Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out of This World!

Today we are going to talk about something totally out of this world!.

Its seems NASA has found a hot spot for methane gas emission in Mars.

Although Methane can be found naturally by the methanogenesis and other natural process,Methane gas is also formed by anaerobic decay of ORGANIC MATTER. It is a kind of gas produced by living organism. What is the major methane gas producing animal on earth? COW. Now I'm not saying there are bunchs of cows on Mars. What make the scientist exited is that the one they found on mars is localized plumes which faded quickly. This mean the gas is produced by an active sources. An active sources here can be of biological origin.

Incidently NASA has also found presence of ice water just below the surface of MARS. Hey, MARS even has snow!. All the indicators to proof existence of life are there. But there's still a long way to go. Here we salute the polar lander which went silence and propably be done already.

Suppose one can eventually find a living organism or trace of them in the form of bacteria or other single cell organism, it means there are abundant of other life form on other planet or galaxies. Wow...what a prospect! finally we are not alone!


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indera kencana said...

And our future generation would either have MARS "sitizensip" once the scientists set up the first human colony on the surface of the red planet. Isnt that great?

Earth citizens, Jupiter citizens...