Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going for War with Iran?

Let me start my posting with an apology for my bad english. But since this posting is about impending international event, I will 'redah je'. So bear with me...

I dont like war, aren't we all? But if you read all the news ( at face value or between the line) re nuclear Iran, you will realise that this Persian Nation is putting itself on the verge of War with the world's biggest bully and its cohorts simply because it want to assert its right to have a nuclear technology. On the face of it you have a straight forward case of western civilization wanting to stop nuclear Iran from destroying the world ( You just dont trust the mullah with a nuclear bomb in their arsenal do you?), but if you went futher and read between the line, you understand that this not about all that. Its about someone wanted to dominate the world with- out their opponent putting up a fight. Its like a boxer wanted to win a fight with his opponent gagged and tied. Thats why they are called BULLY in the first place

If Iran were to be subjugated, it will complete the jigsaw puzzle, the complete control of the Caspian Basin and the control of the world most precious natural resources for a long time. Russia will be completely surrounded and isolated!

But I tell you that the brave New World would not has the ball to attack Iran on a level playing field. With their space age technology, they cannot even tame the stone age Afghan!.

Strategically, Iran has to arm it self even with nuclear weapon!. It would be stupid and blunderous on their part if they do not do so. Why are the western world is deafeningly silence on nuclear Israel? If you want a nuclear free region, strip off every nation in the world of nuclear arms. But logic and common sense have never been a factor in their calculation. Greed is.

So where are we heading? I believe we are heading into war. Nothing can stop those blood thirsty power grabber. But can they win complete control of Iran and the region? That is another matter altogether. The Persians are not those to let go without a fight. Remember the Shah? with all the support he had from his friends in the new world, he still fell. Remember Saddam? he has superior weapon supplied by the New World yet he could not take even an inch of Iran.

But if the New World do proceed with their plan, then we shall see a turning point in the history of mankind. But remember what God said in the Quran - " They scheme and God scheme but God is the better schemer" or something to that effect.

We do lives in an interesting time aren't we?


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