Thursday, October 23, 2008

Citizens of the world - fasten your seat belt. Its going to be a rough rides.

Yes sir, The United Sates of America is running amok. If this news and this one are to be taken at face value then we are in for a rough rides. With the economy is expected to be on the downside for the next 3-5 years, international crisis - artifcially generated somemore, is the last thing we need. Or may be it is the first thing that the USA needs in order to remain relevant as the world superpower and to save the dying empire.
Now since the words are out, let see what are the possible scenarios;
1. US will impose martial law on their own country because of free falling economy and that they are technically insolvent and will not able to pay their debt. Their foreign debt runs into trillions and might have to default on their debts. See this analysis.
2. Nuclear war with Iran. This has been long anticipated and has been the agenda of the neo cons in the white house. Both the Presidential Candidates knew that who ever is the President of the US shall have to make this choice. Iran as we know is not Iraq. They have backing from Russia and Syria. Anyway, we all know what the out come of US Shock and awe tactic. The problem for the US will start the moment their personnel steps in Iran's territories. Most probably the war will spread all over Middle East. If the US win we shall see a new map of middle east. If the US win. This strategy is well published. Just look further in the net.
3. War with Russia. This is geo political and geo economic power struggle. The Red Bear knew whats Uncle Sam is up to. They have been watching nervously since the US started their Missiles Defence Shield program. The US has been surrounding the Russian Federation with Missile launcher and sophisticated radar in Poland and the Republic Chezch. Then come South Ossetia's conflict in which Russia smoothly overran Georgia's army which has been trained by the Israelis and US contractor. Russia has taken a pro active steps by sending their nuclear attack ship to the US backyard.
4. War with Pakistan. It is known that the US despise any Muslim nation having nuclear arm. It is also well known that the US cannot win in Afghan as long as the taleban can hide in mountaineous region inside Pakistan. The Fact is that Pakistan is in the abyss. It is technically insolvent and need to be rescued by IMF. We all know IMF is a parasitic organization. It wont help any nation that does not succumb to its wants and needs.
5.War with China?..Nahh...Even the tough talking American knew not to disturb the sleeping Dragon with 1 Billion people at her disposal!!!
There you are folks, all the possible scenarios that might be generated by the US to remind the world there are still THE power to beat.

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