Thursday, October 16, 2008

Malaysia ku

I. The economy

I'm scared really. The worst 'deep and long' recesssion is staring at the world biggest economy but our so called leaders said we don't need an alternative plan as we are fundamentally strong and will not get suck into the turbulence.

If I'm not mistaken when Mexico and Argentina was hit by the speculator's in 1995, economist sounded the alarm bell saying Asean could be next but we steadfastly said our fundamentals are strong. 1997 came and the rest of the story as they say is history.

Singapore and New Zealand are technically in recession and yet we said we are not going to be affected by that. How reassuring is that? The US and Singapore are among our largest trading partner, when they go into recession they surely are not buying as much product than before, surely this has an impact on our economy. The alternative plan that we asked for is a plan to mitigate this problem should it happen? PM Abdullah already gave a hint that certain projects shall be shelved if the economy slows down. Is it not a plan?

Well my Professor once told me, no system is still a system. Can we say no plan is still a plan?
We surely did not plan to fail...just simply fail to plan.

II. The short story

Now what is this brouhaha about a cerpen. An assasination of a politician? Is the writer shall i say plain dumb ass or we as Malay are already lost our intelligence and are so desparate to hold on to our ketuanan?.

Assassination of political figure is not the norm in this country and let keep it that way. To insinuate even in cerpen is not right at all. If its true that YB J is so Anti Melayu like so many Chinese Chauvinist out there, there are ways and means that we Malay could retaliate but killing them is not one of it, believe me.

And what about the over reaction on part of our Chinese Friends?. When Nam Wee insult the National Anthem and the Malays, you said it he just being creative. Now why can't u accept that the writer is just being creative. Why is the double standard?

III. The Hindraf story

Dear YB Syed Hamid, do u seriously believe by banning Hindraf things might get better? on the contrary, banning Hindraf might push them underground to become subversives and strengthen the racial sentiment that they already posses.

Our Indian brothers have long been the victim of their own community leaders and the caste system that they practiced and to make it worst the bumiputra policy that side line them even if many of them in dire need of support. They lack self support system that the chinese and to certain extent the Muslim have. The Malays have a Baitulmal to which Muslims pays zakat to. The Baitulmal in turn assist the unfortunate in soceity.This is in addition of government assistance. The Chinese have a wide array of association ready to play their part in their community.

We should be honest with ourself, MIC and IPP and even PPP all have failed to uplift the Indian Communtiy. I think we better take a new approach in our effort to help them. For a start why not expand the facility of TEKUN and AIM to assist them opening up small business, Quota for small contract perhaps?

The Indian Issues are mainly the Tamil issues as many other Malaysian Indian of other etnic origin are doing quite well in Malaysia but are not doing enough for their community


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