Sunday, November 2, 2008

Malaysia ku 4- DAP and Golf Course-Are they Compartible?

Pardon me for asking this- Since when did DAP becomes golf friendly?. As far I can remember DAP has always been hostile to golf courses. Golf course is a symbol of capitalist excesses and that is not in line with their socialist tendency. To them golf course pollute the environment, using a lot of water and benefited small segment of society for such a large tract of land. I know because I came from a golf course management background and I have been following the golf course issues for quite a while already. In fact they belittled their former comrade such as Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye for playing golf!
Now this news is really is news to me. For one thing the country is teeming with golf course, we have more than 200 of them and a lot of them are not making money. Secondly Penang already has at least five existing golf course. They are Bukit Jawi ( almost kaput), Kristal Golf Resort (Struggling to survive) this two are in the vicinity of Batu Kawan. The other three are Penang Golf Resort (Sg Dua) and Bukit Jambul Country Club and Pearl Island Country Club. The last two are located on the Island itself. Then there is the 9 hole golf course belong to the Turf Club.
One more pressing issue is that Batu Kawan is a mangrove swamp area. We all know how important it is to preserve what natures gives to us and not to sacrifice it in pursuit of commercial gain.
If DAP thought they are better than the previous government by bringing FDI to the state they are wrong. The existing five golf courses is done by the previous government and adding one more does not make DAP better.
Now where did I heard somebody mentioning the need to preserve our mangrove swamp elsewhere in the country? DAPSY any comment?


indera kencana said...

I still remember when we visited your friend who worked at SPU golf course (I forgot the golf course's name is) on the way back to KL 6 years ago. The Mee goreng mamak was awesome.. hehehehe (Boleh ke komen mcm ni?) hehehehe..

Salam dari Layangan Indera untuk Kalam Jauhari!!

Faizal Zakaria's Blog said...

Salam ziarah :-)