Wednesday, February 4, 2009

US Urges IRAN To Become 'Productive' Member of The World

This has to be the funniest statement yet from the new Secretary of State Mdm Hillary Clinton. Of course I would expect more of such statement/s shall come out from her ( click here). What would you expect of the biggest bully who pretend they still rule the neighbourhood.

What does she mean by 'Productive'? Kow towing to the whims and fancies of the US, Israel and EU? Stopping all nuclear related activities regardless as to whether it was for peaceful purpose or not? Stopping all missilles development? Stopping sending sattelite into orbit?

The Iranian government has the responsibility to protect itself from outside threat and it has the responsibilty to develop itself to the best of her ability. The Iranian government need to protect its people, its resources from outside plunderer. That is a productive goverment. If they don't, the fate of Iraq awaits them. This they fully understand.

The US government should stop pretending that they are the 'beacon' of freedom and democracy. This is one government that never respect freedom and democracy. Not if it not according to their wish anyway.

There are so many documented misadventure of covert operation carried out by this rogue nation to takedown lawfully elected government all over the world that is not toeing their line, including in Iran.

Iran has also been accused of sponsoring terrorism but the biggest sponsor of terrorism is the United State itself. The biggest irony is that they have unleashed untold amount of horror and terror in the name of war against terror (click here). But yet the consider it just and justified.

They blame religion extremist who killed in the name of GOD yet they have President who heard GOD voices! and now they are going to teamed up with GOD chosen people to send second wave of global war on terror (click here).

Mdm Secretary is fully aware that the most unproductive and the most destructive country in the world is the country she is representing.

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