Monday, September 15, 2008

Headless Cock Running This Country? (updated)

This is the impression given by our leaders who despite their rhetorics failed to provide meaningful direction and kept feeding us with half bake measure. Even their actions and words are not consistent. They flip flop from one position to another in a blink of an eye.
I mean when a government take action and make any policies there should be an underlying reason or phylosophy that necessitate the action. So that the people can grasp where the government is taking us and what the government is trying to do and what kind of results are expected.
But when you start doing things that are not thoroughly thought of and then backtrack so suddenly you just simply demonstrate how confuse you are and how easily tamed a government can be.

Pak Lah should decide what he wants to be. If he wants to be a dictator than be one!. If he wants to be a moderate than act like one. He cannot be both!. The Country needs a leader who has a vision of where he is going. Who can articulate his leadership phylosophy. We cannot have ad hoc leaders leading us in time of uncertainty. I mean if he is so unable to think for himself why can't he has a council of people to provide input for him to base his decision?
Its better to have iron fisted ruler who know how to rule and run a nation than to have a moderate/liberal ruler who is weak and easily taken advantage of! It is really embarassing to have leaders who are clueless and dont have a clue about what happening on the ground.
The recent ISA fiasco is case in point. If you want the police to do their job let them do their job, you dont meddle in the middle and hamper their operation. If you reversed their decision they will be seen a your tool whereas they suppose to be independent of political consideration.
Now everything is way too late to do damage control. Beside losing the battle of the mind, UMNO lost more ground to the Opposition. Day by day its look more tenable for DSAI and his gang to take over. This amateurish behavior really pissed me of.
What the headless cock been doing lately?

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