Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai Tragedy- update

Now there is another twist to the Mumbai tragedy. The terrorit are using Malaysian addresses ( and may be using Malaysian passport) and another information that at least one of the terrorist has been working for 10 months at the Taj Mahal hotel.

With information trickling down little by little, the background history of this barbaric act shall be unfold in due time and god willing like 9-11 they are trying to emulate, it will be shown that this is not done by Muslim.

My personal view is that, dont be surprised if this acts are done by the Indian nationals. Like my earlier posting I've said that the guy pictured by AFP does not look like typical Pakistanis or Al Qaeda, They looked more like urban Indian or Bangladeshis.

Secondly most telling is the thing that they wore on their wrist. The red thread on the wrist are normally worn by Hindus. India has its own Hindu Extremist, the RSS which have connection with our own Hindraf

Another interesting info is that few attackers have rented the room from Nariman House pretending to be Malaysian student which belong to jews? ( Jews renting the room to Muslim????) and that they stocked large pile of ammo and food in the room. Thats fishy...


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