Thursday, November 26, 2009

Terror of 2010

The year 2010 will be remembered as the year of terror in which the axis of satan comprising US/Israel/Nato will wreak havoc in Muslim Country. Just look at Pakistan, mired in unending cycle of violent perpetrated by CIA with assistance mercenary organization Xe (previosly balckwater). It has been reported openly that Xe is operating in Pakistan (click here).

If u read newspaper today there is a small news buried deep saying that a Mossad Trainee was cought practising putting a plastic bomb under a car in Jurusalem! (click here) . Now imagine a spy agency practising that kind of thing in their own country. Its going to be violent!. Who's going to get the blame? The Muslim for sure!. That meant alot of car bomb occuring in Muslim countries especially in Pakistan are not done by homegrown terrorist but terrorist operating under the umbrella of CIA/MOSSAD.

Now the Saudis have signed an defense agreement with the US against external threat. I suspect the US will use the Saudis as its pawn in its geopolitical war against Iran. Since Saudis has been attacking the Houthis in Yemen (Houthis are shiite supported by Iran), I suspect US will us this excuse to attack Iran should the Nuclear gambit failed.

Its not going to be cosy going forward 2010. Since the US is now deeper into the financial black hole, they need a reason to get them out of this shit fast.MI6 (British Intel ) and China predicted the Federal reserves of America will collapse as early as next year! (click here) .

If you look closely also, you will notice that the US has aligned themselves closely with India. The way CNN glamourised their State Banquet honoring Manmohan Singh you will know that India is important to US. India will become the US Sheriff in that region.

In the meantime listen to Gerald Celente :

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