Wednesday, December 29, 2010

9 Prediction for 2011

1. The U.S. will implement QE3/4 when the $600 billion of QE2 is not enough (already it is not enough as admitted by the Fed’s chairman Benjamin Shalom Bernanke recently on CBS’ 60 Minutes). Except it won’t be called as such in the lamestream media. QE3/4 will be in the trillions of U.S. dollars (USD) of quantitative easing, i.e., fake digital money printing from the Fed to sop up unwanted U.S. Treasuries. The unstated and ONLY purpose of QE2 and QE3/4 is to buy up all of the U.S. Treasury debts that the foreign nations are beginning to refuse to buy while they are quietly dumping what they possess on the U.S. and world markets in exchange for real and tangible assets and resources.

2. The major export nations like China, Russia, Brazil, India, Argentina, and others will engage in and increase their non USD-denominated trading among themselves, as exemplified by the recent China-Russia trade agreements whereby they would start trading in Rubles and Yuans, and not use USD as is typically transacted in international trades for commodities and oil. This will put increasing devaluation pressures on the USD. So, look forward to the US Dollar Index to drop further from the low 80s now to the low 70s or even lower in 2011.

3. Retail food prices in the U.S. will increase in the low to medium DOUBLE digit ranges (10% to 40%) for everything from the junk/GMO “foods” served by corporations like McDonald’s to healthy/organic foods supplied by companies like Whole Foods Market. This will take place noticeably in the first half of 2011.

4. The real estate market in Canada will finally begin its collapse suddenly after the new year celebrations are over, mimicking the real estate crash of the U.S. that began in late 2008. Over heated markets like Vancouver will suffer the most as the average house price there is around $1 million Canadian (the Canadian dollar is almost on par with the USD). The average homeowner in Vancouver is spending about 70% of its BEFORE-tax income on paying mortgages. This financial situation is totally unsustainable. To illustrate a parallel, past example why it is going to be the case: In 2005, the “median” California family spent almost 73% of their AFTER-tax income on their “median” California house ($477,700), and look what happened to the real estate market in California. A 50+% devaluation of the Vancouver real estate market is very likely over the next 1-3 years. But the crash will begin in early half of 2011.

5. The Chinese real estate market, the last investment vehicle in China for those Chinese with money, will also begin its collapse suddenly, hitting hard cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Fuzhou, etc. According to a very recent article by UK’s Daily Mail Online, there are as many as 64 MILLION empty homes in China with no one occupying these brand new homes! This China real estate crash will have serious implications for the real estate market in Vancouver. There won’t be m/any Chinese millionaires plunking down $1+ million CASH for buying real estate in Vancouver, as has been the case over the recent years.

6. Inflation will run rampant in China as it is already doing so with retail food prices. See my recent article ( as to the real causes of huge inflation in China. Unless China allows its Yuan to appreciate (increase in value) against the ever falling USD, rampant inflation in China will continue its course unabated. If China allows its Yuan to appreciate by any significant amount (7% or more), such an action will DECIMATE its export industries and manufacturers, because of the extremely thin profit margins that their exporters have to work with. China will raise its interest rates to try to stop inflation but that will not do the job. In fact, raising interest rates will only cause more foreign currencies to go into China in search of higher yields, unless China imposes strict restrictions on the importation of foreign currencies and investments.

7. The EU will continue its financial collapse, as nations like Spain, Portugal, and Italy will join Greece and Ireland in facing the stark choice between (Option 1) bailing out THEIR banksters or (Option 2) having THEIR nation go bankrupt. The IMF/World Bank model of “rescuing” these EU nations were perfected on the so-called Third World nations such as Argentina (viz., John Perkins’ book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”). In 2001, Argentina defaulted on its IMF loans, i.e., it was forced to take Option 2, and its people suffered tremendously as the majority of its middle class was literally wiped out overnight. The Banksters in Argentina (with such strange and exotic names like JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, etc.) were able to fly out their billions of USD on private jets before the forced conversion and devaluation of the Argentina pesos/savings were implemented on the masses. Millions of Argentineans keep their savings as USD in their banks before the collapse. When the forced conversion and devaluation of those USD savings were imposed on its citizens, the banks were closed and ATMs withdrawals were limited to a few hundred pesos (less than $50 USD) per person per day. Overnight, Argentineans saw their savings lose over 75% in value (the peso went from 1:1 to 4:1, requiring 4 pesos to buy 1 USD overnight). And then the multi-national corporations came in like financial vultures and bought up the natural resources and public utilities for pennies on the USD. THAT is IMF’s Option 2 for Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Option 1 is long term financial servitude and slavery for the citizens of the bankrupt country as is happening to Ireland.

8. Silver and gold will continue to climb in 2011. Silver will increase much more than gold in 2011, as the “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” viral campaign started by Max Kaiser in early November will take off exponentially in 2011. Silver will breach $50 per ounce in 2011.

9. A major war will break out somewhere in the world in 2011 (if not in 2011 then definitely in 2012) involving the U.S. and/or one of its proxy allies, i.e., Israel, South Korea, etc. The very recent massive war exercises conducted by South Korea and the U.S. were meant to provoke a military response from North Korea. Fortunately, the North Koreans didn’t take the bait. This will be the final American Bubble to inflate as the U.S. will try to use “shock and awe” on either North Korea or Iran or even maybe a country in Africa in a futile attempt to bypass and cover up the greatest economic and financial collapse in world’s history.


David Chu is a professional engineer who has worked throughout the United States for over 19 years. In 2008, he wrote the book, NO FORECLOSURES!, to help Americans fight the Banksters by delaying and stoppingforeclosures. For more information on his book, please go to or you may email him at

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Allah Taala Ampun Doh Dio!

Kini agama dah jadi barang mainan...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kecelaruan Pluralisma Agama Harakah Daily

Seorang sahabat menghantar email kepada penulis tentang kecelaruan pluralisma agama oleh Harakah Daily dalam edisi bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggerisnya.

Sekalipun harakah Daily adalah suara rasmi parti PAS, penulis tidak menuduh mereka menyokong pluralisma agama. Edisi Inggeris adalah siaran ucapan DSAI yang terang-terang menyokong pluralisma agama sementara edisi bahasa Melayunya adalah tulisan wartawan tanpa nama mereka yang tidak memihak kepada pandangan DSAI.

Soalannya apakah pendirian sebenar Harakah daily tentang isu ini. Menyokong atau pun tidak? atau adakah pandapat Harakah Daily mengikut bahasa audien mereka? Ya jika mereka berbahasa Inggeris , Tidak jika Bahasa Mereka Melayu?

Sebagai gerakan Islam hanya ada satu sahaja kebenaranya dan PAS melalui Harakah daily perlu memberi jawaban mereka.

Kadang-kedang penulis kesihan dengan dilema yang dialami oleh PAS. DAP dengan 'langkah Mayat kami dahulu' dan Anwar dengan 'semua agama sama'nya. Dimanakah suara gerakan Islam ini? Merka hanya mampu berbisik diatas katil bersama pasangan mereka.

Sekurang-kurangnya UMNO tidak apologetik dengan Ketuanan Melayunya. Jika Ketua Pemuda PAS pernah mengajak Pemuda UMNO berdebat samaada UMNO berada di Jalan yang benar, apakah jalan yang diambil oleh PAS kini benar?

Semakin lama PAS kelihatan semakin sama warnanya dengan UMNO....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dah Tahu DiPerangkap Masuk Juga

Begitulah keadaanya..Dah tahu diperangkap siRusa ni masuk juga dalam perangkap..bukan sekali tetapi dua kali. kalau begitu hakikatnya layakkah beliau diangkat menjadi pemimpin?

Sewaktu dia dituduh kali kedua dahulu, aku tertanya-tanya malah ada aku sebutkan dalam entri aku, mengapa tidak tukang pembancuh kopi diangkat dari perempuan tua-tua ganyut? supaya tidak menimbulkan fitnah? Aku tak tahu sama ada beliau terlalu yakin dengan dirinya atau tidak mampu mengawal nafsunya?

Dalam politik sesiapa pun ada musuh, mana-mana ahli politik pun akan berdepan dengan tindakan yang mahu menjatuhkanya, cuma berapa bijak beliau menangani musuhnya sahaja..nampaknya Rusa ni naif sekali. Jika musuh poltik dalaman boleh memerangkap beliau, bagaimana agaknya beliau dapat menangani CIA dan MOSSAD. Jika beliau menjadi PM bukankah beliau mendedahkan dirinya kepada ugutan dan akan menjadi kuda tunggangan MOSSAD sahaja?

Cuma akau harap NAJIB tidak terlalu gembira kerana kita belum lagi melihat komen-komen kedutaan luar tentang Al Tantuya atau tentang betapa berkuasanya Wanita Pertama negara...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Stats - ...

Sejarah Kemajuan dunia dalam tempoh 200 tahun . Very Interesting indeed..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Satu laut baru sedang terbentuk di Afrika

(Mungkin kita tidak akan dapat melihat laut baru ini dihayat kita, tetapi sekurang-kurangnya kita tahu bumi ini dinamik dan sentiasa berubahubah. Laut baru ini mungkin akan mengambil masa beribu-ribu tahun untuk membentuk lautan sempurna tetapi asasnya terbentuk dalam jangka hayat kita. Jangan terkejut dengan kejadian sebegini sebab bumi mempunyai sejarah yang panjang. )

In 2005, a gigantic, 35-mile-long rift broke open the desert ground in Ethiopia. At the time, some geologists believed the rift was the beginning of a new ocean as two parts of the African continent pulled apart, but the claim was controversial.

Now, scientists from several countries have confirmed that the volcanic processes at work beneath the Ethiopian rift are nearly identical to those at the bottom of the world's oceans, and the rift is indeed likely the beginning of a new sea.

The new study, published in the latest issue of Geophysical Research Letters, suggests that the highly active volcanic boundaries along the edges of tectonic ocean plates may suddenly break apart in large sections, instead of little by little as has been predominantly believed. In addition, such sudden large-scale events on land pose a much more serious hazard to populations living near the rift than would several smaller events, says Cindy Ebinger, professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Rochester and co-author of the study.

"This work is a breakthrough in our understanding of continental rifting leading to the creation of new ocean basins," says Ken Macdonald, professor emeritus in the Department of Earth Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and who is not affiliated with the research. "For the first time they demonstrate that activity on one rift segment can trigger a major episode of magma injection and associated deformation on a neighboring segment. Careful study of the 2005 mega-dike intrusion and its aftermath will continue to provide extraordinary opportunities for learning about continental rifts and mid-ocean ridges."

"The whole point of this study is to learn whether what is happening in Ethiopia is like what is happening at the bottom of the ocean where it's almost impossible for us to go," says Ebinger. "We knew that if we could establish that, then Ethiopia would essentially be a unique and superb ocean-ridge laboratory for us. Because of the unprecedented cross-border collaboration behind this research, we now know that the answer is yes, it is analogous."

(Full Link-Click here)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mighty Israel proved clueless in the face of natural disaster

The bush fire happened very recently in which 40 prison guard perished. The event demonstrate that the Israelis are not as superior as they thought they are. The can bully the unarmed Palestinian women and children, but when they are faced with the real challenge they are as clueless as the Arab surrounding them. If this is their state of readiness they should not be talking big.

Aluiff Benn – Haaretz December 3, 2010

The enormous blaze that broke out on the Carmel will be remembered as the Yom Kippur War of the Fire and Rescue Service, who were not prepared to counter a disaster of such magnitude.

Yesterday it turned out that Israel is not prepared for war or a mass terrorist strike that would cause many casualties in the home front. The warning of the outgoing Military Intelligence Chief, Amos Yadlin, that the next war will be a lot more difficult than past experiences, and that Tel Aviv will be a front line, was not translated into the necessary preparation by the authorities assigned the protection of the civilians.

Under such circumstances, it is best for Israel not to embark on war against Iran, which will involve thousands of missiles being fired on the home front.

After the Second Lebanon War, which exposed how pathetic the civil defense system was, reports were written, exercises were held, but everything broke down under the stress of a real emergency on the Carmel range − an area that already experienced the trauma of Hezbollah missiles.

Yesterday Israel asked for help from Cyprus and Greece, and the air force traveled to France to bring fire retardants to make up for the material that had run out. In war time, it is doubtful whether Israel will be able to rely on the generosity and largess of its neighbors.

Responsibility for the home front is currently divided among three ministries: the Home Front Command and the National Emergency Authority, who are answerable to the Defense Ministry; the police, which is part of the Ministry of Public Security; and the Fire and Rescue Command, which belongs to the Interior Ministry.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who is responsible for the firemen and the head of the Fire and Rescue Services, Shimon Romah, were nowhere to be found yesterday. They are obvious candidates for losing their jobs as a result of the disaster.

Each ministry has its own bureaucratic dynamic, and ability to raise funds for equipment and human resources. The firemen are at the bottom of the pile, and have for years struggled to get more resources.

A year ago the firemen went on strike and warned that the system is far from being able to provide for defending the population. According to the firemen’s association, the international standards require one fireman for every 1,000 citizens, and in Israel the ratio is nearly one in 10,000. Over and over the firemen warned that they can’t shoulder the responsibility they are given.

Funding authorized several weeks ago was meant to head-off criticism in a State Comptroller report on the state of the fire departments.

In similar circumstance in the past, organizations that were found lacking were later bolstered with enormous resources. This is what happened to Military Intelligence and the air force following their failures during the Yom Kippur War. This will probably also happen to the Fire and Rescue Services.t experiences, and that Tel Aviv will be a front line, was not translated into the necessary preparation by the authorities assigned the protection of the civilians.

Under such circumstances, it is best for Israel not to embark on war against Iran, which will involve thousands of missiles being fired on the home front.

After the Second Lebanon War, which exposed how pathetic the civil defense system was, reports were written, exercises were held, but everything broke down under the stress of a real emergency on the Carmel range − an area that already experienced the trauma of Hezbollah missiles.

Yesterday Israel asked for help from Cyprus and Greece, and the air force traveled to France to bring fire retardants to make up for the material that had run out. In war time, it is doubtful whether Israel will be able to rely on the generosity and largess of its neighbors.

Responsibility for the home front is currently divided among three ministries: the Home Front Command and the National Emergency Authority, who are answerable to the Defense Ministry; the police, which is part of the Ministry of Public Security; and the Fire and Rescue Command, which belongs to the Interior Ministry.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who is responsible for the firemen and the head of the Fire and Rescue Services, Shimon Romah, were nowhere to be found yesterday. They are obvious candidates for losing their jobs as a result of the disaster.

Each ministry has its own bureaucratic dynamic, and ability to raise funds for equipment and human resources. The firemen are at the bottom of the pile, and have for years struggled to get more resources.

A year ago the firemen went on strike and warned that the system is far from being able to provide for defending the population. According to the firemen’s association, the international standards require one fireman for every 1,000 citizens, and in Israel the ratio is nearly one in 10,000. Over and over the firemen warned that they can’t shoulder the responsibility they are given.

Funding authorized several weeks ago was meant to head-off criticism in a State Comptroller report on the state of the fire departments.

In similar circumstance in the past, organizations that were found lacking were later bolstered with enormous resources. This is what happened to Military Intelligence and the air force following their failures during the Yom Kippur War. This will probably also happen to the Fire and Rescue Services.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anugerah Tuhan...

Anda tanyalah pengikut tegar mereka-mereka ini terutama isteri atau isteri-isteri mereka , pastilah mereka menjawab bahawa pemimpin atau suami mereka mereka adalah anugerah TUHAN kepada mereka....

1. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
2. Abuya Ashaari Muhammad
3. Ayah Pin
4. Adolf Hitler
5.Saddan Hussein
6. Pinochet
7. Robert Mugabe
8. dll

ada beribu ribu lagi senarai insan yang menjadi 'anugerah' TUHAN kepada dunia. Namun anugerah TUHAN tersebut bukan semestinya manusia yang berjiwa 'malaikat', anugerah tersebut boleh juga merupakan manusia berjiwa 'syaitan'. Kerana semuanya adalah ujian kepada dunia. TUHAN mencipta kejahatan dan kebaikan sebagai ujian kepada kita. Tugas manusia adalah memilih jalan-jalan yang telah ditunjukkan kepada kita oleh Kitab dan Rasul-Rasulnya.

Didalam memilih jalan inipun kita masih boleh disesatkan oleh kumpulan-kumpulan manusia yang memakai topeng kebenaran dan melaungkan slogan -slogan yang enak didengar oleh telinga. Kumpulan-kumpulan berjubah hijau itu belum tentu boleh membawa ke jalan yang benar. Malah tiada kumpulan dibumi yang fana ini boleh menjamin sesiapa masuk syurga TUHAN.

Jadi sebagai manusia yang lemah kita berhati-hatilah dengan mereka yang merasakan diri mereka 'ANUGERAH TUHAN' kepada DUNIA!.

Salam sejahtera untuk suami ANUGERAH...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Wrath Of Merapi

Somebody sent me an email of pictures taken after the eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia (more picture coverage here). I've taken the liberty to include the pictures here as a reminder to ourselves that nature can inflict untold horror. Despite human great technological advancement to date we have not been able to predict let alone control mother earth behavior.

But it is all natures cycle of life. The ash spew that killed hundreds now, will make the land more fertile later and that will provide for more lives after that....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Patriot mempertahankan Malaysia - Itu tugas BUMIPUTRA!!!!

Apabila kumpulan Chauvinis Cina mempertikaikan kenyataan bahawa mereka tidak patriotik, kumpulan yang menggelarkan diri mereka putera bumi bertuah ini harus menerima hakikat bahawa tugas berdarah mempertahankan watan ini terletak di tangan mereka. Merekalah yang harus mempertaruhkan nyawa untuk mempertahankan kesucian watan ini.

Hakikat bahawa kumpulan pendatang ini tidak mahu mengotorkan tangan mereka telah kita ketahui lama dahulu. Mereka bukan ingin mempertahankan bumi untuk semua, mereka hanya mahu bumi ini menjadi milik mereka!. Kerja susah ini mereka tahu mereka boleh subkontrakkan kepada gurkha atau lain spesis yang tidak setaraf dengan mereka. Kerja mereka hanya buat duit, bawak masuk pelacur, jalankan aktiviti kongsi gelap atau apa-apa kerja yang boleh mendatngkan duit. Dengan duit itu mereka boleh membeli semangat potriotik sesiapapun yang mereka mahu!. Hei, bersemangat patriotik tak semestinya hanya masuk askar!. Buat benda lain pun dikira patriotik juga.

Sebenarnya isu ini amat sensitif untuk didebatkan, sesiapa yang memanggil mereka tidak patriotik seharusnya dikenakan tindakan sesuai dengan laungan 1 Malaysia yang suci itu. Mereka harus dikecualikan dari sektor patriotisma pertahanan . Mereka hebat lagi terlalu baik untuk diletakkan dikawasan itu. Letakkan mereka di sektor GLC atau apa apa urusan yang melibatkan duit!. Mereka ini tidak makan rasuah dan sangat adil dan tidak diskriminatori berbanding dengan bangsa lain jadi mereka lebih diperlukan disana. Lagipun mereka boleh lari ke Singapura atau Hong Kong jika Malaysia terancam jadi tidak ada sebab mereka perlu mempertahankan negara ini. Tetapi bukan sebab mereka tidak patriotik tetapi sebab nyawa mereka terlalu berharga untuk dilupus di medan perang!.

Salam untuk patriot yang tidak mahu berperang ...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seludup 40KG dadah MAUT menanti...CURI 40kg dadah??? POTONG GAJI AJE!!!!!!

Dari sudut manapun isu dilihat, dari sudut manapun ia dianalisis, keputusan akhirnya adalah POLIS bertindak dalam menegakkan undang-undang dengan dua skala berbeza. Aku tak tahu dimana silapnya, tetapi jika inilah pegangan penguatkuasa undang-undang dinegara ini maka kita akan jadi bahan gelak ketawa dunia. Aku rasa Namewee akan mengekek ketawa.."Wa sulah cakap sama tatak pecaya!!!dulu wa maki TNB lu marah..sekarang u tengok apa jadi???".

Kita akui dalam setiap organisasi akan ada kambing hitam. Tetapi jika mereka melayan kambing hitam ini dengan penuh berhemah, ia akan menggalakkan banyak lagi kambing hitam dalam organisasi mereka. Dan dalam organisasi mereka AAAAADDDDAAAA banyak KAMBING!!!
Bagi aku apa yang patut dibuat adalah setiap kali mereka jumpa kambing dalam organisasi mereka kambing-kambing ini haruslah terus dihapuskan!!!

Aku pernah bekerja dengan organisasi penguatkuasa ini, walaupun sebagai orang awam dan aku tahu betapa dedikasinya setengah-setengah mereka. betapa jujurnya mereka dan betapa jasa mereka berlalu tanpa di hargai selayaknya tetapi itulah semangat Melayu..berkorban untuk Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. Tetapi itu 20 tahun yang lalu...satu waktu yang jauh telah berlalu...

Apapun jika hal ini tidak ditangani dengan segera aku sangat bimbang satu hari nanti..tahap POLIS kita tidak lebih dari standard Polis Filipina , Indonesia ataupun Tahiland. nampak gayanya kita semakin hampir dengan mereka....

Salam untuk Polis yang JUJUR...dimanakah semangat Bukit Kepong anda?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tanpa Melayu UMNO nak kemana? Kalau dah taknak bela nasib Melayu bubar sahaja UMNO..buat Parti Negara!!!

Berkatalah seorang Pembesar UMNO bahawa UMNO bukan Parti Untuk Orang Melayu Sahaja...

Maka terjumpalah Kalam sebab musabab mengapa UMNO kini menjadi parti Monyok. Parti tak ada telur . Parti tak ada suara dan parti tak ada landasan....sedih-sedih.

Wahai pemimpin..bukalah mata mu dan bukalah minda mu..renunglah kembali. UMNO itu maksudnya Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu, Bukan parti 1 malaysia. landasan perjuangan UMNO adalah untuk mempertahankan kepentingan dan kelestarian bangsa Melayu. Jika UMNO ingin menjadi Parti 1 malaysia, kita dah ada DAP, Gerakan, PKR dan PPP.

Pasal UMNO dah tak berminat untuk menjadi suara orang Melayulah maka PERKASA tiba-tiba jadi perkasa sebab PERKASA sanggup diludah untuk mempertahankan hak orang melayu.

Inilah tabiat orang Melayu umumnya. Bila dah senang makan hasil orag melayu dan taknak jadi melayu..Orang Melayu dah lebih suka jadi Pak Arab dan Mat Salleh. Mana yang kesebelah agama seboleh-boleh nak jadi Pak Arab mana yang sekular seboleh-boleh nak jadi Mat salleh sampai anak bini punn tak tahu bahasa Melayu.

Masa nak naik dulu kehulu kehilir hunus keris nak tunjuk jaguh. Nak tunjuk Melayu kini dan senang lenang makan hasil perjuangan Melayu sibuk nak jadi jaguh 1 Malaysia. Bodoh punya Ketua Penerangan.

Kau cakap apapun undi Cina dan India tak akan lagi pergi ke UMNO! kau kena jaga undi Melayu sebab tanpa Undi Melayu kau tak ada kerusi di Parlimen Bongok!

Kalau nak jadi pembela semua bangsa UMNO perlu BUBAR!!! Buat Parti negara macam Dato' Onn nak buat dulu...itu kehendak MCA/DAP/GERAKAN. takkan kau tak pandai baca gerak tari mereka??

UMNO tak boleh jadi sesumpah macam Anwar sebab UMNO bukan sesumpah. Dah sampai masa UMNO tengok cermin muka sendiri. kalau tak PRU akan datang UMNO bungkus!!!!

Agak-agak BTN masih ada buat nyanyian anak kecil main api lagi????

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is from the people who exterminated 6 million jews. The same group of people who almost wiped out the natives of South America. The same group of people who killed and maimed women and children of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.



Europe Hypocrisy

Apparently it is okay to insult the greatest Prophet but it is not acceptable to insult a president wife.

When you insult a Prophet it comes under Freedom of Expression but when you do the same for a president wife it is not acceptable.

Monday, August 30, 2010

America Holy War against Islam

by Michel Chossudovsky

We have reached a decisive transition in the evolution of US military doctrine. The "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT) directed against Al Qaeda launched in the wake of 9/11 is evolving towards a full-fledged "war of religion", a "holy crusade" directed against the Muslim World.

US military dogma and war propaganda under the Bush administration, was predicated on combating Islamic fundamentalism rather than targeting Muslims. "This is not a war between the West and Islam, but .. a war against terrorism." So-called "Good Muslims" are to be distinguished from "Bad Muslims":

"The dust from the collapse of the twin towers had hardly settled on 11 September 2001 when the febrile search began for "moderate Muslims", people who would provide answers, who would distance themselves from this outrage and condemn the violent acts of "Muslim extremists", "Islamic fundamentalists" and "Islamists". Two distinct categories of Muslims rapidly emerged: the "good" and the "bad"; the "moderates", "liberals" and "secularists" versus the "fundamentalists", the "extremists" and the "Islamists"." (Tariq Ramadan, Good Muslim, bad Muslim, New Statesman, February 12, 2010)

In the wake of 9/11, the Muslim community in most Western countries was markedly on the defensive. The "Good Muslim" "Bad Muslim" divide was broadly accepted. The 9/11 terrorist attacks allegedly perpetrated by Muslims were not only condemned, Muslim communities also supported the US-NATO invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, as part of a campaign directed against Islamic fundamentalism.

The fact that the 9/11 attacks were not instigated by Muslims has rarely been acknowledged by the Muslim community. Al Qaeda's ongoing relationship to the CIA, its role as a US sponsored "intelligence asset" going back to to the Soviet-Afghan war is not mentioned. (Michel Chossudovsky, America's "War on Terrorism" Global Research, Montreal, 2005)

Since the early 1980s, Washington has covertly supported the most conservative and fundamentalist factions of Islam, largely with a view to weakening secular, nationalist and progressive movements in the Middle East and Central Asia. Known and documented, the fundamentalist Wahhabi and Salafi missions from Saudi Arabia, dispatched not only to Afghanistan but also to the Balkans and to the Muslim republics of the former Soviet republics were covertly supported by US intelligence. (Ibid) What is often referred to as "Political Islam" is in large part a creation of the US intelligence apparatus (with the support of Britain's MI6 and Israel's Mossad).

The Ground Zero Mosque

Recent developments suggest a breaking point, a transition from "the war on terrorism" to the outright demonization of Muslims. While underscoring the freedom of religion, the Obama administration is "beating the drums" of a broader war against Islam:

“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country... This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable." (quoted in Obama Backs Ground Zero Mosque; Iranian Link Questioned, Israel National News, August 15, 2010)

Beneath the political smokescreen, the distinction between "Good Muslims" and "Bad Muslims" is being scrapped. The proposed Ground Zero mosque is allegedly being funding by "the radical rogue Islamic state of Iran ... as the United States is stepping up sanctions on the regime in retaliation for its support of terrorism and what is feared to be an illegal nuclear-weapons development program." ( Ground Zero mosque developers refuse to outright reject funding from Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -, August 19, 2010)

The rising tide of xenophobia, sparked by the proposed Ground Zero mosque and community center, has all the appearances of a PSYOP (Psychological Operation) which contributes to fomenting hatred against Muslims throughout the Western World.

The objective is to instil fear, rouse and harness citizens' unbending support for the next stage of America's "long war", which consists in waging "humanitarian" aerial attacks on the Islamic Republic of Iran, portrayed by the media as endorsing the terrorists.

While "all Muslim are not terrorists", all terrorist attacks (planned or realized) are reported by the media as being perpetrated by Muslims.

In America, the Muslim community as a whole is being targeted. Islam is described as a "religion of war". The proposed mosque and community center are being heralded as "violating the sanctity of Ground Zero".

"..opening a mosque at Ground Zero is offensive and disrespectful to the city and the people who died in the attacks. The project is “spitting in the face of everyone murdered on 9/11.” (Plan to build mosque at Ground Zero angers New Yorkers ,National Post, May 17, 2010)

"Homegrown Terrorists"

The arrests on trumped up charges, as well as the show trials of alleged "homegrown" Islamic terrorists, perform an important function. They sustain the illusion, in the inner consciousness of Americans, that "Islamic terrorists" not only constitute a real threat but that the Muslim community to which they belong is broadly supportive of their actions:

"[T]he threat increasingly comes not from strangers with rough English and dubious passports. Instead, it resides much closer to home: in urban townhouses, darkened basements -- anywhere with an Internet connection. Homegrown terrorism is the latest incarnation of the al-Qaeda threat." How terror came home to roost, Ottawa Citizen, August 27, 2010, report on an alleged homegrown terrorist attack in Canada)

From a process of selective targeting of Muslims with radical tendencies (or allegedly associated with "terrorist organizations"), what is now unfolding is a generalized process of demonization of an entire population group.

Muslims are increasingly the object of routine discrimination and ethnic profiling. They are considered a potential threat to national security. The threat is said to be "much closer to home", "within your neighborhood", in other words what is unfolding is an all out witch-hunt reminiscent of the Spanish inquisition.

In turn, Al Qaeda is described as a powerful multinational terrorist organization (possessing WMDs) with subsidiaries in a number of Muslim countries: Al Qaeda is present (with corresponding acronyms) in various geopolitical hotspots and war theaters:

-Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) (comprised of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Jihad of Yemen), Al Qaeda in Southeast Asia (Jamaah Islamiyah), Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb, Harakat al-Shabaab Mujahideen in Somalia, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, etc.

At no moment is the issue of atrocities committed against several million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan considered a terrorist act by the occupation forces.

The American Inquisition

A "war of religion" is unfolding, with a view to justifying a global military crusade. In the inner consciousness of many Americans, the "holy crusade" against Muslims is justified. While President Obama may uphold freedom of religion, the US inquisitorial social order has institutionalized patterns of discrimination, prejudice and xenophobia directed against Muslims. Ethnic profiling applies to travel, the job market, access to social services and more generally to socila mobility.

The American Inquisition as an ideological construct, which is, in many regards, is similar to the inquisitorial social order prevailing in France and Spain during the Middle Ages. The inquisition, which started in France in the 12th century, was used as a justification for conquest and military intervention. (See Michel Chossudovsky, 9/11 and the "American Inquisition", Global Research, September 11, 2008).

The arrests, trials and sentences of so-called "homegrown" terrorists" (from within America's Muslim community) on trumped up charges sustain the legitimacy of the Homeland Security State and its inquisitorial legal and law enforcement apparatus.

An inquisitorial doctrine turns realities upside down. It is a social order based on lies and fabrications. But because these lies emanate from the highest political authority and are part of a widely held "consensus", they invariably remain unchallenged. And those who challenge the inquisitorial order or in any way oppose America's military or national security agenda are themselves branded as "conspiracy theorists" or outright terrorists.

Beyond the process of inquisitorial arrests and prosecution, which outdwarfs the Spanish inquisition, an expedient extrajudicial assassination program sanctioned by the White House has been launched. This program allows US special forces to kill American citizens and suspected homegrown terrorists:: "A shortlist of U.S. citizens specifically targeted for killing"? (See Chuck Norris, Obama's US Assassination Program? "A Shortlist of U.S. Citizens specifically Targeted for Killing"?,. Global Research, August 26, 2010)

The objective is to sustain the illusion that "America is under attack" and that Muslims across the land are complicit and supportive of "Islamic terrorism".

The demonization of Muslims sustains a global military agenda. Under the American inquisition, Washington has a self-proclaimed holy mandate to extirpate Islam and "spread democracy" throughout the world.

What we are dealing with is an outright and blind acceptance of the structures of power and political authority. America's holy crusade against the Muslim World is an outright criminal act directed against millions of people.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kopi Venezuela , Kopi Indonesia dan Kopi Jepun

Kopi Venezuela...

Dan ini Versi Kopi Celup Indonesia...

Ini Kopi Celup Jepun...

Kopinya enak yaa...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jihad and Terrorism - Are Both Synonomous?

With the current brouhaha over JI in Malaysia, Its important to understand the difference between Jihad and Terrorism. Jihad is in separable aspect in Islamic teaching. Whether greater Jihad or minor Jihad, its part of Islamic teaching, something that those who profess to be Muslim have to undertake.

The call to Jihad is a 'natural' call. It is not something that is out of the ordinary. If you see justice has not been serve in what ever way, you are, as a Muslim obliged to make it right in accordance with the teaching, by action if you have the power to do so, by way of words and wisdom if you the the intellectual ability or resist injustice in your heart if you do not possess any of the two ( the weakest form of Jihad).

It is a sin to let your brothers or humanity for that matter suffer in physically or mentally by what ever caused. Be it natural or man made. Those who have the ability to help must not closed their eyes. You are as a Muslim obliged to help them, where ever they are. The help can be in any form. But the crux of the matter is that you must not let suffering continue. That is Jihad for you.

This is where the problem lies. Jihad has been narrowly defined and vilified by those who have ulterior motives. Whether its inside or outside the religion. Its has been used to serve their motive of continuing aggression toward Muslim and the Islamic world. Its a tool used by both leaders of Islamic country to continue their iron clad rule and by imperial power to continue their global domination agenda.

I took the liberty to paste this piece from Yasmeen Ali (Link) as I found her piece on jihad in the current context explain the dilemma. This is jihad with word and wisdom.

Western media is more often than not, awash with the details of “jihadists” who commit atrocious acts in the name of religion. More and more, Islam is projected as a religion of violence, hatred and vengeance. However, Islam comes from the root word Salaam, which means peace. It also means submitting one’s will to Allah .The word Salaam is also an attribute of God. In this context, it means ‘The Giver of Peace’.
Two terms needs definition here. Jihad and Terrorism. Jihad is the Arabic for what can be variously translated as “struggle” or “to fight,” depending on the context. In the West, the word is generally understood to mean “holy war,” and denotes, inaccurately, to exclusively military connotations. The Quran does call for “jihad” as a military struggle on behalf of Islam. But the Quran also refers to jihad as an internal, individual, spiritual struggle toward self-improvement, moral cleansing and intellectual effort. It is said that Prophet Muhammad considered the armed-struggle version of holy war “the smaller jihad,” but considered the spiritual angle of holy war–the war within oneself–as “the great jihad.”

Terrorism, is a different concept altogether. According to Jason Burke, it may be defined as “the use or threat of serious violence” to advance some kind of “cause”.
But does Islam condone terrorism ? Is Terrorism and Jihad one and the same? Military conflict is to be directed only against fighting troops and not against civilians. As a matter of fact, all religions of “The Book”, promote peace and tolerance, not violence. Attacking innocent civilians, women, children, sick in hospitals, people going about their daily chores who are not at war with you is terrorism. If there is a threat to human life, property and honor, fighting for defending life, property and honor is deemed as Jihad. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which is a part of the United States Bill of Rights, adopted in 1791, aimed to protect the right to keep and bear arms and may be deemed a concept on the same lines.

We need to examine if Terrorism is linked ONLY to Islamic militant outfits using gullible minds to serve their vested interests? This question has come more sharply in focus with the case of Faisal Shehzad.

Terrorism has it’s roots in cultures and religion other than Islam. We need t remember, Indra Gandhi was killed by her Sikh body guards, as she had ordered the massacre in the Golden Temple of Sikhs, her son Rajiv ,was killed by Tamils, the very same who have the honor of inventing the suicide jacket, in the first place, they are Hindu Extremists. We also need to remember the Babbar Khalsa, a Sikh terrorist group, blew up Air India’s Kanishka aircraft off the Irish coast on June 23, 1985, killing nearly 200 passengers and made an unsuccessful attempt the same day to blow up another Air India plane at Tokyo. In October 1992, suspected Sikh militants gunned down five civilians and a law enforcement officer in a heavily wooded area in Uttar Pradesh that had become a refuge for Sikh separatists fleeing a crackdown by Indian authorities in Punjab. The attack followed a massacre two months earlier of twenty-nine villagers in the same area. In that incident, villagers collecting wood in the forest were captured by suspected militants, bound, and killed by automatic gunfire .Then there are the “Christian Terrorists”, of all the religious wars in human history waged by any religion, at any place, and at any time, none have been bloodier, more genocidal, more barbaric, and more protracted than the 200-year “holy wars” by the Western Crusades against the Arabs and Islam.

“Islamic terrorism”, a term coined by the West, is itself a controversial phrase, although its usage is widespread throughout the English-speaking world. Muslims object to the term as it contradicts the spirit of Islam, which is a peaceful religion. What then, allows people from different religion, more especially Islam, to terrorism in the name of Jihad? The reasons are varied ranging from injustices suffered in the hands of a system that offers no relief, to lack of avenue to improve one’s lot, lack of education, lack of an understanding of the religion that is exploited by vested interests, and, a genuine thinking, that they are answering to a higher call. Terrorism is often conducted in the name of religion. More often than not, it evolves from the misuse of the term “jihad” by vested interests thus exploiting impressionable minds. We must also face the failure of our leadership of all shades and hues, of too many vested interests and agendas.

Besides the obvious need to evolve long term and short term strategy to address the lot of the common man who fights a war of survival, it is extremely important, that we address the question if Quran be taught as a mandatory part of our curriculum in both government and private educational institutions? Will self understanding of The Book disallow others from planting twisted ideas in minds? Can we overlook the role of a strong leadership in addressing peoples grievances?

Jacques Chirac, in his speech on September 24th, 1986 correctly said,” A “war against terrorism” is an impracticable conception if it means fighting terrorism with terrorism.”. Regrettably, the West is yet to pay heed to that sane advice.

The writer is a lawyer currently teaching in the Beacon House National University. She owns and operates her own blog. Yasmeen is a regular writer for Opinion Maker.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Buih-Buih di Lautan

Sekali pandang mereka seperti pahlawan hebat lagi perkasa
menepuk-nepuk dada yang tegap dan sasa
mempamer otot berketul-ketul lambang kejantanan
jerit suara nyaring gegar gempita
pencaknya seperti pendekar terbilang yang baru pulang
dari medan perang
melagukan mentera-mentera hikmah dari bibir yang kering

Sekali pandang mereka seperti pejuang yang ampuh
menjeritkan idealisma idealisma keadilan sejagat
berani meranduk duri perjuangan
rela berkorban segala
tiada ketakutan
tiada kegentaran
begitu jantan hulubalang-hulubalang ini

Namun rupa-rupanya
mereka hanya tidak lebih dari buih-buih dilautan
besinar dan berkilau indah bak sinaran mentari
bercahaya pelangi di permukaannya
mempersona mata

itu sahaja yang ada
kerana buih-buih ini hanyalah udara kosong
yang terperangkap dibawah selapisan air
Ia hanya satu penghias yang kebetulan
yang tidak membawa makna signifikan
diatas keujudannya

Begitulah ditakdirkan umat Muhammad diakhir zaman
sekalipun memakai baju Islam ditubuhnya
mereka hanya mampu menjerit dihalaman sendiri
takut untuk melangkah keluar
kerana tidak mahu mengotorkan baju
berpura-pura demi keadilan
menjual ayat-ayat tuhan untuk keuntungan dunia yang sedikit

Hanya berani menyalak sesama sendiri
hanya berani menyalak di halaman sendiri
hanya menjadi binatang suruhan
umpama anjing belaan yang setia
mengikut arahan dengan sedikit upah

Jika begitu keadaanya
Apa yang hendak dihairankan
jika kita dilayan umpama anjing belaan
setia dengan segala arahan
tanpa suara bantahan

Dan aku masih melihat
pahlawan-pahlawan tadi
menjerit-jerit di halaman
rumah sendiri....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meltup - coming soon in theatre near you..

Watch this video to understand whats coming in theatre near you. The big war is inevitable.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Parti Politik Baru di Malaysia....DAPAS...

22 tahun dahulu aku tidak menyangka akan terjumpa permandangan seperti ini. Aku tidak membangkang, tidak juga menyokong. Bagi aku ini semua dinamik, kita semua umpama campuran bahan kimia yang bertindakbalas antara satu sama lain, tindak balasnya akan jadi stabil setelah ia bertemu 'equilibrium point'nya. Aku harap semuanya akan berakhir dengan kebaikan.

Sebagai Islam/Melayu yang melihat dari tepi gelangang..aku dah terasa ngilu!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Burqa war

The basic fear of immigrant exist everywhere in the world. The will to preserve the 'culture of the land' exist in every society. But the hypocrisy is nauseating. When the third world made the same move it is labelled as oppressing freedom of expression, when they do it it is labelled to maintain freedom of expression.


The law: In 2004, France instituted a controversial ban on the wearing of religious symbols and clothing in schools -- a law that was widely interpreted as targeting Islamic headscarves. More recently President Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party has begun a push to also ban the burqa (a garment that covers a woman's entire face and body, leaving only a screen for the eyes) and the niqab (a veil for the face that leaves the area around the eyes open) in all public spaces in France. The parliament passed a nonbinding resolution on May 11 in support of such a ban.

The debate: France is the European country with the largest Muslim minority population (6 percent, or 4 million citizens). The proposed burqa ban has opened difficult questions about national identity and the place of religion in society. Sarkozy was quoted in June 2009 as saying "the burqa is not welcome in France" and has since argued that it is a tool for the suppression of women.

A parliamentary commission, which concluded earlier this year, recommended a partial ban in spaces like hospitals and on public transportation. In an attempt to minimize the controversy surrounding the legislative effort, Jean-François Copé, leader of the UMP party in parliament, argued last week that the ban is based on security concerns ("the visibility of the face in the public sphere ... is essential to our security and is a condition for living together"), not religious discrimination.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Francois Fillon asked the Council of State, a body that provides legal advice to the executive branch, to examine whether a full ban would be constitutional. The council found that such a law would most likely violate the French Constitution and could be challenged in court. However, it also found that a partial ban on face-covering garments could stand in certain "high-risk" places for security reasons. (A similar law is already on the books in Italy, where a woman was recently fined 500 euros for wearing a niqab in public.) Nonetheless, Copé says he will continue to pursue a full ban of the burqa in France.


The law: Belgium has taken great steps toward a ban on face-covering veils. On April 29, the lower house of parliament approved a bill that bans burqas and niqabs; the bill is expected the pass the upper house of parliament later this year. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International have forcefully condemned the bill. The new law would impose a fine of 15 to 25 euros, or jail time of one to seven days.

The debate: If the ban is approved, Belgium will become the first country in Europe to completely outlaw face-covering veils. Although Belgium has an estimated Muslim population exceeding 600,000, legislators estimate that only a small percentage, 300 to 400 women, wear the burqa. Opponents of the bill therefore argue that the root issue is Islamophobia in a country with a rapidly growing Muslim population.

Meanwhile, in making the case for the ban, the head of the Liberal Party, Daniel Bacquelaine, told National Public Radio: "To forbid the veil as a covering is to give [Muslim women] more freedom. I'm proud Belgium is the first country to do that."

Amnesty International's John Dalhuisen, an expert on religious discrimination in Europe, counters, "The Belgian move to ban full-face veils, the first in Europe, sets a dangerous precedent. Restrictions on human rights must always be proportionate to a legitimate goal. A total ban on full-face veils would not be."


The law: Half of Germany's 16 states have passed laws restricting the wearing of religious clothing and symbols, including the burqa and hijab (headscarf), in schools. (Meanwhile, five of these states have made exceptions for Christian items.) Throughout Germany, women are not allowed to drive while wearing the burqa, allegedly for safety purposes.

The debate: This month Silvana Koch-Mehrin, a German representative in the European Parliament, called for a Europe-wide ban on face-covering veils, saying "the burqa is a massive attack on the rights of women. It is a mobile prison."

In the wake of moves toward bans in Belgium and France, as well as Koch-Mehrin's statement, German Muslim leaders such as Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, have voiced their disapproval of a similar national ban in Germany, calling it a "a completely senseless debate. It would only further widen the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims." German politicians like Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere agree with Mazyek, calling a ban "inappropriate and therefore unnecessary."


The law: Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom and well-known anti-immigration politician, has been at the forefront of the international movement to ban burqas and veils. In 2006, he introduced legislation before the Dutch parliament to ban burqas, but worries that a ban would breach religious freedom laws together with personnel changes in the Dutch cabinet stopped it from being voted into law.

The debate: Because of concerns over freedom of religion and offending the country's growing Muslim community, Dutch lawmakers have been especially reticent about a burqa ban in recent years. Yet 66 percent of the population would support it, according to a February 2007 opinion poll. Wilders attempted to once again put forward legislation banning the burqa in public places in 2008, but concerns about religious freedom have elevated the political opposition.

Wilders's party gained in recent local elections, and with general elections scheduled for June, he will probably gain more seats in parliament. Last fall, Wilders suggested a 1,000 euro excise tax on headscarves, which he dubbed a "head-rag tax."


The law: Turkey is officially a secular state; the wearing of veils almost vanished after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk launched his modernization drive in 1923. Headscarves were practically nonexistent in Turkey's big cities by the 1960s, but this trend reversed thanks to a religious revival in the 1970s.

Today, all veils are banned in universities and public buildings. The ban was introduced after Turkey's 1980 military coup; further restrictions were enacted in 1997. In November 2005, the European Court of Human Rights upheld the university headscarf ban against challenges, setting a precedent for current legislative efforts in Europe.

The debate: More recently, the election of Islamic-leaning parties such as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) has led to enforcement of the ban being relaxed somewhat. Still, every year thousands of women -- such as Leyla Sahin, the plaintiff in the European Court of Human Rights case -- find themselves in trouble for refusing to remove their headscarves.

Lawmakers have made several attempts in the last decade to lift the ban, but all have been unsuccessful. Despite the growing influence of religious parties in government, the headscarf ban is unlikely to be overturned anytime soon; Turkish military leaders see themselves as protectors of Turkey's secular status and remain fierce critics of religion entering the public space.

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