Monday, October 27, 2008

Tales of two death...

I happens to watch the BBC news today in which they broadcasts the funeral of a British woman killed by the Taleban. I can feel the anger and disgust in the voice of the journalist when he said "Two gunmen open fire and killed a young and innocent woman...". Actually I dont have a problem with that. My symphaty to the family of this young and innocent girl.
Then on the same news the broadcaster announced in a different tone-casual and emotionless about an attacked by a US helicopter that killed 9 construction workers and wounding 18 others in Syria in a town called Abu Kamal near Iraqi border as though this is nothing new and not to bethered about.
It is not my intent to bring about the "Us Vs Them" kind of commentary. Its about the value of life in the eyes of those who are not directly connected to the event. Certain loss of life creates outpuring of emotion and other instances means nothing.
To me the Taleban and the US are of the same type in different forms. They both are the agressor and maniac. The only different are the US side is the occupier and the other is so called freedom fighter. Both side dont value life and cant be bothered about the life that have they taken.
Why the world just let the US having a freetime killing and maiming the ' young and innocent' men, women and children is beyond me. They are free from prosecution for persecution they did to people of the land they occupied. And yet they are afraid of the terrorist? who are the terrorist? Both the Taleban and the US are!
If you bother to calculate the US has killed and maim many more civillians in the world than all the terrorist in the world combined!

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