Monday, October 8, 2012

160 New Species Found On Malaysian Peak

About 160 new species have been discovered on a mountain in Borneo, researchers reported Thursday.

Fungi and spiders dominate the new species on Mount Kinabalu, the Malaysian and Dutch researchers said, but there are also new beetles and snails on the creature list and ferns on the plant list.

A frog the researchers found may also prove to be new once DNA testing is done, they said.
“While the detailed scientific work will take years, we already know that many of these species are new to science,” researcher J√≥zsef Geml said in a press release.

The discovery of new species is always one of the most exciting things for me to read about. It’s amazing to take a look at some mysterious creature, and know that just a short time ago no one knew it existed.  Beuatiful.

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