Thursday, February 12, 2009

UMNO- For the Good of The Country Stop Dragging our Royals into Partisan Politics.

I think all political parties especially UMNO should stop using our monarch as political pawn to win support (click here) . If you support the Royals, just send them a postcard!. Tell them how much you like /admire/ support, what ever. But please dont turn the issue into political platform for the Calons to garner votes.

Our Sultan should be apolitical in every respects, and every body should respect their neutrality. He should be respected by all so that his deeds or words can be seen as neutral and accepted by all party. The moment he is seen as partisan, his words and deeds shall not be respected and accepted as can be seen in the recent fiasco. If you want them to be unifying symbol he has no choice but to be a political. So that he can be seen as a fair and balance referee.

UMNO has it own share of 'disloyalty' and its history with the Royals are not squeaky clean. So the best way to show 'undivided loyalty' is to just leave the Royals alone.


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