Thursday, October 23, 2008

Malaysiaku 3

The 'suing' story
Like Rocky Bru said in his posting YB Theresa Kok is out to create a record of sort by suing parties that she deemed defamed her. She worth her reputation to be hundreds of million of Ringgit( Does Politician of both side valued that much?). And this came from the same people who champion freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
When the tables are turned they behave just like the people they are condemning. My God, I just can't imagine when this sort of people are in power. They'll be just like UMNO. Paku Dulang Paku Serpih.
Come on YB-Kalau takut bermain ombak usah berumah di tepi pantai. Since DAP are now ardent critiques of Malay Sastera I reckon they understand the meaning of that peribahasa.
The 'ISA' story
And this is from my MCA's delegate who call for ISA to be used against Khairy for statement on 'Biasiswa' and their leaders response who said the grassroot has the right to voice their opinion. I am in full agreement with that statement. The problem is why then when UMNO's grassroot dish out their grassroot views they are then viewed as non appropriate for national unity?
And the so called the 'Muhibbah' Party
Ever heard of Parti Gerakan's aim to project a more multi racial face to the nation. What happen then?. And more interesting thing is their leaders response " that the party chose the more talented, more experience and the selection is based on meritocracy"?
He he he... i heard that one before. When I was with a chinese dominated MNC before, they selected a lowly qualified Chinese candidate over a better qualified Bumi's for promotion and they gave the same excuse for their justification.
The Chinese always demand justice and fairness but their action speaks otherwise. Yet it is the Bumis who are rascist. This sense of superiority complex is embededd in their genes.
Salam hormat.

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