Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bar Council Conversion Forum

Me think we Muslim need to start talking with level head. If we are the peaceful, tolerant nation that we claim to be, we NEED to listen to other people grouses. Those barbaric deeds and words displayed in protesting blew away the notion that we are trying to project.

We must acknowledge that non muslim have some issues pertaining to their kin's conversion to Islam. That these issues have not been satisfactorily attended to by our present government and that they perceive, they are unfairly treated by Shariah Court. Complicating these issues are the fact the administration of Islam is under the individual ruler of each states, thus there are no standard operating procedure nor uniform precedent to fall back to when issues arises.

Fairness itself is subjective matter. What is fair to one party may not be fair to the other . Suppose a Muslim convert die just after his conversion. What will happen to his asset and property? What will happen to his non muslim wife and children? Do we 'waqaf' his asset to the baitulmal and let his family fend for themselves?

A renegade husband may convert simply for the purpose of avoiding to pay for financial support to his former wife and kids. This is the kind of scenario happening whether we like it or not. These are things that we Muslim must address without delay. We cannot close our eyes forever, we must have the will to sort things out.

We always said Islam Is Simple ( Islam itu Mudah ). No, it is not simple to the non muslim, they just don't understand how simple is simple. We didn't make simple for them.

So, Risking the ire of those oppose to the forum, I call upon my fellow Muslim Brothers in PPIM ( Muslim Lawyers Association- formerly Headed by Minister Zaid), JAKIM and IKIM to take a lead by organising a forum/muzakarah/ijtimak-whatever you call it to adress this matter. If there is/are already provision/s in our shariah law pertaining to that matter, publish it for general consumption so that everybody is aware.

Peace always....


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