Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is the Vaccine Industry the Next Bubble to lift United State out of the financial quicksand?

It is a certain fact that United States is slowly sinking in a huge financial mess. If this problem is faced by other country, I'm sure that poor country is down to her knees already. But this is no ordinary country. This is too big to fail country.

What ever it is the US need a miracle to lift her out of this mess. The great country need something to generate it economy. Remember the dot com bubble and the housing bubble? They are the bubbles created to save US from the sagging economy.

United State unfortunately , does not have any productive or meaningful manufacturing capabality to compete with the rest of the world other then its cars (gone already) and military industrial complex. They thought by focusing to be the world financial centre, they are able to control the world. But United State is like a great magician. She still possessed something up her sleeves, she has not run out of ammo.

The United States still have a competitive edge in term of technology . She has something that other countries still lack. She still has a well developed biological war fare technology. Now they have better terms for this . Its Bio defense!.

The United States has painstakingly collected all the fatal viruses found all over the world. They have almost a complete collection of known fatal viruses. Infact the net is full of written analysis of United States ability to conduct a bio warfare. If you read the Tom Burghard article (i repost it below) regarding US bio weapon industry you will now that they are capable of creating a global crisis!.

'Nothing happened by accident'. This rather old cliche sum up all the happening in world now . It is not a co incidence when H1N1 struck the world just after the United State almost fell to its knees. H1N1 which was born out of a combo of Spanish Flu Virus, Avian Flu Virus and Human Virus through a technic called gene splicing could not have come out of a pig farm from Mexico. Give the swine a break man.

World Health Organization predicted that as many as 2 billion people will be affected by H1N1 by 2011(click here). That is many billion dollar vaccination program. What if the world is hit by all kind flu one after another?. After all what is the need of all that collection if you end up a failed state like the Soviet?

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zaidi ali said...

Salam Sdr KJ.
Sepertimana 'conventional global warfare' menaikkan ekonomi AS melalui penjualan senjata, begitu jugalah 'biological warfare' yang akan melariskan produk 'anti-viral' mereka!

This is a multi-trillion industry where:

1) viruses can be posted in an envelope and mailed to any continent. It'll spread by itself without bloodshed.
2) Cost of vaccination is much more higher compared to cost of F16 fighter (for defence). We're talking about USD100 per gram OR USD100,000,000 per tonne cost of anti-viral.

My estimation is that 90% of Malaysian population HAVE ALREADY BEEN infected by H1N1. The more swine-based food we consumed, the more vulnerable we are to H1N1.

Thank you for HDC and JAKIM for their HALAL certifications on swine-based emulsifiers (E series) consumed by Muslims in most chocolates, cereals, ice-cream etc.
They should be blamed for 'certification-without knowledge'.

Each and everyone of us may have the swine genetic (damn bloody good house for H1N1) in our flesh and blood. Our body will detox/flush swine-genes after a week, unless we keep on consuming swine-based food.

The only way for us to become invulnerable is that confine, refrain (from non-halal derivatives) and pray to almighty Allah.