Monday, September 8, 2008

Selamat Menduduki Peperiksaan UPSR anakku...

Tomorrow my only daughter shall sit for her UPSR exam.

Here mum and dad wish you all the best. Be calm, try your best and dont worry about the result. Whatever happen you still our sweet little princess.

I know you have been preparing hard for this one. You have been to tuitions, seminars and motivational sessions organised by your school/tuition center. I also know that you are confident about getting 5As but in the mean time worry about not achieving your target.

What mum and dad did in the last few months are to push you to toil hard. This is simply because in our eyes you are capable of achieving the best. You have the brain and tenacity to achieve it. But believe us, its still ok if you didn't make it. You have tried and we have done our part. We have no intention of turning you into trophy child, something that we can brag about...

Despair not my child, if you missed this one, it doesnt make a dent in your future, the road is still long and winding. Many steps more have to be taken, many oceans to be crossed and this is just a small hurdle.

Should you get what you want in this one, please not be too happy, like mum and dad said, this just a small steps in thousands of steps to come. This one just proof that you can do it and capable of going higher and better.

Once again be calm and enjoy yourself. Our prayers are with you .

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