Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bleak, bleak 2009 for the world

By now its not news anymore, anyone who care enough, read it or heard it somewhere. The globe is trotting downward and shall remain bottom for quite a a while before it move upward again. This time the shit is not confine to certain location, it impacts cah be felt every where even if u resides in a cave in Tora Bora.

This downturn is expected to be bigger, deeper and reach wide spectrum of economies. In short it is the breakdown of the real economy. Dont be surprised if Dow Jones Industrial Index plunge to 6000+ points and our BSKL CI down to 500+ point!. The point is the worst is yet to come.

Most of us in Malaysia is somewhat oblivious of whats in store and everybody seems to go about doing things as though nothing is going to happen. I dont blame them as the mainstrean news paper and our leaders kept feeding us with positves outlook. But for ordinary folks like us , there is nothing much we can do really, other than waiting for the inevitable. Except preparing our selves in term of savings ( which we cannot really sure whether it is safe enough in the bank), managing our resources and thinking about plan B-should our main source of income dried up.
If the world auto industry going kaput, we can also assume our Proton shall face the same faith, with bank struggling to adjust the cost and shipping and other major industry facing downhill, we can assume there shall be many thousand lay off.
In 1997 financial crisis is confined to Asean dan Korea, but we recover fast because demand for our products are still there. But this time around the biggest user of our products is in dire health. Man we might catches serious flu!
But despair not, because in every crisis there will be ample opportunity for those who are well prpepared. This is where those who have money shall make more money by buying real asset that are on firesale. So the richer get richer and those who overspent their earning shall have their sell even their pants they are wearing -figuratively speaking of course.
got any money?
Any idea?

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