Monday, December 15, 2008

The Evil Empire's Emperor has got a shoes Thrown at Him!

If you are alive, by now you should have known that the President of the United States- the greatest country in the world has been humiliated by a journalist who threw a size ten shoes at, but missed, the President. The incident has been broadcasted all over the world. (click here)

That, dear readers sum the feeling of the general Iraqis toward the country that 'liberated' them!. After spending more than USD 600 billion and 4000+ lives and tens more thousand of injured citizen, instead of getting flowers , The President of the Great United States got humiliated in front of world audience. Should those shiites be thankful to the country that set them free from the Tyrant Saddam? Why are they so despise the country that supposed to be their savior?

The answer is, The Great United Stated, in the course of 'liberating' Iraqis, has herself course a lot more death than the 'tyrant'! what an irony. The saddest thing is the 'liberator' has got nothing to show for their misadventure. Peaceful and Free Iraq? Modern and developed Iraq? Democratic and fair Iraq? Instead, Iraq as we know it might not exist in a few years time. The country might be broken into secterian teritory- The Kurdish state, The Sunni state and The Shiite state. I suspect that is the underlying objective of the occupation from the beginning.

With that and countless other misjudgement, the USA is now firmly in the place of the Soviet Union once occupied in the 80's. The dreaded Evil Empire. Got willing they might suffer the same fate of the USSR (click here).

P/s: My friend commented it is not fair for the journalist in question to compare Bush to dog, its not fair to the dog at all.

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indera kencana said...

He was lucky it wasnt eggs hurled at his face...