Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Israelis Want Out

Pencuri tidak akan dapat hidup dengan tenang..pembunuh akan dihantui oleh dosanya sepanjang hayat..

On December 15, Haaretz said "almost 40 percent of Israelis are thinking of emigrating." Recent poling said they'd leave if financially able. 

Who are they? Why do they want out? What can be done to keep them? 

Israeli governance combines militarism, repression, corruption, and neoliberal harshness. It's no fit place to live in. Many Jews vote with their feet and leave. Others prepare by securing foreign passports. 

Many of Israel's best and brightest leave. New Central Bureau of Statistics data said last year over 14% of Israeli science and engineering doctorate holders lived abroad for three or more years. They left to work or study. 

They're in no rush to return. Many never do. Current data confirm a long recognized brain drain. Holders of other advanced degrees leave permanently. 

Israel tries hard to woe valued emigres back. Efforts so far fell short. 

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