Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hints on what lies in the future

Have a look at this you tube video . Its an interview between Glen Back of Fox news and Congressman Ron Paul. Congressman Ron Paul is known for his relentess opposition to the on going manipulation of America's financial system by a certain group of crooked individuals.

What is interesting is that a few statement made by George Soros, Murdoch as quoted by Beck and Mr Paul himself.

1.Collapse of American financial system is comparable to collapsed of Soviet system. The ends (??)is coming

2. Nations will will be redefine in this period

3. Realignment of USA

4. Attempt to control the world natural resources by certain group

5. One World Government

These statement are made in public by people of high position . These people knows or at least have better ideas of whats coming in near future.

Now Listen to Max Keiser

Bob Chapman - International Forecaster

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