Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Form of Colonisation has begun

First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq and soon Libya and after that maybe Pakistan and Iran. The fisrt three are resource rich and the Pakistan is the only Muslim Nation with Nuclear warhead and Iran as we know is the strongest Muslim Nation in term of military power and the one that has balls to stand up to the village bullies. All are Muslim populated. What a nice co incidence.

Afghanistan is rich with mineral (click here) and its location is strategically important to control the Caspian basin. Iraq and Libya are literally sits on ocean of oil .The conquest of Pakistan and Iran shall complete the control of world oil reserve and this give enough reason for western nation on the brink of economic collapse to start a new form of colonisation in the name of protecting their economic interest.

The fate of these poor Muslims shall be determined by a hand full of white christian operating under human right , equality and enviromental banner and these stupid Muslims ( me included) have no answer to all the ridiculous charges.

Malaysia and Indonesia have been under constant attack of the tree hugging people afraid of deforestation and death of orang utan and doesnt give a hoot about poor population suriviving on 1 dollar a day. Its just a matter of time when they will invade Malaysia and Indonesia under pretext of protecting the rainforest and bio diversity of the world. If they can invade Libya under the thinnest of excuse than nothing stopping them from doing the same to Malaysia and Indonesia with the same flimsiest excuse.

Of course if they do that without stirring up the Muslim population they will do it. They achieve this by controlling the leader of the nation trough various means and tactics. We can see the pattern in Gulf States whereby those tyrant are left alone as long as they support the agenda of the West.

China and Russia are still not strong enough to provide the counter balance. Meanwhile the Muslim Nation shall be under colonisation once again until Muslims start to wakes up to the reality. The sad part is that we have no real leader to provide the direction and fractured nature of the Muslim shall ensure the West have control for the next 100 years!.

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