Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Holocoust is taking place in Gaza

The Barbaric Israelis Regime with the usual support of the Evil Empire (click here- please ask pelosi how many children have been killed by Hamas rocket?) is baring its fangs again. This time the poor Gaza population is the target (click here and here) . If it is done by the Israelis, maiming and killing women and children, it is justified in the name of self defense ( click here) .

Gaza in a modern day concentration camp. It has been starved to death by the Israelis blockade and made worst by the impotent Islamic Countries ( Malaysia Included) who chose to remain by the sideline and watches the fellow muslim etch a living and dying of hunger. With all the petro money blessed by The Almighty we chose to sit by. My God, these Islamic leaders have a lot to answer at the Mahsyar. (click here)

The fact is The Israelis are coward, they are afraid to fight fair and square, but that is nothing new, they have been doing this since the establishment of their illegal state ( there have never been exiled jews, its all myth - so they have no reason to return to that land, infact, it is suspected that the current palestinian are the original jews and have converted to Islam and christianity). and they always have a big bully to do their bidding. Hizbullah from lebanon have proven that the israelis was fighting like a girl ( click here). But the unfortunate thing is most Islamic countires leaders are sissies!

Where the fuck is Khairy Jamaluddin and that Mathir's Son or Khir Toyo? what are they doing? aint this the job of Pemuda UMNO? Why is our mainstream media so silent? Where is Najib?

The most unfortunate things happening to us muslim is that we have no balls. We have no balls to stand up united. God bless us with it the kind of inner strength to fight our enemies. But we are afraid because we all have lost that inner strength. Our ulama's who are so fond to issue fatwas on mundane things are silent and may be still looking for the right ayah's and suras to see what can be done. The fact is we Muslim are left alone to fend for our selves. The so called Christian countries wont lift a fingers to help even in the name of fairness. Remember the monster is the creation of the British and the American. Their sin of closing their eye to the jews holocoust put them in awkward position. We Muslim are paying for ironic.

Do we submit to the will of God and be slaughtered like our brothers and sisters in Gaza? We will suffer the same fate if we continue to keep quiet.

This is ethnic cleansing (click here). This is the Gaza Holocaust (click here).


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