Thursday, November 27, 2008

Demonizing Islam - The Next Phase

The seemingly coordinated attacked on Mumbai City by the unknown terrorist organization Deccan Mujahideen has once again brought out the ugly face of Islamic Jihad to the forefront. The attacks are linked to the Pakistan Intelligence Services ( ISI ) and to the ghost of Osama Bin Laden. That the event happening so close to Barrack Obama's inaugration reminds me of Joe Biden and Collin Powell comments regarding how the new President is going to be tested with internationally generated crisis ( Have blog about it-just refer to my previous posting). Is this another false flag operation?

The signs that this operations are well planned by other sophisticated intelligence apparatus are quite obvious. How come a terrorist group we never heard of, let alone knows what it is fighting for suddenly sprung out of nowhere with such sophistication to grab the world attention? They seems to have quite a huge resources with them. What is their agenda?

To immidiately blame the event to the Pakistan ISI is rather fishy because we know that the Pakistan ISI is the lap dog of CIA. They were funded and equipped by the CIA since 1980's. Even when 9-11 event took place in the US, the Pakistan ISI chief was in the White House having some discussion with Bush operative there. What a co incidence!

The sign that the war on terror is going to be expanded into Pakistan is already there . The next few weeks is crucial for us to give it a close attention to judge where all these are going to take us.
Things like this just dont happen accidently. They were made to happen for many reasons.

What are the reason?

Lets just wait and see..

p/s : picture published without consent from The Malaysian Insider. Note the gun man does'nt look typical alqaeda and his pants looked new...

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indera kencana said...

Ohh.. I didnt notice the picture. I thought the guy was you, walking down the streets of Mumbai (mana la tau kan... kot-kot dah beralih angin kat Bollywood).

I hope it isnt being too late to congratulate Shah Rukh Khan for his dato' honourship. I heard my boss told his colleagues two months ago, Shah Rukh was once had lived in Tapah for ten years until he was 15. Considering the long period of reside, he is in other way was a citizen of Malaysia. That reason is a way for malaysians not to argue why he should not deserves the dato' conferment from any state in this country. Betul ke AN? ke mamat tu buat lawak je kekekeke..