Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The most trumpeted date is now before us. Will DSAI make good of his words? or just another empty talk which is not uncommon of him.
Will the headless cock just let DSAI snatch the power from his weak and trembling hand? Well we still have a few more hours to see what is going to happen to this country. We all know what the reaction of the Non Malay population will be..but what about the reaction of the critical mass of this country ...the Malay. Will there be just mute reaction of seeing their leaders defect? or react terribly to the changes?
If the change in government do take place then the headless cock shall go down in history as the first UMNO PM to vacate power to the opposition. A record no one want to be tied to. Should that happen UMNO shall lose face, if there is any left. Malays who lost their dignity can be very emotional. Remember the word amok came from Malay word.
The country is in a catch 22 situation. If the status quo remain, the country shall be lead by a headless cock who refused to stand down until after the country is down the drain. With the level of resentment from major part of the population the country shall be in boiling hot condition. What with the world is now facing economic and political turmoil. The country would be facing long economic recession. A recipe for another 13-May tragedy.
If DSAI did takes over and he quickly reorganised the cabinet to suit his backer and make drastic changes the country is not ready for, another form of resentment will quickly build up. What with the attitude of certain Chinese and Indian Chauvinist who like to thump their chest in victory and start political action deem insentive to the general Malay perception. Not to mention UMNO reaction in playing with Malay sentiment. We saw what Ahmad Ismail did. Unless he gave a major role to PAS in order to neutralise UMNO. Only PAS has the capablity to neutralise UMNO. But the problem is even in PAS there are faction who oppose DSAI taking over.
Generally its not going to be smooth sailing for DSAI, he has many sworn enemies still in government services and this people will not let him simply trample all over them . The pressure will come from all fronts ( and backs).
My take is DSAI would not be able to take over, but UMNO must quickly throw this bloody headless cock out the window together with all the ass lickers and quickly appoint other than Najib to take over. Eitherway the nation is in ruin. Time is running out fast.

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