Monday, March 21, 2011

The Stupid Arab Leaders are Slaughtering their own people

When The Arab Gulf States Lead by Saudis asked for a no Fly Zone against Libya,there is a sense of disbelief on many part of the Muslim world. Who are they trying to con? While they slaughter hundreds of people in Manama and in Yemen in an open killing field not a single evidence from Libya of the 'Civilian Casualties', yet it is Libya who was being punished heavily by the ever ready 'democratic crusader'.

Granted Gaddafi is no angle and he should have step down to make way for a people led democracy. But doesn't the same logic applies to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait, Jordan and Syria. These moronic Sultans and Kings should step down and allow full fledge democracy to take place or there should be no fly zone imposed!

But the reality of the Muslim world today is not fairness and democracy. The Kings and Sultans do not care for their people's welfare, they are just a bunch of plunderer just like Gaddafi, Mobarak or Zain El Abidin. They deserve the same treatment that the three morons get.

In the mean time There shall be more wars in the Islamic world. This is what the western world is looking for. To divert attention from their collapsing economy, by plundering the Muslim nation's wealth. So the bounties will go from one plunderers hand to another! This is not about people of LIBYA! once this is over the LIBYAN will still suffer as there are under Gaddafi.

Look at Iraq after she was freed from the tyrant. She was raped and brutalised by other form of tyrant and given to other group of tyrants!.

In the meantime the moronic Kings and Sultans still have more time to plunder before the masses start to rise again.

If France, Britain and USA are really honest about democracy to the people, the should impose no fly zone all over the Arab world.

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sham said...

Good title. The world is controlled by the Jews using USA as a proxy. The only way to overcome their control is not by conventional war, but by economic war. The best possible thing to do is, get rid of double headed arab leaders. Give power to the people. Get rid of puppet governments and then join China as it allies. Since China is gonna be a huge economic giant, the USA and the west will come to the knees if the Arabs work closely with the Chinese. The biggest problem in Arab world is, most Arab leaders are puppet government who are driven by greed.Eg Saudi who wanna join USA to attack IRAN. So give the power back to people and intellectuals and not to some fat arses sheiks who call themself as kings.