Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Big Satans are at it again

These big Satans never stop. These so called bearer of freedom and democracy that actually never a freedom fighter. When he talks about truly popularly based government in Iran , he was not talking about a government which is popular with its people, he was talking about a government which is popular with the American. A government that serve the American interest. He was talking about a government head that will do their bidding.

Mahmud Ahmedinijad was elected with 60% votes. More than twice of that of his nearest opponent. Yet this election was declared a fraud without any shred of evidence. And this came from a guy who's President was once determined by a fraud voting system!. Nobody talk about regimes change then.

But what can u expect from a Nation that invade other nation based on fabricated evidence!

I resign to the fact that Iran will be their next target for a coward war fought from a distance. Wages by a bancrupt nation to save their skin. But believe me the war will never be about freedom and democracy. But if they cannot win in Iraq, they will never win in Iran. These Big Satans will just dig a big hole for themselves. Kiling and maiming women and children in the process.

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