Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meanwhile the Nation Continue to Slide....

While some of us sees the coming by election as divine intervention , so that they can finally prove who among them are the politician of choice , I see the upcoming election as an unnecessary distraction from our main task. That is to steer this country safely out of the impending economic tsunami that is about to hit our shores. We bicker endlessly, while the fire engulfing the world is spreading far and wide.

The continuous bickering will split the nation, dividing us further and taking our attention away from the real and present danger. Then come the by election. Another weeks of endless accusations and counter accusations, another weeks of empty rhetoric by both divide.

While we busy ourselves deciding and demanding who among us should be stripped off their citizenship and who should be banished while conveniently forgetting that we ourselves are guilty of the same conduct one too many times, the country slide ever deeper into the unknown. While we busy ourselves with who committed derhaka and who do not

While other countries have taken steps to soften the impact of unprecedented world financial and economic collapse, we pretend that every thing will be OK and went back to sleeping mode. We continue doing what we do best, that is to bicker among us. We convinced ourselves that we have done enough and nothing out of ordinary shall happen.

While we have the luxury of bickering about different ideology and interpretion of the rule of law, we forgot that if we are not careful, the day will come where we will have to fight for food to put on our table. When that day finally come, the rule of law will take a backseat. When people go hungry, no home to go to, no cloth to put on. no rule of law will apply except law of survival.

I would like to call upon BN and Pakatan to stop all this nonsense and start discussing ways and means to prepare the nation for the impact of the coming collapse. From what i gather its not going to be routine cyclical downturn, it is going to be nasty and it is going to be bad. Europe is facing Iceland style of bancruptcy with Britain as the main candidate (link here). China already admit that its going to hit them hard (link here). Singapore has admitted that they are in the worst recession ever (link here). One of my Singaporean friend on visit here commented that Malaysian seem so content and not worry a bit about world economy heading south. Oh yes that is because we busy ourself with BN and Pakatan!

Be Prepared for worldwide food shortage

To compound this problem the world is facing food crisis. this is due to combining factors, notably a) Severe drought in USA, China and Australia and South America- The world major agriculture producer b) Credit crunch makes it harder for farmers to get loan to start new operation c) Rising cost of fertlizer

The world is heading for a huge drop in agriculture products output , estimated to be about 40%!. (Read it all here). If this happen as predicted, we are in for a really rude shock.

In the meantime, sleep well my dear friend...


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shahpaskal said...

Rasa-rasa memang macam tu attitude kita. Pada tahun kegawatan ekonomi 1997 dulu, saya ada terbaca satu artikel dari luar negara mengenai impak kemelesetan ekonomi ke atas negara kita.

Dia kata orang Malaysia seolah-olah tidak ambil pusing dengan masalah itu. Kehidupan macam biasa walaupun aktiviti jual beli kereta agak merundum.

Kesan kemelesetan ekonomi pada republik itu maha dasyat, kes bunuh diri ini mendadak tetapi di negara ini, keadaan tenag-tenang sahaja.

Rakyat Singapura sendiri hairan dengan sikap orang Malaysia.