Monday, May 23, 2011

Proxy War Between USA and Pakistan Has Started

Its not a good sign. After the Bin Laden's Fiasco, Nato's Helicopter attacked a small Pakistani outpost killing scores of Pakistani soldiers. Next Nato's supply tanker was attacked by unknown militants and right after that Pakistan's Naval Base was under siege by unknown elements.

We all know that CIA and Xe's operating within Pakistan with impunity. One of their operative was even cought and tried in Pakistan's court despite vehement opposition from the US government. From this we know that CIA has the capacity to mobilise terror cell inside Pakistan without much problem.

Pakistan immidiate act after the Bin Laden embarassment was to run to China for protection which China duly comply by providing them with state of the art fighter jet at no cost (of course this has to be repaid in some other form later).

We also know that the real jewel the USA is looking for is to destroy or at least to take control of Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal. Pakistan is fully aware of the game plan played between USA and India and has take action to rapidly produce its nuclear arsenal (click here)

The USA is formenting a civil war in Pakistan and that will make it easy for them to come into Pakistan once the situation is ripe for them to do so.

It seem the USA is upping the ante and soon all hells will break loose..

Listen to this lecture. Remember, this lecture was done in 2009.

This video summarised the world situation right now nicely.

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