It doesn’t matter if the narrative is true or false (actually ‘The War On Terror’ is, in all important aspects, false). What is important is that we, the dumb masses, are given a good story in which to believe.

It’s all about the narrative.

Well, now that the central baddie no longer has a role to play in our narrative, we can surely expect that the globalist story-tellers are ready with a new script.

What seasoned CIA watchers will sensibly ask and what everyone else would be wise to start asking is this:

“Does the ‘death’ of Bin Laden today signal a summer of nuclear terrorism in the United States?”

The chaos is mounting. International Law is now a joke, a dead duck. The Middle East has been turned, more than ever before, into a seething cauldron.

China is sitting back for now, while it watches its investments in Eastern Libya turn to dust. It understands that the west is determined to drive it out of Africa.

Russia watches while Syria, and its deal with the Syrians to establish a naval base in the Mediterranean, falls apart.

China is beginning to refuse to buy American debt so the dollar will shortly collapse.

What better event to coincide with financial collapse than an act of nuclear terrorism at home.

An immediate war footing would guarantee immediate recovery of the currency albeit, possibly, a new one.

This ‘Bin Laden Is Dead’ bullsh*t should scare the pants of every intelligent human being who has been paying serious attention over the last few years. Nearly every news bulletin and current affairs programme will be endlessly asking the question:

“Will Al Queda take revenge for the killing of Bin Laden?”

When they (the CIA/Mossad/MI6 as usual) strike, the familiar traitors will be wheeled on to our screens to say, “We told you so.”

Pray to God this is wrong, but it is hard to see any other consequence of today’s news, nor any other reason for the CIA to go to all the trouble to carry out this operation and concoct this lying story to go with it when everybody knows (outside of the idiot-zone) that Bin Laden is already a long time dead.

The extent to which the theatre of the coming conflict is co-ordinated between western powers, China and Russia is unknown. However, it is looking increasingly like we are watching a full-on world war in the making. The fact that nobody wants this yet it seems to be coming tells us, yet again (if we still need telling), that our elected governments act in the interests of parties other than ourselves. Therefore ‘our’ government is the primary enemy of ‘we the people’.

It seems unbelievable but there you are.

Henry Makow appears to deliver the only commentary that makes any sense of such a breathtaking reality.

Humanity has been hijacked.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Ladin's Death Signal Nuclear Attack on American Soil?

For months, the American Government has been warning their population about possible nuclear attack on US soil. Drill after drill have been conducted based on this scenario. Now the window of opportunity has been open for another False Flag Operation and blame them on the Al Qaeda. The empire is crumbling and she is looking for a scapegoat.

And they have to resort to photoshop to prove that Bin Ladin is much for a multi billion technology they are suppose to posses...

And I heard Donald Trump is insisting President Obama to produce Bin Ladin's authentic death certificate as a proof that Bin Ladin is really dead and President Obama can only produce a certified true copy.