Friday, November 25, 2011


Who said DAP are meritocratic based party? they are not what they potrayed themselves to be. They are Chinese Supremacy Party. They are much more xtreme than other race based parties such as UMNO, MCA or MIC and lately they cannot hid themselves any more. Where is Namewee? Where is the fucking song about Racist Chinese? If he can come with a song every time a Malay insult a Chinese, where is your song now?

Every Human Right Group came fighting in droves when a School Priciple ask certain swollen headed Chinese trash to go back to China when they make a fucking noise. And now this Bastard can easily cursed and ask somebody to go back to their homeland.

This is what their Sifu thought them in 1969 when they asked the Malay to Balik Kampung tanam jagung. The mentality has not changed since 1969.

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