Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The next phase in the New World Order

Its official, Barack Hussien Obama created history for the USA by being their first non white President. The President carried the message of HOPE and CHANGE on his way to the white house.True, the US does leads the way in giving hope to whose who dare to take their chances and the world really hope that this President can bring the changes he talked so much about. But how much can he hope to change a dying empire?

Shall the world rejoice? No, I dont think so, if you care to follow the progress of the campaign you will noticed some weird statement from his running mate and others in the know like Collin Powell, Meddeline Albright and few others of impending international crisis. The way it was described by Joe Biden indicates the crises shall be BIG. In fact the outgoing secretary of homeland security has hinted that the US might be attacked by terorrist .That is what i called cocksure!

Why do I care so much about this? well me thought that event happens in the US have great impact on the world in general. Since 9-11, when a small number of terrorist residing in a cave somewhere in Tora Bora are able to steer two plane to plough into two building and in the process brought down three building I began to do my own research. How can this possible? With so much resources and advance technology they could not even stop a group of cavemen you must sit up and take notice especially when Islam was demonized after that. With a group of brainless maniac that keep blowing up themselves and other innocent people, Islam was and is the victim of systematic campaign to conquer th world.

And through my limited study I found that all this events are to follow certain script and shall end up with certain result that will shape the world into a certain order. All this are done to achieve what was being foretold by verses in certain ancient book that certain tribe shall be the ruler of the entire world before end of days.

So Barack Obama is just going to be the postman to deliver the change that we may not even want but will be shoved down our throat anyway. That change is necessary to save the empire from oblivion or in order to create a new empire altogether.

Am I being paranoid? well what I feel or think does not have impact beyond people that i love and I am free to be paranoid if I want to...

I personally thought that currently the so called Muslim Leaders are so impotent. No ball to contest and give them a fight. In the end, the voice of dissent came from their own people who dare to search for the truth. The western world have a unwritten undrtanding take it upon themselves to shape and start a new type of colonilisation while we are still in a sleeping mode. They even have a name for it "The Burden of The White People".
Only now they have a Black President to do their bidding.


indera kencana said...

Today's jokes
It's official, White House is now changed the name to Black House. Hellalujah...

Being paranoid means that you are terrified by your feeling. It's your own choice. No one has a capacity over anyone else. If you ask me, I would rather be someone in Tora Bora's cave as long as I can live in harmony, happily and healthy livestyle.

Happiness is priceless. I will buy it in whatever cost even I had to change it with my life.

Teringin nak makan Ais krim la. Kat mana ais krim yang sedap, AN?

AIDC said...

setakat mana obama ni boleh mengubah dunia, amerika tetap amerika,